November ’16 Roundup

November ’16 Roundup

November was the month of Supergirl being super gay, with Alex Danvers coming out and working her way through the stages of that.

  • New Characters — 38
  • New Shows — 17

We have the majority of shows added now, which means what’s left is a lot of Wikipedia searching for random shows we’ve never heard of, and a lot of YouTubeing of clips for said shows.

New Features

Everything has been SEO this month, with a lot of work done to make the site rank better. None of which you probably care about, so you can ignore that.

Lesbian Death Count

While October kicked us higher in the death toll, November was surprisingly quiet. In fact, no one new died in November and weirdly the CW (best known for kicking the “We Deserve Better” campaign into high gear following the death of Lexa) was the forefront. Between Sara Lance, time traveling bisexual seductress, and Alex Danvers, baby lesbian, we’ve found a new trope!

Bulletproof Gays

That’s right, there’s a new trend of lesbians being shot and not only living but getting the girl after. It happened with Nicole Haught over on Wynonna Earp, shot by her girlfriend’s (Waverly’s) sister, only to be wearing a vest and have their relationship outed by Waverly. Then Maggie Sawyer, wearing a vest over on Supergirl, got shot and realized life was too short not to kiss the girls you wanted to kiss.

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