The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 23, 2022

Queerest Things - Hacks lesbian cruise

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, we had a very queer Hacks lesbian cruise episode and my wife guest recaps the A Million Little Things season finale.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Hacks – Season 2 Episode 4 “The Captain’s Wife” [Streaming]

I am a year late to the Hacks party. I thought it was about technology, because the first place my brain went was computer hacking. I heard good things about it and my wife liked it, so I spent a couple days catching up. With 30 minute long episodes it was a quick binge and I loved it.

Jean Smart plays Deborah Vance, an old school stand up comic whose brand is becoming dated and diluted with cheesy product endorsements. Her agent pairs her up with a young bisexual comedy writer named Ava (played by Hannah Einbinder) whose career also needs saving. It’s a Boomer and a GenZer forced to work together and their comedic chemistry is off the charts.

Ava is on tour with Deborah this season and their next stop is a gay cruise. Deborah is thrilled because gay men are “her people” but when they arrive she discovers it’s a different kind of gay.

We haven’t been blessed with a lesbian cruise episode since the original L Word!

Ava is psyched but Deborah is not.

Hacks lesbian cruise - Gay men get me

Lesbians are Ava’s crowd, so she goes to have fun while Deborah sulks.

It doesn’t take long for Ava to find a couple of hot women who turn out to be a “Lavender ‘It’ Couple” who opens up their relationship on lesbian cruises. Hmm okay, “code of the sea” instead of “code of the road.” Later, Ava runs into one of them.

Hacks lesbian cruise - Are you going to the She-ano bar tonight

Ava is such a dork, I love her.

Deborah accompanies her to the She-ano bar to be her wing-man.

With Deborah’s help, Ava makes a date the next day to meet these two at the pool.

Things are going great at their meetup until Ava is box-blocked by Deborah.

Turns out Deborah pissed off the entire ship with her show.

Deborah thought she had queer women figured out, but she was wrong. We’re a tough nut to crack.

I am so happy to find a new (to me) show to enjoy that’s not being canceled. I hope Ava’s ex Ruby shows up again because they were cute.

Station 19 – Season 5 Episode 18 “Crawl Out Through the Fallout” [Live]

On the Station 19 season 5 finale it was time for Carina’s Green Card interview! Last week I was like, “Please don’t make this a struggle” — like the immigration officer doesn’t believe they’re really a couple , etc. I can’t handle that, I just need queer joy in my life right now.

Maya, being a power top in the streets, can not stop interjecting when the officer wants to hear everything in Carina’s words. It’s pretty cute and I loved Carina telling him how they met.

After watching their scenes around 100+ times, I can confirm her story is accurate.

Nothing bad happened! She got her green card and all is good in Marinaland! In the season 6 premiere we should expect the results of Carina’s pregnancy test.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 18 Episode 18 “Stronger Than Hate” [Live]

We haven’t seen Kai for a few episodes so I was worried they were getting faded out of the show, but last week they were back!


Ameila takes Kai to a big dinner party for Meredith’s newish boyfriend, Nick. This means Kai will be subjected to socializing with almost everyone at Grey-Slone and their bazillion kids, including Amelia’s. Kai has previously established they do not want children, but are cool with other people’s. When they inevitably get put on kid duty because there are so many of them around Kai is a sport about it. Owen apologizes to Kai for the impromptu babysitting and asks the million times recycled question.

Grey's Anatomy - So do you want kids?

STFU, Owen! Didn’t you fall off a cliff?

Omg, can we PLEASE get a new relationship conflict? I’d take alien abduction over wants/doesn’t want kids at this point. We could make a site with a database dedicated to Shondaland couples and kids/no-kids breakups. Also, I swear Shondaland has an agenda to convince everyone, despite what they know in their hearts and minds to be true, deep down they really want kids.

Stop it.

Towards the end of the party, Kai and Amelia have some alone time on the swings, which could have been cute but instead was spent processing the kid thing.


Can we please FOR ONCE have a couple move forward in a relationship without the non-kid-wanting member having to “see the light” and suddenly realize they actually do want kids? I love how direct and logical Kai is and they made it very clear they aren’t going to change their mind on this subject. Amelia also made it evident, when Link proposed to her, she does not want more kids or to get married. Both of them are very career-focused, and I believe, have the right ingredients to continue to make their long-distance relationship work. I hope they do because this quality TV chemistry should not be wasted.

A Million Little Things – Season 4 Episode 20 “Just in Case” [Live]

This week my cute wife, Mia, contributed to Queerest Things with a recap of A Million Little Thingsa show she watches and I do not.

Last week the Season 4 finale of A Million Little Things aired. The drama about friends dealing with the suicide of one of their group, has evolved into multiple storylines across several generations.

After three seasons with only two queer characters (teenager Danny and Katherine’s office pal Carter), the show ramped up the queer stories throughout season 4. The season follows Katherine’s (Grace Park) arc of self-accepting her queerness, which begins after meeting Shanice Williams (Nikiva Dionne), a closeted actress. Katherine eventually goes on a journey to find her childhood best friend Greta Strobe (Cameron Esposito), after realizing she pushed her away in high school because of a mutual attraction.

I also appreciated the introduction of a trans teen character, Maddox (Ash Spencer), later in the season and hope he returns in Season 5.

If you are looking for a solid drama with multiple storylines across different age groups, check it out. Although I’ve been watching this show since it first aired, this season I really looked forward to new episodes weekly.”

And here is the scene she chose for me to make a screen capture of:

Thank you, Mia. 😘

This week: 2-hour long Grey’s season finale! I hope we get Kai and Amelia screen time.

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