Queer Beats – August 14, 2020

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, details about DCFandome continue to be released and Ruby Rose explains the reasoning behind her Batwoman decision.


In case you’re still not over Ruby Rose‘s quick exit from Batwoman, she took some time to explain her decision and support the future of the show:

DC Fandome

DC recently announced that they are presenting a virtual con experience on August 22. Details are slowly coming out, but it sounds like it will be a 24-hour event that includes a virtual environment where it feels like you are walking around on a convention floor. Here is the original list of guests (although more have been added):

And, this morning, they released the official schedule!

Get Even

Get Even fans will be happy to see this behind-the-scenes video from the BBC drama:

Her Story

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m always looking for some good news to combat all the bad these days. I was so happy to see this engagement announcement from Jen Richards. Congrats, Jen!

High Fidelity

I am still mad about Hulu’s cancellation of High Fidelity. So, I will admit, it felt good to see Zoe Kravitz take a little extra jab at them on an IG comment from Tessa Thompson:


Here’s your weekly dose of Janelle Monae being beautiful:


We are only TWO DAYS AWAY from the first episode of the newest season of the Luimelia spin-off. Be sure to check out the newest trailer below and also look out for my “Guide to Luimelia,” which will be posted here on LWTV tomorrow!

Also, it looks like we will be getting new music from Carol in the new season. I can’t wait!

The Owl House

The Owl House, a “kid’s” show on Disney+, solidified the main character’s identity as bisexual on a recent episode of the show. It was always important to the show’s creator to eventually include queer characters. Be sure to read this whole thread on Twitter!

Wynonna Earp

As if we don’t get enough cute Wayhaught content on the show itself, Dom and Kat continue to be cute on social media:

Also, bless the behind-the-scenes content from SYFY:

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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