The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 6, 2019

Queerest Things - Alex and Kelly

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Alex and Kelly come out to each other on Supergirl. Sara joins Ava’s book club on Legends of Tomorrow, and Mel comes clean to Niko on Charmed.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 13 “Egg MacGuffin” [Live]

After spending a few weeks in relationship turmoil, we got a chill, Avalance being everyday girlfriends episode.

Sara is trying to be a more supportive girlfriend since working on their relationship in Ava’s Purgatory. Exhibit A: Sara joining Ava’s book club.

Legends of Tomorrow - That's right, book club

Sara needs to read a 500-page trashy novel in time for Book Club, and she gets it done by listening to the audiobook on double speed while running on the treadmill. That totally counts.

When she shows up at book club, Mona splits after a few minutes and Nora is unconscious which leaves Sara and Ava alone to discuss the book.

A book club where you drink rosΓ© and don’t actually read the books is one I would join.

The effort on Sara’s part is totally cute, and Ava seems to appreciate it. Who could have predicted when they resurrected Sara from the Lazarus Pit in a few years she’d be drinking wine and chatting about books with her girlfriend.

One last Avalance moment happened after Ava used a whip Raiders of the Lost Ark style while helping Nate and Zari out on a mission.

Legends of Tomorrow - See them whip skills.

Date night sounds more exciting than book night.

Jane the Virgin Smooth Operator – Season 5 Episode 6 “Chapter Eighty-Seven” [Live]

Petra is working to prove her trustworthiness to JR and hires JR’s best Leona friend to fix her computer security issues. Petra wants to impress her girlfriend’s bestie so she stalks her Instagram to figure out her interests. That doesn’t go very well.

It’s sweet JR seems to appreciate Petra trying to get to know her life better by meeting her friends. However, I would be tired of Petra always pretending to be someone she’s not to impress people. It was only when Petra was her real self with JR that she started going out with her in the first place. I get doing stuff you don’t usually do for your partner, but be your real self while you’re doing it.

Regardless, I was so ready to see Petra go to a dyke bar. Petra is prepping by wearing jeans for what might be the first time ever.

Jane the Virgin - Truck Shop is a lesbian hotspot

At the Truck Stop Petra is thrown into the most lesbian conversation ever with three of JR’s queer friends.

Breakups, taking sides, cat custody…JR should have given Petra a primer first.

Petra’s trying her hardest to fit in, but Leona is not having it. Suddenly Jane shows up to talk to Petra about Raf. They have a little argument, but then Petra recruits Jane to enter the “Tatas and Tushies” dance content to show JR’s friends that she’s fun.

I have been to T & A dance contest at a lesbian club, and it was not nearly this entertaining. Everyone’s entertained except Leona who still looks like someone pooped in her cocktail.

At the end of the night, Petra offers Leona beer from the pitcher she won, and she’s still being a total bitch to her. Petra finally asks her what her problem is.

Jane the Virgin - You broke my best friend's heart

What Leona says is fair, although I think she’s operating on a regular show level and doesn’t realize she’s on a telenovela. I can sometimes be unforgiving if a friend has been done wrong.

Back at Petra’s place, JR’s mad at Leona for being such a jerk, but Petra is understanding of where she’s coming from.

It’s another episode of Petra doing the right thing, and I love it.

However, the very next second the twins scream from their room. They say they saw a man jump out the window and run away. Uh oh! Who’s breaking into Petra’s suite now?

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 20 “Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?” [Live]

I don’t know if you all remember this, but there is a lesbian character on Supergirl. Her name is Alex (Kara’s sister). She really really really wants a baby. So much so she put in an adoption application a year ago at an agency somewhere, and after hearing nothing, got “The Call” just now.

Supergirl Alex and Kelly - That was the adoption agency

Nikki and I have been stressing about this episode because the description said: “Alex gets a long-awaited phone call.” We knew that meant baby stuff, and I have been wanting that plot to disappear like Mon-El.

I would have been happy with the phone call being any of these things:

  • “Your test results came back clear from all your off-screen dating.”
  • “Your dry cleaning is done.”
  • “Your sister Kara is Supergirl.”

