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Welcome to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Black Lightning gave us the ThunderGrace content we deserve, Legends of Tomorrow blessed us with tweens, and Wynonna Earp won big!


I hope none of you are sick of hearing about Batwoman yet because the content won’t stop! We got another official look at Ruby Rose‘s Batwoman this week and she continues to look perfect in the classic wig/mask.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

This picture was officially revealed by Entertainment Weekly along with a full interview with Ruby and other members of the Arrowverse. My personal favorite moment in the article is when Marc Guggenheim (consulting producer of the Crossover) describes her as “kind of a dick” and “swaggy” because it truly sounds like our beloved Kate Kane!

The Bisexual

There is a new 6-part drama series titled “The Bisexual” that premieres TODAY on Hulu! It was created by Desiree Akhavan (recently known for directing and co-writing the movie “The Miseducation of Cameron Post”), who is Iranian-American and identifies as bisexual. She was recently interviewed by Daily Beast where she spoke about the personal nature of the show. “The Bisexual” features a lead character that identified as a lesbian but begins to identify as bisexual after a breakup.

The Bold Type

Meanwhile, The Bold Type apparently wants us to relive the pain of last season…


Black Lightning

ThunderGrace fans have been #BLESSED this week! First, Chantal Thuy teased us by posting this:

We had no idea what we were in for.

Then, the Feminist Asian Dad blog released an interview with Chantal where she touched on the outpouring of support that she has received from LGBTQ fans ever since she began portraying Grace Choi. And, to top it all off, both Chantal and Nafessa Williams spent both east and west coast airings of Black Lightning retweeting and liking fandom tweets. Here is one of my personal favorites:

Unfurl your ThunderGrace flags, y’all.


Sad about the recent Melko storyline? Have no fear because Ellen Tamaki took over the Charmed Instagram account to make sure we still got that sweet gay content.

I’m in pain when I see them and I’m in pain when I don’t.

Jane the Virgin

Jane Villanueva will be back on our screens on Wednesday nights this Spring which is cool and all but really this is just the beginning of the end and I hate the thought. But, to save the day, Yael Groblas posted some much needed Petramos content to cure us of our depression:

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We have no fun between takes @rosariodawson

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GREAT distraction attempt, ladies.

Legends of Tomorrow

This week, Legends aired one of my all-time favorite episodes of the entire show so far. Thankfully, the best part of having tween versions of AvaLance was that we also got tween behind-the-scenes content as well!

That second picture makes me emo.
Remember when they had a fairy tale kiss?
Petition for Caity and Jes to recreate this 2k18.


I have such a complicated relationship with Riverdale most days (re: this article). The show might not give us as much Choni content as we deserve, but thankfully Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch have us covered.

And my personal holy grail: confirmation that Cheryl is, in fact, a lesbian. As a result, add this to my list of my fave bisexual/lesbian couples (filed right under Cophine, thanks).

Petition for a Bughead-style Choni sex scene 2k18.


First, I love Vida more than I could ever possibly put into words. Second, I REALLY love Emma. And third, I love Mishel Prada in t-shirts (re: the following video). If that isn’t enough to convince you to watch this whole clip, you should know that it also includes Melissa and Mishel taking tequila shots and Mishel answering a question about straight actors who play LGBTQ characters:

I also want you to know that Mishel liked my tweet where I fangirled about loving her in t-shirts so I think we are in love now??

Wynonna Earp

WYNONNA EARP IS OFFICIALLY THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR BEST CAST EVER!!! Just kidding, they won for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show which is even cooler!!! We are all so proud of our little sci-fi beans and got to revel in their smiles all night.

Honestly, seeing them win made me tear up.

Look, I could literally post PAGES of cute content from this night. But, my favorite moment was in this interview when Kat chooses what Earper tattoo she would get:


And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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