The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 6, 2018

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 6, 2018

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, it’s The Originals Series Finale, and I finally get to see if I can mark the show with a happy ending for Freya and Keelin. Also the girls go on a road trip on The Bold Type.

The Bold Type – Season 2 Episode 9 “Trippin'” [Live]
Kat and Jane are helping Sutton get ready for her big trip to Paris when Kat gets some sexts from random girls.

Bold Type - Cult

What cult would that be? The Cult of Aggressively Sexting Queer Girls?

Later, Kat meets up with Adena in the park to have a passionless conversation about the Scarlet website relaunch. Adena talks about going to MoMA to see the rest of an exhibit, and Kat’s all like, “I thought we were going to see that together.” Adena said she went last Tuesday, and Kat realizes she had a date that day.

Bold Type - MoMA

Adena looks like she could care less if Kat went with her or not. If we’re supposed to ship these two, can the show make them like each other more?

Sutton needs to go to her mom’s home in Harrisburg, PA to get her original birth certificate so she can get a passport in time for the big Paris trip. It’ll take 12 hours and Kat and Jane are joining her even though Kat just had a website relaunch and Jane was just day drinking with Pinstripe and has deadlines to meet. Who cares — ROAD TRIP! I have to admit, I love a road trip episode.

Sutton arrives at her mom’s house, but she’s not home. They then head to Dicey Reilly’s, her mom’s usual bar hang that looks like it’s located in a run-down strip mall. Sutton’s mom is an alcoholic, and Sutton makes it repeatedly clear she was a shitty Mom.

Of course, Dicey Reilly’s has a lesbian bartender.

The Bold Type - Bartender

She proceeds to hit on Kat using the “let me show you how to hold the pool cue” move. Gross.

The Bold Type - Slick move

How in the world is Kat such a pussy magnet she has girls wanting to hook up with her in a bar in the middle of Pennsylvania on a weeknight?

The Bold Type - Get out of here

I’m not even going to comment on this move, because Erica, co-host of the Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast., summed it up best.

Ford F150

When Kat gets her bag, she sees her phone is blowing up with Tweets about the new site having comments turned off. Uh, oh! Adena left a concerned email, because she saw the tweets, too. Kat calls the truck fingering date with bartender girl off to deal with the website meltdown.

When Kat’s back home she tells Adena she’s tired of sleeping around and wants to be exclusive again.

The Bold Type - Just Us

Adena seems happy about Kat’s realization.

The Bold Type - I missed you too

But then when Kat asks if Adena wants to go out for breakfast, Adena tells her she can’t because she’s busy with work. That seems reasonable to me, but Kat looks all hurt over it.

The Bold Type - Sounds good

“Pensive Music” combined with the look on Kat’s face is classic Soap Opera foreshadowing.

What’s going to happen to Kadena in the season finale this week? I almost don’t care, I’ve gotten so bored with their relationship.

The Originals – Season 4 Episode 13 “When the Saints Go Marching In” [Live]
It’s The Originals Series Finale, and I was ready to see if I could give the show the rare “Happy Ending” indicator!

But first, baby stuff, because you can’t have a married lesbian couple without a baby plot.

The Originals Series Finale - Start a Family

Okay, here we go. I’m going to start a same-sex female couple Trying to Conceive (TTC) rant. There are some queer couples who choose to have a co-parenting situation where they are moms and the kid’s donor has a father role in the kid’s life. However, this is much rarer than using a donor to conceive a child and parenting as a two-mom couple with no father in the picture at all, or the donor having a special relationship, but not a parent role. If you use a friend or relative as your donor, it’s called a Known Donor (KD). If you go with a sperm bank, it’s called an Anonymous Donor (AD) or ID Release Donor (ID).

I momsplained all that to say, if Freya’s asking Vincent to be their KD, she would not say “father.” If she does actually want him to co-parent with her and Keelin, that is a way bigger conversation she wouldn’t have without Keelin’ present. From the way she asked it, it sounds like she wants Vincent to be their donor.

Why do the words they use matter? Because it leads to ignorant people asking me, or my kid directly, who her father is. We both let them know she doesn’t have one.

Back to the show. Vincent comes back to Freya later to give her an answer.

The Originals Series Finale - No

Vincent’s out for now, but we’re less than halfway through the episode so he has plenty of time to change his mind.

The family all gets together for Klaus’ “funeral” (he has to die in order to save his daughter) complete with a laughing/eating/drinking montage set to music.

The Originals Series Finale - Dinner

Klaus makes a tearful speech to his family and then walks off for some one-on-ones with specific family members.

With five minutes left in the episode, Vincent arrives, walks up to Freya and Keelin and tells them he’s in.

The Originals Series Finale - Two witches and a werewolf

And that’s the last scene for Freelin. They get a happy ending!

This show is done, but it will live on in the next spin-off called Legacies. It will star Klaus’ daughter Hope Mikaelson and her classmates at the Salvatore School. Will it have any queer in it? We’ll have to wait until October to find out.

Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 3 “Colder Weather” [Live]
This week the gang is dealing with the loss of Dolls. Wynonna is drinking and Nicole and Waverly are taking care of funeral arrangements. When they meet with the funeral director, Nicole tells Waverly she doesn’t want to have a casket burial for herself. Waverly’s like, “You’ve thought about this?”

Wynonna Earp - Your Husbands

Just about everyone who has been in a same-sex relationship can relate to that scene.

Waverly and Nicole go back to Dolls’ hotel room to find him something to wear for the wake. There, Nicole tells Waverly that Dolls was helping her try to solve a mystery from her past. She went to a music festival when she was young where everyone died except her. Her parents told her they all died in a fire, but Nicole now knows it was Bulshar. Nicole is upset that Dolls was helping her, but she couldn’t save him and is blaming herself for Dolls’ death.

Wynonna Earp - Not your fault

Nicole tells Waverly not to give her that, “Someone stole my new puppy look.”

Wynonna Earp - I don't need your pity

First, with all of the supernatural shit going on, Waverly thought Nicole was the “normal” one of their group. Then it seems like Nicole came back to Purgatory to become a cop for a reason, and if that is the case, there is no free will and what is the point of anything?

Wynonna Earp - the point is that I love you

Nicole and Waverly open up a briefcase and find a letter for Wynonna from Dolls inside. They see something run by the window, even though they are 3 floors up, and a “hot goth” steals the briefcase and the letter inside and runs off.

Waverly thinks Doc knows Hot Goth and pushes him to tell her who she is.

Wynonna Earp - She's my wife

That was hands down my favorite line of the episode.

Doc takes her to meet his vampire wife and she gives back the case.

Later they decide to have Dolls cremated so Black Badge doesn’t try to steal his body. They have a small burial and it’s really sad.

Wynonna Earp - Dolls' Burial

Later Waverly and Wynonna are sitting and talking by a fire. Waverly tells Wynonna that she doesn’t have a spot in the Earp burial plot. Wynonna says they can both be buried on the homestead, and “Don’t ask if Nicole can come, too.”

Waverly also gives Wynonna the envelope from Dolls, she opens it and it’s a picture of the whole gang eating and looking happy. Wynonna says it means not to give up, “Keep going. Keep fighting.”

Wynonna Earp - Pooped out again

Hard core indeed.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon – Season 5 Episode 160 “Hannah Gadsby” [Live]
The TV at our little vacation house only got basic cable so we randomly flipped on The Tonight Show and were pleasantly surprised with Hannah Gadsby as a guest!

You can watch her interview below.

This week: The Bold Type season finale and maybe I’ll finally get a chance to watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.

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