2022 Queer TV Predictions from Team LezWatchTV

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Hello and welcome to the fourth annual LezWatchTV senior staff’s New Year’s Eve predictions! We are officially making our 2022 Queer TV Predictions and seeing how we did with 2021.

Is it New Year’s Eve or Groundhog’s Day?

One thing I wouldn’t have predicted a year ago is COVID cases being WORSE than they were on New Year’s Eve 2020. I hope y’all are holding on out there. If you’re looking for the bright side of 2021, please check out our list of 2021 Favorite Queer Things from the LezWatch.TV Staff. Now, on to 2022 Queer TV Predictions.

Our 2022 Queer TV Predictions and 2021 Analysis

Mika Epstein, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Mika’s 2021 Predictions

  • Batwoman will bounce back, with Javicia Leslie bringing new life into the fun show.
  • Queer death will remain higher than the average (8 per year) but on par with the trend line (predicting 25 per year). That is significantly lower than the bloodbath of 2016 (45 characters).
  • Speaking of that, there are going to be a lot of cancellations in 2021 as the fallout from COVID.
  • All reboot shows (like Head of the Class) will include at least one queer regular from now on.
  • The CW will hold true to every show on their network having a queer regular. Yes. Every show on CW.

Mika’s 2021 Prediction Commentary

Last year I was right! All the CW shows have queers (usually of multiple sorts), Javicia did bring life back to the Bat, Death is slightly above average but not close to as bad as it was, Head of the Class had queers, and cancellations are still pretty high. 


Mika’s 2022 Queer TV Predictions

  • Superhero shows will peak. We’ve had a lot of them, and we’re hitting saturation there. Sadly this is where a number of queers are from, which may slow things down.
  • More shows will take place in isolated locations. Due to COVID, one way to limit costs will be to just not have as many background characters needed. This means more queers will be solo on a show, which has already been a problem.
  • Trans and PoC representation will take a dip, following the end of Pose, but will swing back up over the year.
  • Reboots, Sequels, and Revivals will continue to make the majority of ‘new’ shows.
Tracy Levesque, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Tracy’s 2021 Predictions

  • We’ll meet Tina’s girlfriend Carrie on The L Word Generation Q. Bette and Tina will still have OTP chemistry together, but nothing will actually happen between the two of them this season.
  • The Wilds will NOT turn into Dude Island in season two. The show will remain primarily focused on the girls.
  • By the end of 2021, TV production will be back to pre-COVID levels, but there will still be some cancellation casualties.
  • Debbie and Sandy will end up together on the Shameless series finale.
  • Cazzie will go through ups and downs on Atypical season 4, but they will remain together and happy overall (Again, wishful predicting! It worked last year, right?).

Tracy’s 2021 Prediction Commentary

I got 2 totally right, Carrie was on TLWGQ season 2 played by Rosie O’Donnell. I thought her character brought some much-needed cranky butch energy to the show. Bette and Tina did have stuff going on, but they didn’t do anything. My wishful predicting worked and Cazzie did go through ups and downs (too many IMO) but wound up together in the end. I really wish they could have their own spinoff show to see what happens next.

I was dead wrong about Debbie and Sandy. Sandy wound up maybe running off with Yolanda from GLOW.

The Wilds didn’t air in 2021 and we don’t have a date yet for season 2.

I’m not sure exactly how wrong I am about TV production, but it’s definitely not at pre-COVID levels. I think the industry has learned how to make TV in the time of COVID, but it comes with a huge price tag.

Tracy’s 2022 Queer TV Predictions

  • The Wilds will NOT turn into Dude Island in season two. The show will remain primarily focused on the girls. Again, more wishful predicting.
  • The L Word: Generation Q will be renewed for a third season and this time something will happen between Bette and Tina.
  • On Station 19 Carina’s attempt to conceive will be the most realistic portrayal of queer parenthood Shondaland has ever done.
  • Our favorite wee lesbian Clare will get a girlfriend on the final season of Derry Girls.
Nikki T, Staff Writer

Nikki’s 2021 Predictions

  • This is the third year that I am saying this, but I believe that 2021 will finally bring the WayHaught wedding that we have all been waiting for and it will be perfect. And Nicole will be in a suit.
  • Ryan Wilder is going to take Kate’s girl on Batwoman.
  • The Sophie/Dani/Finley love triangle in The L Word: Generation Q is going to blow up in everyone’s faces. Sophie and Dani will break up and Dani will at least attempt to get with Bette. (Bold prediction, I know.)
  • Alex and Kelly will get engaged on Supergirl. Alex will get everything she has ever wanted and we will all cry happy tears.

Nikki’s 2021 Prediction Commentary

Ok, I FINALLY did better on my predictions for this year. I got 3 out of 4, but my 4th one has to do with Ryan Wilder stealing Sophie Moore and I think that we can all agree that girl is on her way. Also, Dani didn’t try to get with Bette but she DID get with Gigi which feels like a similar vibe.


Nikki’s 2022 Queer TV Predictions

  • Beatrice will get a girlfriend in the new season of Warrior Nun. She deserves it. We deserve it.
  • New Luimelia content will come out in 2022.
  • I am going to fight against every queer TV fan instinct that I have and say that Bradley and Laura will stay together through the next season on The Morning Show. Do I believe this? Maybe not. But maybe the power of positive thinking will help me on this one.
  • While we are on the positive thinking train, I am also going to predict that Eve and Villanelle will kiss again in the final season of Killing Eve.

My IRL Hopes for 2022

I’m usually a very optimistic person, but this time I’m not going to hope for the pandemic to end in 2022. I no longer think it’s going to just end one day. I think the virus will weaken and it will become something we always live with. Like the flu, we’ll get shots every year and some folks will get sick and die, but not at pandemic levels.

As always, the LezWatch community brings me so much joy. As of today, we have 169 members in our Slack account! Having a community of Queer TV-obsessed folks to celebrate, stress over and grieve our beloved fictitious queers is a life-saver.


Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022! Stay safe, wear a mask, and as always, watch lots of queer TV to see if our 2022 Queer TV Predictions come to fruition.

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