The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 12, 2019

Ali Liebert on BH90210

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Good Trouble brings the Alice/Joey/Lindsay drama; Professor Shane’s in trouble on Grown-ish, and we’re given the gift of Ali Liebert on BH90210.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Good Trouble – Season 2 Episode 8 “Disruptions” [Live]

This mid-season finale opens with a character montage where we see Lindsay scored Alice a spot at the local comedy club to do her “tight five.” However, for some reason, Alice doesn’t want Joey to come to the show. Let’s rewind to find out why.

Joey gave Alice a really sweet gift of “Comedian, Bonvivant, Guinea Pig Enthusiast” business cards to show her they believe in her.

Good Trouble - Business Cards

It’s a thoughtful gift and better than the typed out cards Susie made on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I also had to Google “Bonvivant.” It means “one who lives well.”

There’s still weirdness going on with Joey and Alice though. Joey asks Alice if she’s told Lindsay she’s in a relationship with them yet. Alice says no, but is also acting strange about needing to disclose that information. In my opinion, they’re both acting suspicious about a topic as matter-of-fact as who you’re in a relationship with, but let’s see where this is going.

Then we flashback earlier we’re currently in to see Lindsay helping Alice rehearse her set. They also talk the booker into giving Alice a spot. As Alice leaves we find out Lindsay already knows Alice is Joey’s girlfriend.

Good Trouble - So that's Joey Riverton's new girlfriend

At this point the show is leading us to think Lindsay has obvious ulterior motives. But what exactly are they doing? My prediction was Lindsay wanted to go after Alice because they’re that kind of shitty manipulative person.

Later, in what I think is a fast forward from the first flashback, but previous to the scene at the beginning of the show, Alice shows up at the club early and Lindsay introduces her to the act of having a ritual before each show.

Good Trouble - Is this a thing that comics do

Oooh, shit. Here we go. Lindsay’s making their move on Alice.

Next we have a scene where we’ve caught up to “now,” aka the beginning of the episode with a medium flashback in the middle.

Dun dun duunnnnn. Joey told Alice Lindsay broke them and their ex-girlfriend up because Joey was dating Lindsay’s ex. But now Lindsay says Joey is the one who broke them and their ex-girlfriend up making Joey the bad guy. This is confusing and who should we believe? If what Lindsay said is true, it would explain why Joey was being weird. Were they hiding the truth?

Looks like we’re going to need to wait until the Good Trouble 2-hour Holiday Special to find out!

Grown-ish – Season 2 Episode 21 “Dreams and Nightmares” [Live]

It’s the season two finale filled with lots of Zoey/Luca drama (yawn). However, towards the end of the episode, Nomi gets a phone call.

Oooh, shit again!

Is Professor Shane a serial student creeper? This is not good. We’ll have to wait until season three to see what the investigation is all about.

BH90210 – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Reunion” [Live]

I didn’t watch the original Beverly Hills 90210 (I was a dedicated Melrose Place watcher instead). But one of my best friends was a huge fan, and she talked about the show all the time, so I feel 90210 adjacent. I thought I may watch the pilot for fun until my fave Ali Liebert posted she would be in it!

With Ali Liebert on BH90210 I definitely needed to watch it, and I’m glad I did because it was hilarious.

BH90210 is not a straight-up revival, it’s the actors playing parody versions of their current middle age selves. Like Matt LeBlanc on Episodes. In this pilot episode they’re all reunited at a 90210 con in Vegas (sans Shannen Doherty who pops in on a video feed). The panel scene gives con panel realness with Ali playing a fangirl named Theresa trying to keep it together during the Q&A.

Ali Liebert on BH90210 - Andrea was my favorite character in the 90s

That would be me asking Ali a question at a con.

After the panel Gabrielle makes her way to the hotel bar and guess who is a bartender there.

Wow, Theresa cuts right to the chase! I love that Ali got to keep her septum piercing in while playing this character. I wonder if she had any part in dropping the lesbian pop culture references in this scene. This is turning into a Ali Liebert on BH90210 recap, and I’m fine with that.

Later in the episode, Theresa and Gabrielle are still chatting and having a good time when Theresa makes a request.

Ali Liebert on BH90210 - Will you fulfill a teenage fantasy of mine?

I wonder if, “Will you fulfill a teenage fantasy of mine?” is the line Theresa uses on all the girls.

Goodness! That was pretty forward, but Gabrielle didn’t seem to hate it.

When Gabrielle gets home she almost confesses the kiss to her husband but doesn’t at the last minute. I really wonder if this is going to be a sexuality-questioning, coming-out arc for her or if this was a one-time thing. I’ll keep watching to find out.

Veep – Season 5 Episode 1 “Morning After” [Binge-Watch]

I have been obsessed with Veep lately. I’m late to the party, but the show is so over-the-top inappropriate and hilarious and I love it. Last week I finally made it to season five where Clea DuVall joined the cast as Selena’s lead security detail, Marjorie.

Veep - This is special agent Palmiotti

Nothing gay happens in this episode, except for Clea DuVall and her character showing up, but I wanted to mention it because I’ll be including some episodes in my weekly recaps. They are so good.

I am currently drowning in shows: OitNB, Cable Girls, GLOW, Dear White People, Derry Girls, RED, and yes…I’ve been watching Euphoria, and it’s completely freaking me out as a brand new parent to a teen. Next week I may be mentally ready to do a season one recap.

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