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Welcome to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Atypical survives the Netflix chopping block, Carmilla comes to NYC, Caity Lotz acts smiley over Avalance, and Wynonna Earp proves to be one of the most generous fandoms, yet again!

First off, GLAAD came out with their 2018 report that “analyzes the overall diversity of primetime scripted series regulars on broadcast networks and looks at the number of LGBTQ characters on cable networks and streaming services for the 2018-2019 TV season.” This report is pretty important in showing us where LGBTQ representation currently stands and how it has grown over the years. Thankfully, representation has hit a record high this year!


This show about a high school student on the autism spectrum (and his queer younger sister, Casey) has been renewed for a third season by Netflix. So, if you are like me and haven’t jumped on the Atypical train yet, now seems like a good time!

Black Lightning

Based on all her #ThunderGrace tweets/retweets this week, Nafessa Williams is for sure a Anissa/Grace shipper. But in this interview with Nerds of Prey, she said:

I think it’s a matter of being with who is best for her. That is in real life and in the superhero world being with someone who is the better person for Anissa. And I’m not really sure who that is yet. 

Nafessa Williams

Read the full interview for more on Anissa’s love life this season. Nafessa may think she’s slick, but we know she’s got Grace on the mind.


NewFest, New York’s LGBT film festival, started this week and continues until the 30th. If you are in the NYC area, you should definitely check it out because the schedule is full of great LGBT films… including The Carmilla Movie!! It would be so fun to watch it in a theater… almost as fun as Elise‘s announcement that she will be there!

Start spreading the news…

Grace and Frankie

Y’all, I am real upset about this. I love Grace and Frankie more than I love most things. What is better than watching Grace cuddle up in perfectly clean white sweaters or Frankie painting pictures of vaginas? Although I know these two will never be a couple, I still enjoy day dreaming of a different future for them. So, IMAGINE MY SURPRISE, when Jane Fonda casually mentioned that the original ending would have fulfilled all my dreams.

The photo used for this tweet is downright rude.

Legends of Tomorrow

WE MADE IT TO THE LoT PREMIERE!! CONGRATS TO ALL OF US!!! Not only were we blessed by many soft Avalance scenes, we were also blessed by lots of good press and social media content.

Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) went to Access first to discuss all the “fun Avalance stuff this season.”

Please peep that cute Avalance smile at 1:44.

She also went to DC Daily to talk about Sara’s newfound vulnerability. (The whole interview is good but skip to 8:45 for that good Avalance content).

If family and friends make you stronger, why don’t my arms look like Caity Lotz’s arms?

On premiere night, Caity did us all a solid and live streamed the cast watching the episode together. You can see the entire Instagram story here but I know we are all really here for the Caity/Jes highlights so here you go:

Your… WHAT?
I wish I had words for this…


I’m not even fully caught up on Riverdale but I can feel the fandom’s desperation for more Choni content. On this week’s Sweetwater Secrets, Vanessa Morgan teased the future love story between her character and Cheryl.

Skip to 4:50 for the goods.


I have a pretty full-blown obsession with Nico and Karolina so I am more than ready for this show to come back. Therefore, you can imagine my reaction when I read this quote from Virginia about #Deanoru next season:

We were so excited about the aspect of the two of us dating at the beginning of Season 1 that Lyrica and I always had this thing that we were like even if they don’t write us to be together eventually let’s just keep low key flirting so the audience would pick up on it.

Virginia Gardner

And, folks, that’s not even the full quote. Please read the rest of this Newsarama article to drown in all the Deanoru feels.

Streamy Awards

The Streamys happened this past Monday and, as always, you can rely on these awards to include lots of good, gay online content. This year, Anna Akana (known for playing Amanda on Stitchers) added a special qualifier to her call to action. Congrats, Anna!

This moment is brought to you by your right to vote.


The real-life United States is a dumpster fire. National City is a dumpster fire. Good thing we have Nia Nal (and Nicole Maines) to remind us that the good fight is always worth it.

Where are the super heroes when you need them?!

In brighter news, the CW hosted an awesome panel to celebrate the women from their superhero shows. It was so refreshing to hear all the women we love talk about the importance of representation and supporting other women, but this Nicole Maines moment really stood out.

Do y’all realize that she is barely 21 years old?! The future is bright.

You can view the whole panel here and it is 100% worth the watch.

Wynonna Earp

Earpers are literally the most insane (read: potato licking), loving (read: accepting), generous fandom out there. The Wynonna Earp Spirit Day campaign, started by Earpers, has reached over $23,000! CAN YOU BELIEVE? And there’s still time to donate so check out all their prizes and donate what you can, if you can!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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