Queer Beats – December 21, 2018

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Welcome to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Clexacon dropped some very important guest announcements, the moms of Riverdale out-queered their own show, and Deanoru delivered some much-anticipated angst!

Black Lightning

For those of you planning to go to Clexacon, I’ve got some exciting news! This week, the event announced a new guest: Chantal Thuy! And she is just as excited as us!

Now, we just have to wait patiently for that Nafessa announcement.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Attention all CAOS fans: the show was officially renewed for two more seasons!

Let’s hope this includes lots more Susie content!

Fuller House

In my personally life-changing moment of the week: Stephanie Tanner has apparently been confirmed as queer on Fuller House???

Catch me rewatching Full House for all the queer child hints (that totally exist, don’t @ me)!


As I’m sure many of you know, GLOW introduced a queer couple last season: Yolanda and Arthie. Therefore, I’m hoping that we get some queer content in the new GLOW comic series that was announced this week!

Killing Eve

We finally have some sneak peek photos into Season 2 of Killing Eve which seems to take place right where we left off: after Eve stabs Villanelle.

Legends of Tomorrow

There was lots of good convention news for LoT fans this week. Jes and Tala have been confirmed as guests at London Comic Con in March. Caity was announced as a guest at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London in May. And Maisie is joining Jes and Caity at ClexaCon in April!

These days, Maisie automatically reminds me of my favorite couple, Zarlie. And we got some cute Shethority content that really served to just give me major Zarlie couple vibes.

Just kidding, this video also served to remind me that Caity has the best arms.


I haven’t held back on Twitter about how I currently feel about Riverdale. I think that have such a good couple in Choni but they need to include them more! Meanwhile, the Riverdale Moms have decided to take queer content into their own hands…

I think I have a new favorite Riverdale ship?


HAPPY RUNAWAYS DAY!!!! We finally made it. Thank lesbian jesus for all the Deanoru content that has fed me up to this moment. If you don’t have time to watch yet, enjoy some of the wonderful teasers we received this week:

Oh god. Karolina/Nico angst AND Nico is in a tie?
I trust any show that highlights the queer couple in their marketing campaign.

Finally, we were blessed with Christmas Deanoru content. To be completely honest, I have no idea where these came from. I’m still convinced they could be photoshopped (because it is almost too cute to believe). Either way, Happy Holidays, my fellow Runaways!

Actors We Stan

Meanwhile, all my dreams came true across the country WITHOUT ME when a lot of queer women and allies did a live read of Casablanca.

And Kaitlyn Alexander released another queer music video!

That’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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