The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 21, 2018

queerest things - Alicia and Rosa Brooklyn Nine-Nine

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week. Alicia and Rosa meet on Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Anya “likes” likes Kate Littlejohn on For The People; Nikki and Erica from the Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast react to Person of Interest; and Arizona gets a weak-ass sendoff on Grey’s Anatomy.

  1. For the People – Season 1 Episode 9 “Extraordinary Circumstances” [Live]
  2. This episode opens with Kate Littlejohn and Anya waking up in bed. Yay! I was hoping we’d see Anya again.

    I love your weirdness too, Kate.

    The sun is out and Kate is not at her desk. The boys are freaked out over this and coming up with conspiracy theories until Kate walks in.

    For the People - Enjoying my Morning

    “Enjoying my morning” is the new “Brunch.”

    Kate Littlejohn and the boys are working on a case and not getting anywhere. Kate thinks they should have done a sting and Leonard asks if there’s still time to try that. Kate says no, the FBI would have to prep an op and Leonard’s all like, “How do you know this?” Seth says, “Anya taught her all the lingo.” Leonard has no idea who Anya is. Then Seth asks if Kate thinks Anya could help them pull together a sting on the fly, and Kate says, “She’s in the field tonight.”

    A lightbulb goes off in Seth’s head and he puts two and queer together.

    For the People - You're dating Anya

    Seth says to Leonard, “You really didn’t know?” He’s obviously pissy that he didn’t even know who Anya was let alone the two of them were dating.

    At the end of the episode, Kate talks to Leonard about it.

    For the People - You Like this Girl

    Ugh, I wish Kate was more enthusiastic than, “Yeah, I kind of do.”

    I’m well aware that the show is gearing up for Kate and Leonard to hook up. They’ve been doing it all season long. Why else would Kate feel any pressure to tell him who she’s dating? I know it’s really important for bisexual characters to be seen dating both men and women, but Kate and Anya have such good chemistry! I have gotten emotionally attached to them, and I don’t want to let go.

    The season finale is this week AND the show has been renewed for a season two! Fingers crossed Caitlin Stasey gets upped to a recurring role next year.

  3. Handmaid’s Tale – Season 2 Episode 5 “Seeds” [Streaming]
  4. Ugh, this show is gross.

    One of the many terrible things that happened on this episode was two Unwomen in The Colonies, Fiona and Kit, got married. What’s so terrible about that? It’s right before Kit dies of being worked to death. Congrats, Handmaid’s Tale, you have buried the latest dead lesbian on TV.

    Here’s a clip from the “wedding,” I didn’t even want to make this GIF.

    Handmaids Tale - Wedding

    Only this show can make a lesbian wedding bleak as Hell.

  5. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 Episode 24 “All of Me” [Live]
  6. Arizona Robbins is a groundbreaking character. She was the longest running lesbian main character on a drama series and she had multiple relationships, including her marriage to Callie, the longest running queer character on a drama series. This was her last episode ever on Grey’s Anatomy, and she did not get the farewell she deserved.

    April, a character I also like, had her last episode, too, and she got a spontaneous proposal and wedding with her dude!

    The gayest thing Arizona did this episode was wear a flannel shirt.

    Grey's Anatomy - Arizona in a flannel shirt

    There was this moment.

    Grey's Anatomy - Don't love someone who can't love you back

    Oh, snap!

    Carina is saying what I feel though. I want to love this show for creating Arizona, but they didn’t give her as many scenes and stories as her straight co-workers.

    They wrapped Arizona up with a weak, off-screen maybe getting back together with Callie.

    “Well at least she didn’t die” is not enough for me. Our bar can’t be so low that as long as a lesbian doesn’t die on her last day that equals a happy ending.

    They did pay tribute to Callie by playing Sara Ramirez’s version of The Story at the end of the episode. That’s nice and all, but Arizona is a historically significant TV character, she deserved more.

    Hopefully, Carina, Taryn and Casey will all be back next year, and they will get more stories and screen time. But my hopes are not high.

  7. Station 19 – Season 1 Episode 10 “Not Your Hero” [Web]
  8. Maya’s doing her Wednesday night “self care” one-night bang ritual, and guess who she has over the night Andy is crashing on her couch? It’s Andy’s nemesis Charlotte Dearborn, one of the people she went up against for Captain.

    Station 19 - Maya and Charlotte


  9. Person of Interest – Season 4 Episode 11 “If-Then-Else” [Rewatch]
  10. Person of Interest is one of my favorite shows of all time, and just like I nagged Mika into watching The Good Wife, I helped push Nikki & Erica of the Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast (the official favorite podcast of LezWatchTV) into watching PoI.

    I’ve been having so much fun following along with their live tweets and recaps. They are currently in my favorite season, season 4, and they hosted a group watch of my very favorite episode, “If-Then-Else,” using Netflix Party. I loved rewatching this episode, chatting with other PoI fans and N&E who were watching it for the first time.

    Although I’m a little afraid Nikki and Erica want to break up with all of us after the episode’s traumatizing ending.

    The best part is they shot a reaction video! Check it out.

  11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 5 Episode 22 “Jake & Amy” [Live]
  12. First, PRAISE BEEBO for saving this awesome show!

    In this season 5 finale episode, everything is going wrong at Jake and Amy’s wedding and Jake puts Rosa and Terry in charge of getting Amy’s veil cleaned. They’re waiting for a carshare at the dry cleaners when Terry asks Rosa if she’s bringing anyone to the wedding. Rosa says no, she’s over dating. Terry thinks she shouldn’t give up.

    Even if you close yourself off to dating, Terry thinks the universe will find a way to make it happen.

    Just then, their rideshare pulls up.

    Hmmm, looks like the universe is saying something.

    Later, they realize they lost the veil and have the driver come back so they can see if it’s still in the car. Terry makes sure the driver knows Rosa is single.

    I love this so much. Watching a usually tough, emotionless character show feelings Is My Kink (TM, Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast).

    The veil is not in the car, but Alicia helps Rosa and Terry find it.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - All hats are dumb

    Terry eventually finds it on the ground covered in pee — womp.

    Then Alicia and Rosa have this cute look exchange.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Alicia and Rosa

    I LOVE them.

    We are so lucky this show got saved, otherwise this would have been really sad to watch. Hopefully Gina Rodriguez will come back with the show next season.

  13. Vida – Season 1 Episode 3 “Episode 3” [Live]
  14. I absolutely love Vida. I think it’s beautifully shot and written and the queer representation is fantastic. In this episode we learn more about Emma’s sexual orientation.

    I knew in episode one that she had to be queer when she called her mom a hypocrite after learning she had a wife. Also it was super obvious she had a history with Cruz. I ship it 1000%.

    This episode starts with Emma hooking up with a person she found on a dating app. Oh my goodness, I can’t make a GIF because it’s so NSFW, but it’s amazing. I always complain queer sex scenes are not as intense as straight ones on the same show, but Vida is obviously trying to right that wrong. Thank you, writers!

    Emma comes home late from her bang hang and Lyn wants to know where she was. Emma tells her by pulling up their profile on the app.

    Vida - I knew it

    I knew it too, Lyn.

    Lyn asks her if she’s going to see them again, and Emma says she doesn’t do that. However, according to the previews, she sees Cruz again next week.

    An emotionally unavailable, tough-ass, mean, bossy queer women Is My Kink (TM, Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast), and I am so here for this.

Finale season continues this week with For the People and The Good Fight. Fingers crossed we finally get a follow-up on Maya’s cheating getting caught on tape.

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