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Welcome to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week in Queer Beats: Halloween Edition, Ruby Rose continued to tease Batwoman, Kaitlyn Alexander released their new music video, and our beautiful fandom honors their favorite characters with creative Halloween costumes!

First, I want to give a shout out to my all-time favorite Halloween costume that I saw online this year: Elena Alvarez from One Day At A Time! SO GOOD!

I’ve gotta file this away as a future Halloween costume idea.


Let’s start with some Arrowverse news. First, the Flash added a queer character (I am already obsessed and I don’t even watch the Flash… I’m sure Tracy will be covering this more on her Queerest Things post this week). Also, EMILY BETT RICKARDS MIGHT BE DATING AISHA TYLER!? I’m not one to speculate on real people’s love lives but it seems like a real possibility and too important to leave out of Queer Beat this week.


To be honest, this next picture was the highlight of the week. The holy grail. My new phone background. The sun to my moon. The light to my dark.

Forever squealing about Melissa’s face.

I am so unbelievably excited about meeting Ruby Rose‘s Batwoman. Therefore, I hope you are all okay with me posting every piece of content we get from now and into eternity. Here’s some more:

Is that an American accent I hear? HELLO, KATE KANE!

Black Lightning

My favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the amazing wlw costumes! Before I give my Black Lightning news, please peep the cutest thing in the world: a baby Thunder.

I’m not crying, you’re crying

Meanwhile, let’s also all let out a collective scream over this selfie…

Chantal and Nafessa are clearly ThunderGrace stans, don’t @ me.


This isn’t technically Carmilla related but it is most definitely important to all Carmilla fans. Kaitlyn Alexander recently released their first official song off their upcoming EP and, even better, Elise Bauman directed the official video below!

Can I just live inside this music video?

In other fun Carmilla news, you can officially preorder the upcoming novel online, which will be released in May  2019!

Here’s to hoping the Carmilla content never ends.


The Charmed reboot has been showering us with Good Queer Content in all their episodes so far and Melonie Diaz decided to join in this week!

Helllooooo, Mel!

Also, I don’t know when it became a thing for the writers’ room of shows to have their own personal Twitter accounts, but I am VERY GRATEFUL for it because of gems like this:

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Have you all binged this show yet? It is the perfect amount of spooky for the Fall season, especially if you are scared of everything like me! Another one of my favorite parts of this show is Susie, Sabrina’s non-binary friend. Not only is it really cool that there is non-binary representation on the show, but the character is played by Lachlan Watson, who also identifies as non-binary! You can read this really great Buzzfeed interview with them here, where they talk about how they got the role and why it is so important.

Legends of Tomorrow

Meanwhile, on the gayest show on TV, we were alerted to the existence of the Time Bureau softball team (via Nate’s sweatshirt) and fans have already recreated the official sweatshirts so we can all be part of the team!

I’m an archivist and “we do things chronologically” is basically my motto.

And, in my Maisie Sellers-Richardson obsessed mind, I have been fangirling over her recent picture with her real-life girlfriend and also over these first pictures of her new Legends character, Charlie!!!

I think it’s a crime that Maisie is not on LezWatchTV yet. Someone give her a queer role!

I was really hoping to see an AvaLance costume this year and my wish came true! Here is my favorite Legends Halloween costume:

Spider-man approves.


How do you measure #20gayteen? In queer musicals, of course! Fox has announced that it will be producing a live version of Rent, a musical that is set during the AIDS crisis and features mostly queer characters. Kiersey Clemons will be playing Joanne (my personal favorite) while Vanessa Hudgens will be playing her on-and-off-again girlfriend, Maureen.


Let’s talk about Nicole Maines (again). We all know that last week’s episode of SuperGirl wasn’t the best, but I was mainly disappointed that Nia Nal did not make an appearance. Therefore, I had to get my Nicole Maines content elsewhere! This week, she talked to People Magazine about coming out, playing Nia Nal, and her first Comic Con experience. She also spoke with NKD Mag and posted some pictures from that photoshoot:

I hope we get a Nia Nal photoshoot when she finally gets her super suit!

And I cannot resist a good Alex Danvers cosplay (I mean, could any of us really resist a good Alex Danvers cosplay?) so here is my favorite SuperGirl costume!

Bonus points for actually looking like Chyler Leigh.

Wynonna Earp

Finally, Wynonna Earp! You know, every single week, I think I will leave Wynonna Earp out of Queer Beats because it is not airing and there is not that much WE content in the news… but the show always proves me wrong! This week, they released a fun Halloween-themed costume guide to help out fans who want to dress like their favorite character:

Is a baby bump truly ever optional, though?

There were so many good Wynonna Earp costumes on Twitter and especially some really great Nicole Haught costumes. I wish I could list them all here! But my favorite has to be Haught and Gooverly. So perfect for Halloween!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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