The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – March 9, 2020

Queerest Things - Thundergrace wedding

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, a surprise Thundergrace wedding is interrupted by a war on Black Lightning. Maya and Carina are a lot on Station 19, and Alice stands up for herself on Good Trouble.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Black Lightning – Season 3 Episode 15 “The Book of War: Chapter Two” [Live]

Anyssa and Grace have gotten closer this season than I thought they would to becoming the crime-fighting superhero girlfriends I’ve always wanted. We haven’t witnessed a ton of relationship buildup like queer fans like to see, but their relationship has gotten more solid.

It’s all been enjoyable, but I have to say, this surprised me.

I know the possibility of everyone dying in a war may make you have a YOLO attitude, but it feels way too early for a marriage proposal.

It looks like Jefferson and Lynn think that too by the looks on their faces.

Black Lightning Thundergrace wedding - We're getting married!

But whatever, I love them and they’re really cute in their wedding outfits. I’m on board for a spontaneous Thundergrace wedding.

Of course, their surprise wedding is interrupted by Wayne Brady, but on LezWatch Slack, Carmel reminded us Arrowverse weddings take several attempts before they actually happen. Tonight is the Black Lightning season three finale, and we’ll find out if the Thundergrace wedding happens or not.

Station 19 – Season 3 Episode 7 “Satellite of Love” [Live]

Last week’s episode opened up with a “Multiple Couples Having Morning Sex” montage with Maya and Carina were in the mix.

Station 19 - Well, that's one way to get to know me better

I’m at a loss for words.

The rest of the episode goes on with the usual disaster porn, inner-station conflicts and Maya’s inability to get people to listen to her. In the end, Carina learns Maya had a bad day and brings her some lasagne to cheer her up.

I know Maya is not the relationship type, but I want this to be the only becoming girlfriends speedbump for these two. Carina is tough and won’t put up with foolishness like this for long.

Also, is this just a thing for certain people? Is a surprise visit at work early on in a relationship something that freaks people out?

Station 19 - What are you doing here?

I guess it’s like the equivalent of saying “I love you” or meeting parents too soon.

Either way, I would like Maya to calm down now and appreciate getting to date the hottest Orgasm Scientist in town!

Good Trouble – Season 2 Episode 18 “Trap Heals” [Live]

As predicted, Lindsay shadily dissuaded Alice from trying out for the Comedy B TV gig. Fortunately, Ruby clued Alice in on what Lindsay is actually up to, and in a rare moment of frustration, Alice stood up to them.

I love it when Alice actually advocates for herself and is not her usual doormat self.

Looks like the big comedy showdown will happen in season three this Summer.

Tommy – Season 1 Episode 5 “To Take a Hostage” [Live]

My wife and I enjoy watching Tommy. Tommy is the level-headed New Yorker who uses common sense and good old-fashioned diplomacy to get out of every dangerous situation. I bet she could even talk COVID-19 into dormancy with her kind yet firm words of wisdom.

With the way things are in the real world right now, that is fine with us. We’ll take a lesbian chief of police with the superpower to fix anything with her words.

At the end of a long day of successfully talking down a hostage situation, Tommy has a date with Kiley, the sports reporter.

I was already turned off by the aggressive measures Kiley went to get Tommy’s info. But I figured maybe she liked the attention. However, meeting these friends of her’s sealed the dislike for me.

Tommy - Hey we missed you in Big Sur

I would have rushed through the rest of dinner and ran out of there if I were Tommy. But that’s not how Tommy rolls. Tommy is honest, direct and to the point.

I love how she bluntly says, “There is no chemistry.” like I have said on Twitter for countless ships.

This conversation made me dislike Kiley even more because when someone tells you they only want to be friends and you counter every statement with “no” that is disrespectful. However, my gut is telling me this is going to be an “Opposites Attract” situation and they will be more than friends.

This week: Will the Thundergrace wedding happen tonight? Will Maya chill out at let Carina be her girlfriend? Is Tommy going to see Kiley again? I’ll be tuning in to find out.

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