The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – December 10, 2018

Legacies - Josie and Penelope

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Sara tries to mediate Ava and Mick’s rocky relationship on Legends of Tomorrow, and Josie and Penelope hate-kiss on Legacies.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Legends Of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 7 “Hell No, Dolly!” [Live]

Ava spent the night on the Waverider which is always cute.

Legends of Tomorrow - I love sleeping next to you

Uh oh, by-the-book Ava is not on board with the ways things are done on the Waverider. She is astounded to find out they let Rory keep the magic diary.

We also find out Ava has a thing for serial killer trivia when the back of a cereal box has info on a New Orleans female serial killer she has never heard of before. It looks like they have another magical time monster on their hands, and they need to go back to 1856 New Orleans!

The victims of this serial killer were all wealthy blonde women, and Ava says that sounds like Mike the Spike, not the woman accused of the murders.

Legends of Tomorrow - Am I gonna find a murder board in your closet

Ava’s face when she says “nope” is so cute.

Rory storms in accusing Constantine of taking the diary. Ava tells him she’s the one who confiscated it, and now it’s Time Bureau property. He looks pretty pissed. Sara says sorry, but Ava was just doing her job.

The Legends are on the case, but Rory is still mad at Ava. The two of the are fighting over the comm while Sara tries to keep the peace.

“Man Pants” made me laugh.

It turns out the serial killer they were looking for is actually a possessed doll! The doll fight scenes are hilarious, and Rory fries it with his fire gun. The doll is burnt to a crisp, but not completely dead so they can bring it back to the ship for questioning.

Ava’s happy Rory torched the evil doll and restored the timeline, but she’s not cool with the fact that he stole stuff during the mission

Legends of Tomorrow - This is suppose to be a professional operation, babe

Sara surprises Ava and Rory with dinner in an effort to have to the two of them try to find some common ground.

Legends of Tomorrow - Try to get along

Dinner doesn’t go so well.

Legends of Tomorrow - Only I get to use the C word.

I absolutely love that brilliant use of “The C Word.”

Sara’s attempt at achieving peace with Ava and Mick completely fails, and Sara is feeling bad about trying to force them to talk.

Legends of Tomorrow - I wish I could loosen up

I feel bad for Ava when she deals with her internalized Clonephobia. I like her the way she is and don’t think she needs to loosen up.

Ava and Sara then notice tiny flour footprints on the kitchen floor. The serial killer demon has left the charred doll and found a new host. At that moment the ship’s lights cut out. Sara is hesitant to make the classic horror movie mistake of splitting up, but she needs to fix the lights and Ava wants to go catch a serial killer.

They give each other a quick kiss before going in opposite directions.

Legends of Tomorrow - Ava and Sara Quick kiss

Ava and Rory find the serial killer demon, and it has possessed the Martin Stein doll Earth X Leo used last season.

Legends of Tomorrow - Evil Martin Stein Puppet

I do not know how Jes kept a straight face filming that scene. The puppet does manage to stab Ava in the leg. Rory knocks evil puppet Stein off of Ava, and it disappears up an air shaft.

Meanwhile, another story happening this episode involves Constentine trying to undo his relationship with a past boyfriend he had to send to Hell for magic reasons. You learn his whole backstory of falling in love with Desmond in New Orleans, and it’s very sweet and sad. Constantine  joined the Legends to try to run away from his feeling of guilt over Dez. I love Legends for bringing male bisexual representation to TV because that is pretty rare.

John and Amaya make an attempt to derail John and Dez meeting, but it doesn’t work. Zari tells them their meeting is fixed in time and erasing that will have catastrophic consequences. Again John goes back, and instead of preventing them from meeting in the first place, breaks up with Dez. As soon as Dez leaves John’s house, the timeline blows up.

The episode ends with everyone frozen except for Charile who can shape shift again and Zari who has turned into a cat.


When we learned Legends wasn’t going to be included in the Elseworlds Crossover, they said not to worry because they were going to have a crossover episode with themselves! This is happening tonight, and I can’t wait.

Legacies – Season 1 Episode 6 “Mombie Dearest” [Live]

I haven’t been able to figure out the Josie / Penelope situation on this show yet. The show started with them being exes and Josie completely hating Penelope (she even set her on fire). They’ve also painted Penelope as this stereotypical mega bitch character who is mean to everyone.

I keep waiting to find out why Josie has such strong hate for her, if Penelope really is an evil character or if there is more going on. We haven’t gotten definitive answers to those questions yet, but last episode we got a little more insight into why they broke up.

It looks like Penelope broke up with Josie because too much of her life was dedicated to her sister and that left little room for anyone else.

We also got this great line.

Legacies Jose and Penelope - You used to like it when I went low

That made me lol.

On this episode, it’s Josie and Lizzie’s 16th birthday, and Josie is wrapped up in her sister’s boy drama and helping her get ready for a big dance. Oh, and their birth mother makes a surprise appearance and turns out to be a zombie.

Throughout the episode, Penelope trolls Josie every once in a while to tell her she needs to stop physically and emotionally waiting on her sister hand and foot. She insists she take time for herself and her own happiness.

Josie does take her advice and goes to talk to her bio mom (who she is named after) even though Lizzie is against it. However, that backfires when mom turns into zombie mom and buries Josie alive.

At the dance, Penelope notices Josie is missing, and when she runs into Hope who tells her they need to rescue Josie, she drops the bitch act and seems be really concerned about her.

Is Penelope just fronting bitchiness but actually still cares for Josie? Is Josie furious for being dumped  by Penelope but still into her? I think things are leaning this way, but it’s still unclear.

After Josie is unburied and the day is saved, she runs into Penelope in the hallway and blames her for talking her into doing something for herself — she took her advice, and her mom tried to kill her. Josie says it’s not a bad thing to be a person who cares about other people.

Then this happens:

I love a good hate-kiss, but what does this mean?

According to Kaylee Bryant (the actor who plays Josie), “Episode six is really where Josie starts to voice her opinion.” This leads me to believe it’s the beginning of a bolder Josie. We’ll have to keep watching to see what that means for her and Penelope.

TONIGHT — Elseworlds episode two AND the Legends of Tomorrow self-crossover episode! I’m so excited to find out what this is all about.

Legends of Tomorrow - Ava and Sara making out in a car

It’s a great time to be alive.

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