“The Good Wife” Spinoff Spins Up a Lesbian

“The Good Wife” Spinoff Spins Up a Lesbian

While the breakout star (or at least most beloved character) from The Good Wife had to be Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda, many fans were disappointed to hear that she wouldn’t be back for the spinoff, titled The Good Fight.

We still don’t have Kalinda, but we do have a lesbian. From TV Line, Maia is the goddaughter of Christine Baranski’s Diane, who gets caught up in a financial scam that forces them both to start a new career. Hence the new show.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that when The Good Fight premieres on Sunday, Feb. 19 at 8/7c, it will be revealed that the character played by Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie is a lesbian. What’s more, she will have a steady girlfriend.

A lesbian with a girlfriend (Amy, played by Heléne Yorke), and no bullets involved! Of course, CBS has a pretty abysmal track record with diversity. While Maia is a main character (and possibly the main character), it will be a TV rocky road to happiness.

I can predict with reasonable assurance that the relationship will be under some stress from the financial shenanigans. There will likely be a breakup or cheating or worse. It’s TV after all. They’re not much given to happy lesbian endings.

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