Queer Beats – January 18, 2019

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, The OC’s Alex Kelly made an appearance, One Day at a Time finally released a trailer, and Vida (and vida in general) continues to be radically queer.

Black Lightning

Newsarama interviewed Nafessa Williams about the second half of Black Lightning’s season. She teased lots of good ThunderGrace content and even gave a shout out to Batwoman!

Nrama: Are there any DC TV heroes you particularly want to team up with?
Williams: Yeah, I’ve been hearing about this Ruby Rose and Batwoman. That would be really, really cool. I would like to explore that maybe.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Everyone’s favorite office comedy is back with a vengeance, including promo pics with a lot of leg…

Melissa and Stephanie also gave an interview with Latino USA about being “The Latinas of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ It’s a great listen that I highly recommend! Both actresses discuss their struggles to find their identity as Latinas and Stephanie touches on her decision to come out as bisexual.

Jane the Virgin

I know everyone is hardcore missing Petramos and thankfully Yael Groblas finally threw us a bone from the set:

We also finally got an airdate for the final season of Jane the Virgin! Make sure to cancel all plans on Wednesday, March 27th to tune in!

The OC

Here’s a major throwback for you: Olivia Wilde gave a shoutout to her queer character from The OC, Alex Kelly.

One Day at a Time

I pretty much lost my mind this week when we finally got a new ODaaT trailer, complete with a Elena/Syd kiss!

We also got the episode titles for the season…

Someone please analyze these for me, ASAP.

And, as a little bonus content, here’s a cute video of Isabella and Stephanie on set together!

Anyone else getting Clexacon 2018 flashbacks?

Passage the Series

Clexacon announced that it will be showcasing Passage the Series at the 2019 convention, Tello Film‘s “Pitch to Production” winner. To celebrate, they posted new promo shots of Shannon Leigh Reeve and Mandahla Rose.


If you, like me, are already missing Marvel’s Runaways because you binged the entire new season in a few days (not sorry), we thankfully still have the actresses who stan their characters as much as we do.


I’m a big SuperGirl fan and, therefore, I truly wish we were getting more good queer content. But I will take what I can get and if what I can get is a picture of Katie McGrath punching me, I will most definitely take it.


Last and certainly not least is Vida, one of my favorite shows of 2018. I lost my mind a bit this week (in the best way) when Clexacon announced Mishel Prada‘s appearance because of how much I love her and her character, Emma.

Also worth the read is Out.com’s interview with Tanya Saracho, Vida’s creator and showrunner. Out describes the show as “radically queer” and, in case you need even more convincing about how great Tanya is, here’s a quote from the article:

When asked about why it’s important for Latinx writers to create Latinx characters (ergo, why it’s important for her to stack her cast and crew with femmes of color), she says, “You can just tell the difference.” She cites little dramaturgical details, like the fact that Emma’s fingernails are short so she can top her femme, another moment when a condom is placed over a vibrator, or another when a woman with a fluid sexuality is called “a tourist.” “Things like that are just micro, but they become so macro,” Saracho says. “That’s life. That is vida.”

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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