The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – November 5, 2018

Queerest Things - The Deuce Irene and Shay

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Shay and Irene are not sustainable on The Deuce; Ava gets her own adventure with Nate on Legends of Tomorrow, and Mel digs herself in deeper trouble with Niko on Charmed.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The Deuce – Season 2 Episode 7 “The Feminism Part” [Catch up]

I’m a little behind on The Deuce, so I’ve got a double shot of Deuce for you today. 😄

Irene is still trying to get Shay to play house with her by keeping her holed up in her apartment. One morning, Shay wants to leave and get breakfast, but Irene tells her she can’t because Rodney will be looking for her.

The Deuce Shay and Irene - I wont let anything happen to you

When she gets home from work that night, Shay’s gone.

The Deuce Shay and Irene - Shay is gone

We all saw this coming, right? Locking your straight, prostitute, addict girlfriend in your apartment to hide her from a vengeful pimp is not an ideal situation to foster a healthy relationship.

First, Shay finds Rodney and gets drugs from him, and then later, Irene finds her turning tricks.

The Deuce Shay and Irene - Shay driving away with a John

Ugh! Poor Shay and Irene. The whole thing sucks. I wonder if the two of them are going to have any more plot for the rest of the season.

The Deuce – Season 2 Episode 8 “Nobody Has to Get Hurt”

Something big happened on this episode — Barbara (Melissa’s girlfriend) returned from prison!

The Deuce - I've been upstate

She confronts Larry, her former pimp, and lets him know she is pissed he never visited or even answered any of her letters. She makes him give her some money and then asks Darlene if Melissa is still out there. She tells her she’s with CC now and asks Barbara if she wants to know where she is. She says no because she doesn’t want Melissa to see her the way she is now, but she does want her to know she was asking about her.

Larry is clueless.

The Deuce - They were lovers, Larry

I love Darlene.

I wonder what the big Barbara / Melissa reunion is going to look like!

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 2 “Witch Hunt” [Live]

There were zero scenes with Sara and Ava together, but the really cool thing is Ava had a story of her own with Nate. I thought it was great now that Ava and Sara are solidly in a relationship. Ava’s role is not only being Sara’s girlfriend (like Toni now is on Riverdale).

Also, Nate and Ava are an unlikely pair, and I loved how the show made it work.

My favorite moments of the episode were Ava’s annoyed with men face.

Legends of Tomorrow - Ava's annoyed face

And her yelling at Gary.

Legends of Tomorrow - Gary put it away
The Flash – Season 5 Episode 4 “News Flash” [Live]

This is the first time I’ve written about The Flash because it’s my least favorite of the Arrowverse shows, and there hasn’t been any queer ladies on it. Well, that changed last week!

It’s a long story, but Barry (who is the Flash) and his wife Iris (they were raised as siblings, it’s gross) were surprised to meet their future daughter, Nora, who time traveled to the present for Flash reasons. That’s what this season has been all about, Iris and Barry getting to know their grown daughter they didn’t know they were going to have.

On this episode, Nora is infatuated with an app called Spyn Zone that sends notifications whenever something newsworthy is happening in the city. The app is run by Spencer Young who just happens to be a former co-worker of Iris’ who she doesn’t like very much.

The Flash - Well, I think she's cute

Oh, snap! If you haven’t caught on yet, Iris and Nora’s relationship is off to a challenging start.

Suspicious behavior is happening to people and Team Flash thinks it may be Spencer trying to create news for her clickbait app. They believe she may be a meta with hypnotic powers. To prove this they send Nora to talk to her with a Meta detector watch on.

Nora walks up to her, but she’s too busy fangirling and not listening to Iris in her ear or turning on the meta detector thingie.

The Flash - She's flirting with our daughter

Oh! Nora likes her likes her.

In the end, Spencer does turn out to be evil, but Barry and Iris having a queer daughter definitely makes the show more interesting!

Station 19 – Season 2 Episode 5 “Do a Little Harm…” [Live]

On this episode both Jack and Maya are flirting with the same girl and competing to get her number. The rest of the firehouse notices this and start placing their bets.

Station 19 - five bucks on Bishop

The betting was pretty funny, but in the end they both got her number.

Charmed – Season 1 Episode 4 “Exorcise Your Demons” [Live]

The sisters have a possessed Angela Wu problem on their hands, and they have called on the Elders to help them exorcise her demon. An Elder named Charity Callaghan arrives, and she tells them they need to kill the Demon which will inevitably kill Angela at the same time.

The girls want to do an exorcism instead and save Angela, but Charity says there is none of her soul left to save. Charity also tells Mel to keep an eye on her girlfriend. To the rest of the world, Angela is a missing person, and Niko and her partner Trip Bailey are doing detective work around her disappearance.

Mel tells Maggie she’s going home to figure out an exorcism spell, but she’s reminded by Maggie that she should be keeping tabs on Niko instead.

Charmed - She's hiding something

It looks like they’re safe with Niko, but Trip is another story.

Mel is so determined to save Angela; she takes her from the attic and drives her to a warehouse with Maggie. The rest of Team Charmed show up and Trip too, because he has caught up to their suspicious activity.

The sisters successfully kick the demon out of Angela and put her in a paint can. However, Trip sees this and thinks they are doing something nefarious with Angela. Charity zaps the gun out of Trip’s hand, but a large pipe falls on him and kills him. Mel is horrified, but Charity tells her, “She’ll take care of it.”

Later, Mel catches up with Niko and learns exactly how Charity “took care of it.”

Charmed - They think he killed all those people

Great, now Mel has two major, trust-destroying secrets she’s keeping from Niko. The worst part is in the previews for next week’s show — Mel wants to put a spell on Niko that will make her forget they ever met. Oh, no!

Last week was pretty light on the explicitly queer content, let’s hope this week brings the goods.

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