The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 3, 2019

Queerest things - Anne on Gentleman Jackanya Saracho part two

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, both Anne on Gentleman Jack and Petra on Jane the Virgin experience heartbreak, and I write part 2 of my 10-part love letter to Tanya Saracho.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Gentleman Jack – Season 1 Episode 6 “Do Ladies Do That?” [Live]

After being rejected by Ann and getting beaten up on her walk home, Anne has decided to write to Mariana, her long-time chick on the side, and leave town to go traveling on her own.

Meanwhile, Ann’s homophobia-induced panic has escalated to complete psychological breakdown levels. Ann’s friends can’t handle it, so they send for Anne. She arrives to help and says she’ll do what she can, but she’s still staying guarded.

After spending the night with Ann while she has full-blown panic attacks, Anne believes she needs medical help. She writes to Ann’s sister in Scotland and suggests they take her to the same doctor she took Ann to before. They agree to take her to see a doctor, but they’re going to find one in Edinburgh instead. Anne agrees to this, but before she leaves, she asks Ann to commit one more time.

Ugh, that was so sad, but Anne doesn’t waste any time writing her ex to tell her to meet up in London for two weeks.

Anne meets Ann’s brother-in-law and his mother when they come to take her to Scotland. They’re leaving in the morning, and Ann wants her to stay the night.

Anne on Gentleman Jack - I don't want to go

She does stay, but it’s a very sad last night together.

I totally do that thing Anne describes. I have perfected the art of tuning out the world around me when I’m in public in an obviously gay way, so I don’t see how people are reacting. The fact that she was able to do this in 1800s rural England is amazing, and this scene breaks my heart because she thought she finally found someone willing to tune the world out with her.

History is a spoiler, because we know Ann did commit to her in real life. I wonder how we are going to get there on this show. And, hurray, the show was renewed for a second season, so we will get more of Anne, Ann and Mariana’s story.

The Bold Type – Season 3 Episode 8 “Revival” [Live]

Kat and Tia have finally settled into a comfortable relationship which means it’s the PERFECT time for Adena to come to town!

The Bold Type - Kat gets a text from Adena

I am so here for this drama.

Kat texts her back and says she’s too busy to meet up. She’s with Tia now, and she needs to move on.

Meanwhile, the magazine needs a talented photographer for a shoot and guess whose name comes up!

Even though Jane’s conflicted, she agrees Adena would be the best person for the job.

I KNEW this was going to happen. I knew Adena would be working at Scarlet — it’s a perfect drama recipe.

When she breaks the news to Kat, Kat acts all chill about it. But we see how chill she really is when they have the inevitable “first time running into each other at work” moment.

That was amazingly awkward.

Kat’s chill went out the window after that.

The Bold Type - I just really thought I was over her

Now Kat is wondering if Adena is her “Richard,” meaning Sutton and Richard broke up but then got back together and are happy.

When Tia and Kat talk about it later Tia asks her if Adena is a thing she should be concerned about. Kat says it’s weird and awkward, but Adena and she didn’t work, so no, its not a thing. Tia is a good sport and moves on.

After the photo shoot, Jane confronts Adena about why she broke up with Kat in Paris. Adena admits to feeling stuck in her house unable to travel or work, and it made her resentful. But now, she realizes it was the wrong choice.

The Bold Type - I made a mistake

Ooooh, we all see where this is going.

Jane tells Kat what Adena said, and it obviously has her second-guessing the “moving on” thing.

That night Kat finally meets up with Adena and tells her she never understood their break up.

Uh, oh, the “let’s go for a walk” move — we all know what that leads to!

I personally love all of this. Maybe it’s because I’m not super invested in either ship; I just like the drama. This week should bring even more!

Jane the Virgin Martian – Season 5 Episode 10 “Chapter Ninety-One” [Live]

Here we are, in the middle of a “moving away for a job” trope plot. I don’t like it, but Petra seems to be game for trying to make a long distance relationship work if JR takes the job in Houston. She is even trying on a Texas persona.

Jane the Virgin - I'm Patti tonight

Meanwhile, on Jane’s story line, we find out her former professor and mentor, Marlene, is dating a woman!