But here we are with the “Alex desperately needs a baby” story coming back. I want brown liquor drinking, new gun toting, girlfriend having Alex back!

Kelly Olsen, James’ sister, has been on the show for a few weeks now, and even though all signs point to her being Alex’s next girlfriend, I haven’t been writing about it, because nothing has really happened. Also, I have to admit I’m not 100% over Sanvers. They had so much chemistry from the moment they met. Kelly seems nice and all, but the same spark is not there. I support Alex though, and I will learn to love Alex and Kelly together if that happens.

For now, Kelly is accompanying Alex on her baby adventure.

There is a lot to dissect here. First, it’s not like Alex signed up on the waiting list for a community garden. You don’t fill out an adoption form and then hear nothing until the baby call. To quote Nikki, “She probably drunkenly filled out the paperwork drinking whiskey one night and then forgot.” Next, Alex came out to Kelly (if she didn’t already know) by mentioning Maggie. Maggie mentions are always painful. Finally, this is a big life event to share with someone you met only a few weeks ago.

Next, we see Alex and Kelly in a hotel in Portsmouth. Where is Portsmouth? New Hampshire? They probably had to take a plane there, right? That’s a pretty intense first date. Alex is pouring all of her becoming a mom doubts and insecurities on Kelly. Although they barely know each other, Kelly is handling it in shrink stride.

Supergirl Alex and Kelly - I've only known you for a short time

I did think the scenes with Alex on the bed and Kelly on the floor were pretty cute. Maybe a shrink is the best girlfriend for Alex.

While Alex and Kelly are scrolling through strollers, she gets another call from the adoption agency. It doesn’t look like good news, and Kelly asks her what happened.

Supergirl Alex and Kelly - She's going to keep the baby

Now I feel like a jerk because even though I am not into the baby thing, I don’t want Alex’s heart broken…again. This exact thing happened to friends of mine. They got The Call, flew down to pick up the baby, and then the grandmother got the birth mother to change her mind. They were absolutely devastated. Now the show is putting Alex through this. Why does the show have to torture Alex during the only times she gets her own plot?

Back at Alex’s apartment on what is now a multi-flight, over 24-hour-long date, Alex tells Kelly she feels like the wound that finally healed from Maggie’s and her breakup is ripped open again. Kelly then shares a story of one of her past wounds and comes out to her in the process.

I loved what Kelly had to say here. It was a lesson in resilience which Alex needs some of to get back to her former, kick-ass self. It was essentially, “You broke up with your fiancΓ©, and that sucks. But mine died and I was able to be happy again. You will too.”

I am totally warming up to Alex and Kelly after this episode, but where do we go from here? I hope the show takes us in a positive direction for Alex.

Charmed – Season 1 Episode 20 “Ambush” [Live]

Last week I wrote:

I love Niko being in on the supernatural stuff, but where is this going?

  • Option 1: Niko figures out Mel put a spell on her, gets mad, marries Greta, and remains a detective on the edges of the show.
  • Option 2: Niko figures out Mel’s spell or Mel confesses, they fall in love again, Niko leaves Greta (again), and they become a team of demon-battling girlfriends.

I vote for something that looks like option 2, sorry Greta!

Well, I got close to my vote! I didn’t predict Niko would fall for Mel first. It’s two days before Niko and Greta’s wedding, and Niko shows up at Mel’s door to talk.

I have to admit, I was really surprised by that scene! I thought there would be a couple of angsty episodes following Niko confessing she had feelings for Mel, but I guess you can’t stop supernatural destiny.

Maggie then walks in on them while they’re making out. I love Maggie’s commentary; she is so funny.

Charmed - Well clearly you're still in love with her

History is on schedule to literally repeat itself, but there’s the inconvenient fact that Mel needs to confess she altered Niko’s memories. That is not going to go well.

That went as expected.

I am actually relieved that is out of the way because I hate the “I’m lying to you to protect you” trope that plays on repeat on every CW show. Now that Niko knows everything maybe they will eventually be girlfriends with full transparency into each other’s lives.

But first, Niko has come down with a plague that is affecting the whole town. We’ll tackle that first next week.

This week, Maia is back on The Good Fight. I hope she gets plenty of screen time because, without her, I am not enjoying the show as much as I usually do.

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