TCA 2021 – Movies are the New TV?

TCA 2021

By which I mean TV movies.

TV Movies for TV Shows

Let’s get this one on the table first. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is getting a wrap-up Christmas movie on (of all channels) Roku! I’m a fan of the show, even if the first season’s screeners had me sobbing as they all sang through the agony of losing a parent (something that was still too close to home for me at that time).

Also there’s going to be a Ray Donovan movie wrap up! yes, it’s two years after that surprise cancelation (not even the show runners saw it coming). So far, they’ve confirmed a number of actors returning, but not Kate Moennig. Yet. Since the show is on the same network as The L Word: Generation Q, I have hope for at least a scene.

While I doubt it’s going to be as amazing as the Sense 8 wrap up movie, I’m glad to be getting conclusions! GLOW, I’m looking at you.

Renewals and Positive Signs

Big Sky threw everyone for a loop when the John Carol Lynch announced he’d be back for season two. Why is that a loop? His character was killed in season one! Next season we get more crime and bad guys, so that’ll be fun.

Tracy and I got hip to Fantasy Island which finally had Ruby confirm her bisexuality (a lot of cheers from us) and while it’s not a new show on Fox, it’s looking good for a second season. It’s a fun, easy, summer show, which is totally low-stress watching. Goodness knows we all could use that.

An Otherwise Barren Landscape

Otherwise… Uh … it’s kind of boring around here. For queers at least. Let’s sum up:

Queer for Sure

  • Y: The Last Man – Even if they don’t get to the part about the lesbians and bisexuals from the comics, we know Elliot Fletcher is on it and the show is going to be handling the trans-existence, unlike the comic source. (Hulu)


  • Yellowjackets – A girls’ soccer team survive a plane crash, deep in the remote northern wilderness. (Showtime)
  • The Big Leap – A reality show within a show, it’s about dancing so we should get at least someone. Right? (Fox)
  • 61st Street – A courtroom drama examining systemic issues in the US, including race and police brutality. (AMC)

Revivals (in order of hopeful queerness)

  • 4400 – In a follow-up to The 4400, thousands of disappeared people return — all without memories of what occurred and all from among society’s marginalized. Being on the CW gives this the highest chance of queers. (CW)
  • CSI: Vegas – Grissom and Sara are back but the original was mostly known for queers of the week (killers and victims). (CBS)
  • Dexter: New Blood – The original had guest-queers, and given the subject matter, I don’t hold out hope. (Showtime)
  • The Wonder Years – This is a redo with a Black family. Given the time period, it’s unlikely to have any notable queers. (ABC)
  • 24 – Oh you thought I was joking? Yeah, this one’s in talks. (Fox)

Long Shots

  • Queens – it sounds like a less goofy version of Girls5eva, which I loved, so maybe they’ll sneak someone in, but based on the promo, it’s unlikely. (Fox)
  • Star Trek: Prodigy – This is aimed at younger viewers, and seeing as they barely were able to acknowledge that Seven might be queer until Picard, I don’t have a lot of hope here. (Paramount+)
  • Foundation – Look. I love Asimov’s stuff, but you get pretty much 75% through the first book before you get women. Were in not for some gender-swaps, this would be filed in the “Hah! No!” pile.

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