Jane the Virgin -The friend is actually my lover

That was a fun queer surprise.

On the third storyline this episode involving queer women, Luisa is trying to convince Raf she didn’t have anything to do with Rose’s bank accounts. She wants to be a part of Raf and his kids’ lives, but Rafael has been burned too many times by Luisa’s lies and refuses to believe her.

Jane the Virgin -The woman can forge faces

“The woman can forge faces, I’m sure she can forge a signature,” was brilliant.

Rose’s little minion, Bobby, encourages Luisa to visit Rose in prison to get to the bottom of this bank account thing and prove to Raf she’s not lying.

Jane the Virgin -She's all hair and cheekbones

Of course, this is a plan orchestrated by Rose to talk to Luisa alone so she can work her magic on her. It works, and Luisa goes to the prison.

These two are one of the most dysfunctional lesbian relationships on television, and I love them. I feel we get a dysfunction free pass because it’s a telenovela.

Luisa DID sign those documents and is in possession of all of Rose’s bank accounts. She also now knows Bobby is working for Rose.

Back in Petramosland, Petra confessed to Jane despite acting all cool and supportive on the outside, she’s scared about what might happen if she and JR need to take their relationship long distance. Jane suggests she get a job with immigration in Miami. We discover that got Petra’s wheels turning when JR gets back from Houston.

Ugh, Petra! I know she means well, but you would think she’d know by now not to mess with JR’s career.

Later, Petra apologizes and JR accepts it, but all is not well.

I have over 40 years of soap opera watching experience, and I still HATE relationship ups and downs.

Heartbroken Petra goes to Jane to tell her what happened.

Jane the Virgin -I feel like someone cut out a piece of my heart

Sad Petra kills me. And to add insult to injury, this happens.

Jane the Virgin - I was gonna propose

I think the Jane the Virgin writers are trying to kill the Petramos fandom, and not in the good way.

At the very end of the episode, Luisa tires to explain to Raf that she did sign the papers to take over Rose’s bank accounts, but she was blackout drunk and didn’t remember. Raf does not believe her at all and rejects her again. That was one rejection too many, and finally Luisa is driven back into Rose’s control.

Jane the Virgin - What does Rose need me to do

Oh boy, I wonder what Rose’s next move will be.

How great is it that this show has so many queer characters you can have two involved in a classic up and down love story and others in a criminal mastermind disaster relationship? It’s sometimes painful, but I appreciate it.

Vida – Season 2 Episode 2 “Episode 8” [Streaming]
Dear, Tanya Saracho.   

Congratulations on getting a season three! I hate the emotional roller coaster of waiting with our fingers crossed hoping our beloved shows don't get cancelled. It was a relief to know so soon we will be getting more of your amazing show.

I don't know if the vagueness before season two regarding Cruz coming back was intentional or not, but I liked how it was kept somewhat of a mystery. This episode we found out she and Emma are still together.
Vida - The shower thing never works
I love how you used shower sex as a metaphor for where Emma and Cruz are at. I agree shower sex doesn't really work. I've personally tried to make it happen, but it feels like I'm getting waterboarded. In a similar way, Emma is trying to be Cruz's girlfriend, but it's not really working.

The zombie compatibility test was a good way to further show their incompatibility.
Vida - I could never kill zombie you
FYI, both my wife and I want to be killed ASAP in any apocalyptic situation.
Later, we're still kept guessing on Emma's intentions with Eddy when she confronts her about the legality of Vidalia's will.
The only thing I'm not liking about this season is Eddy not being able to catch a break. Nothing is going her way. Now that I know season three is coming, I have hope she'll have some victories next year.

This episode was a good set up for the next one, which I loved and can not wait to write about next week.

Thank you, again, for one of the best shows on TV.


PS. Emma requiring a contract is my new sexuality.
Vida - I still require a contract

This week the newest Tales of the City is dropping on Netflix on Friday. I am a big fan of the books. I’ve read them all except for most of the last one. I’m looking forward to seeing how this production does with their interpretation.

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