The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – October 29, 2018

Queerest Things - Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere
Warning: This post contains spoilers!

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, the Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere brings the AvaLance content and we get a Choni crumb on Riverdale.

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 1 “The Virgin Gary” [Live]

Oh my goodness, it’s the Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere and it gave us so much AvaLance content.

Things start off with the gang taking Paul Revere back to 1776 from a different British Invasion — the day the Beatles came to the US. They’re back on the ship and everyone is bored. They want to take on the mysterious monsters Constantine told them they released at the end of season three. Sara, on the other hand likes things being calm and is hoping there aren’t any monsters beyond the dragon he discovered. She thinks they should enjoy being heroes for once.

Their complaining is interrupted by a call from Ava at the Time Bureau.

Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere - Nate making fun of Sara

I absolutely love Nate and the gang teasing Sara about Ava.

Ava says they need to report Time Bureau headquarters in DC immediately. Of course, Sara thinks they’re in trouble and assumes one of the Legends ratted them out to Ava.

Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere - Who told Ava about the Dragon

The Legends are greeted by Gary when they get there and they try to force him to tell them if he told Ava about the dragon. Gary says that’s not what this is about and then – Surprise!

Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere - Surprise!

It’s a celebration of the Legends fixing the final Anachronism, and they are pinned with medals and everything. While the rest of the Legends celebrate, Sara and Ava sneak off for a “tour.”

In the next scene, Sara and Ava are in Ava’s apartment, I guess after just having finished “touring,” and Ava says she was hoping Sara would be spending more time in 2018 since they fixed all the Anachronisms. She was actually thinking maybe Sara would like to move in.

Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere - It would be fun to come home to you

Sara doesn’t answer at first and Ava thinks she made a mistake and “hitched up the UHaul to the Subaru” too quickly. But then, it looks like Sara is ready to take the next step.

Legends of Tomorrow season four premiere - I am ready to be a partially kept woman

I love Sara allowing herself get in a serious relationship. I think it’s such a perfect evolution for her character.

Sara goes into the kitchen to get champagne, and  guess who’s there — Constantine. Am I the only one who finds him and his corny Zippo lighter annoying (besides Ava that is)? Constantine’s all, “the dragon, monsters, bla bla…there’s no time to be playing house with Ava.”

Constantine is going to be the embodiment of the old, intimacy issues, I can’t get close to anyone because I’ll hurt them Sara. He’s going to be the nagging voice saying, “this is not you, you’re not the settle down type, you’re a relationship disaster just like me.”

Right now, Sara is telling him he’s wrong and when Ava comes into the kitchen she tells him he has to leave and next time use the doorbell. Ava’s like, “should I be worried about your ex-bang hang showing up in my kitchen?” Sara deflects by calling it their apartment and it totally works on Ava. I did like how Constantine called Ava “Sharpie.” I hope that sticks.

Sara and the rest of the gang all make their way Woodstock 1969 where they all get high and battle the first monster: an evil unicorn. It was amazing.

At the end of the episode, Sara fesses up to Ava about the dragon, and Ava being the best girlfriend, tells her she knows already and it’s okay.

I loved this scene so much, because it’s such good relationship modeling. Sara told Ava the truth and Ava was understanding. They also slowed things down with the moving in because it made sense, but they both expressed wanting the relationship to go forward.

My PTSD from being a lesbian who loves and watches lots of television is having a hard time not waiting for the other shoe to drop and have Avalance taken away from us at any moment. I feel like the show is trying to tell us, “Sara and Ava want this and it’s going to stay, enjoy it.” but I can’t help but keep my guard up.

I am enjoying Avalance and this show so much, I’m going to try to accept that we can have good things for once.

Black Lightning – Season 2 Episode 3 “Chapter Three: Master Lowry” [Live]

The sisters Lightning are having some sister conversation time, when Jennifer sees a picture of Anissa with Zoe B on Instagram. She thinks it’s a bad look for her, she needs to stop messing around and date someone she has a real connection with.

Black Lightning - Social media booty call

I absolutely love Anissa and Jennifer’s relationship. Their conversations are hilarious and caring too.

Anissa took Jennifer’s advice and stopped by Grace’s work to pay her a visit.

What the heck kind of cocktail is Grace making? It has so many ingredients. I’m glad Anissa is trying to win Grace back over, I love them.

This was the only Thundergrace content we got this episode, but I’m hoping it’s laying the groundwork for Anissa and Grace to get back together.

RiverdaleΒ – Season 3 Episode 3 “Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below” [Live]

Where’s the Choni at, Riverdale? We’re 3 episodes in and we’ve only seen them hanging around in the background. They’ve barely had a conversation with each other.

In this episode, Veronica comes by to ask Cheryl and Toni to help her spread the word about her new Speakeasy.

Riverdale - President Blossom. First Lady Topaz.

They are super cute sitting in the chair together.

Riverdale - Choni

But why did their epic roadtrip have to be offscreen? And why are they being so timid with these two while we have to see the straight couples bone every episode?

I hope we get more substantial Choni content, but I’m not feeling optimistic.

Legacies – Season 1 Episode 1 “This Is the Part Where You Run” [Live]

Legacies is a spin-off of The Originals which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. I was late to the The Originals game, so I’m glad I have the chance to start off brand new with Legacies. I know enough about the main character, Hope Mikaelson’s for it all to make sense.

In the pilot episode, the twin daughters of the school headmaster, Josie and Lizzie, give a new student, Rafael, a tour of The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. When they peek into one of the classrooms, Josie’s ex-girlfriend Penelope is there and she has such a negative reaction you know things didn’t end well.

Legacies - Josie's evil ex

Josie being angry at Penelope runs throughout the rest of the episode with her throwing glaring looks. She hates her so much she wont even say her name.

And to make matters worse, Penelope tries to seduce one of Josie’s friends Milton and Josie walks in on it. Although I have to admit, I’m impressed by Penelope working a statement on non-binary sexuality into her seduction.

Legacies - Your binary assumptions of sexuality are dated

Then, towards the end of the episode, Josie gets so mad at her she lights her sleeve on fire with magic!

Legacies - Josie sets Penelope's sleeve on fire

I’m liking the show fine and I’ll keep watching, mostly because I’m really curious to find out just why Josie hates Penelope so much.

Charmed – Season 1 Episode 3 “Sweet Tooth” [Live]

The thing I love the most about the representation on this show, is we have a main gay character and she is living her gay life without that being the subject of her life. That’s exactly the TV we want to see in the world.

In this episode Mel is dealing with having to hide the fact she’s a witch from Niko, which makes things messy when you’re trying to get your relationship with your girlfriend back on track.

Charmed - Case closed

Niko is interpreting Mel’s behavior as obsessing over her mother’s death again, which is the thing that broke them up a few months ago.

Mel is really hating having to lie to her girlfriend. I loved this scene where she compares keeping this secret to being in the closet.

In the end, Mel has agreed to keep it a secret for now, but I have a feeling she wont be able to for much longer.

This week the queerest thing I am most looking forward to is Mika’s reporting from ClexaCon London!

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