WebSeries to Watch For – ClexaCon Edition

WebSeries to Watch For – ClexaCon Edition

So you missed ClexaCon 2019. Or maybe you missed the film festival on Friday night. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Some are new, and some may be new to you, but it’ll get you through the summer drought for liner TV.

New Series

The following series you haven’t seen because .. well .. they’re new!


I’m super partial to this one because I know the creators. But BIFL is like Friends if Friends was funny (so basically a queer version of Living Single). Take people from all parts of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, toss them in a house, add in a couple crushes, and you get BIFL. Hands down, the best moment is when the housemates are trying to explain that Sarah’s pronouns are they/them to a clueless guy who wants to know just what room Sarah’s in!

Oh and what does BIFL mean? Whatever you want it to mean.

Passage: The Series

Do you dig sci-fi and paranormal type series? Then you want to check out Passage: The Series (not to be confused with the Mark-Paul Gosselaar series that’s coming soon). High quality filming, well acted, and a twist in the second episode that caught me by surprise, you can also find Shannan Leigh Reeve punching the hell out of things. Speaking with the dead is rarely so engaging as it is here.

Oh. I have no idea why she’s the Lesbian Yule Log, but I’m down with it.


It’s a hard sell when you pitch out-patient therapy as a comedy, but that’s what Centered is. Darby’s out of rehab and into therapy while trying to not take life seriously. Which who can blame her? But stopping drinking was step one, and she’s got to walk the walk to get better. The pilot is out, so have a look!

I’m always biased towards a series in Chicago, too.


Guillermo and Jazmyne are BFFs looking for success and acceptance while armed with few resources and little sobriety. This Latinx-based web comedy illustrates the highs and lows that the modern connected world has to offer.

I admit to having missed this one when it premiered, so I’m looking forward to seeing it!


The first two episodes of this are out. A comedy web series following Mia as she navigates the challenges of lesbian dating with no help from her friend, Bridget, and her brother, Kevin.

And really, don’t we all feel this way once in a while?

New To You Series

These series aren’t new, but they may be new to you!

I Put the Bi in Bitter

Season three of this series is coming soon! It’s a cute and lighthearted comedy that follows a bisexual teenager and her lesbian BFF as they navigate high school, deal with friendship/crushes, and all the other shenanigans and awkward moments that come from being young.

It’s a majority female cast and crew, to boot!

Kait & Nic

What happens when two queer BFFs, a bisexual and a lesbian, deal with anxiety, depression, dating, and a hot air balloon? You get Kait & Nic! Kait’s a shy lesbian, Nic’s an over-the-top biseuxal. Together, they navigate dating in NYC with their greek chorus of token straight girlfriends.

The whole season is only four episodes, and all four are worth it.

Riley Parra

Supernatural? Check. Liz Vassey? Check! Creepy bunny song? Eeeee, check! Riley Parra is back to battle demons for season two, but this time she has her girlfriend’s help. Too bad she’s up against the Champion of Evil.

Yes, Liz Vassey of Nikki & Nora and CSI is playing the coroner. I’m sure she’s heard the jokes.


So there you are, out and trying to live your best life… And your mom comes out on YouTube. Worst of all? She’s got more social media cred than you do! Welcome to Harper’s hell.

I’m totally rooting for Harper’s mom, by the way.

The Centre – Another Day in Paradise

Sometimes we want hard stories. The Centre certainly delivers with their third episode. Dr. Jessi has to find a way to tell her Partner, Leoni, that she is considering joining Doctors without Borders again in Namibia, after a letter arrives from the hospital.

The three episodes were made years apart, but they still have more continuity than most linear series!

Gal Pals

Gal Pals is a new comedy about the interwoven lives of a group of wlw living in Los Angeles…created by wlw living in Los Angeles. It’s The L Word for the Broad City generation. Season One follows Bee, whose self-destructive game of cat and mouse comes to a halt when she starts falling for one of her seemingly straight targets.

The two seasons are already out, so go forth and enjoy!

Dyke Central

Another known fav, Dyke Central is a sassy dramady about masculine-of-center Oakland roommates Alex and Gin. The first season sees Gin learning about herself as she flutters from woman to woman, while Alex attempts to sustain her seemingly-stable relationship with girlfriend Jackie, in the face of new life options. Surrounded by a diverse group of loving friends dealing with their own challenges, Alex and Gin struggle with staying true to themselves in a queer world ripe with opportunity.

You can watch it on Amazon now!


Twenty follows the story of Maya, her girlfriend Catalina, and her group of eclectic friends as they navigate careers, love, and life in their early twenties.

Season one and two are out.

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