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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, we celebrated Zendaya’s history-making win and learned that it’s finally time to say goodbye to Supergirl.


We all miss Abby’s, the NBC sitcom with a bisexual lead that was cancelled after one year. So it made me happy to see that Natalie Morales still gets to see how that show impacted our community!


First, give me a moment to just scream about how ZENDAYA WON THE LEAD ACTRESS EMMY FOR HER QUEER CHARACTER IN EUPHORIA WHICH ALSO MADE HER THE YOUNGEST ACTRESS AND ONLY SECOND BLACK ACTRESS IN HISTORY TO WIN THAT AWARD!! Okay, I’m calm again. In less exciting news, HBO announced that Euphoria will not even start filming until 2021 but they will be releasing a special Covid episode in the meantime.

Orphan Black

First, the news that Tatiana Maslany will be playing She-Hulk… and now this? As a major Orphan Black stan (aka it’s my all-time favorite show), I am so excited to see that we will be getting a second season of the audio series. If you haven’t listened yet, I highly recommend it! Lots of Orphan Black-style mystery and lots of queerness!

Pretty Little Liars

Ah, back to the reboot that no one asked for. It was officially picked up for a full series with the title “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.” Should be interesting!


Ratched dropped on Netflix last week and already has everyone talking. Here, the cast read from a 1940’s Guide to Hiring Women:

Also, Sarah Paulson was Harper’s Bazaar’s October cover star!

Razor Tongue

Rain Valdez, known for her work on Razor Tongue, will be starring in a trans-led romcom called “Re-Live”! All I ever want is more queer-led romcom’s so I’m very excited!

Also, Rain made history with her Emmy nomination this weekend:


Madelaine Petsch will be documenting the return of Riverdale on her Youtube channel!


It is finally time to say goodbye to Supergirl. The CW announced that the next season will also be its last. Although it may feel like time to put this show to rest, I know we will all feel the loss of these queer characters heavily. Alex Danvers meant as much to Chyler Leigh as she did to us:

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Reposting this golden oldie. I think this was our first day ever working together. I had no idea what I was doing on a comic book show or how I landed the job of a lifetime. I was trying to figure out how to hold my hands on my hips in as authoritative position as I could and would look over at @melissabenoist and @davidharewood and be nothing but inspired to stand taller and believe in myself. Grateful is an understatement for me. This has not only been the greatest, most challenging (physically and emotionally) project I’ve ever been a part of, I met family I never even knew I had. I met my #soulsister and I met our #spacedad. And… I met Alex Danvers. She has taught me more about myself than I could’ve imagined. She taught me to be proud of who I am for exactly who I am. 6 seasons is a rare gift in this business. It’s even more rare to absolutely adore and admire and enjoy the people you work with, let alone spend upwards towards 16 hours a day together 😅 But this show for all of us has been a journey much like Kara’s herself. Full of adventure, excitement, love, discovery, risk, and tremendous strength. We’ve leaned on and learned from each other. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait for you all to see what happens as we near the end of this season. My many thanks to everyone who has created the beautiful stories we on this show are lucky enough to tell. I will always love our cast and crew. We will always be #strongertogether @supergirlcw #season6 #danverssisters

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Also, history was made with the addition of Nia Nal (Dreamer) to the cast. I am forever grateful for the time we got to spend with her (and for the addition of Nicole Maines to the cast)!

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While I’m sad that this must come to an end, I am beyond happy and proud. I am proud that I have been privileged enough to be able to bring Nia Nal to life, and to have been able to be a part of her evolution into Dreamer. She has meant so much to so many, and it has been my complete honor to get to play her for the past few years. And though she was created especially for Supergirl, I think we can all agree that we haven’t seen the last of her, and I cannot wait to see where she pops up next. On a personal note, I have to give my love and gratitude for everyone who made this experience what it has been. New jobs are always scary, but I couldn’t have asked for a better set to walk on to. Right from the start, people were inviting and professional and kind, in large part due to the environment created by our Supergirl, @melissabenoist . Thank you to @gberlanti and @sarahsowitty and Robert and @jessicaqueller for creating Nia and for bringing me on board, and to every one of the cast and crew for welcoming me into your family, because at this point, you are more than my friends and I love you. Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight. Thank you to @warnerbrostv and @dccomics and @thecw for this show. It has inspired so many people and has breathed new life into so many of these heroes that a whole new generation got to fall in love with, myself included. Finally. Thank you to you all. Nia would not have been such a hit if you all didn’t love her and support her the way that you have. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This has truly been a dream(er) job. I cannot wait for you all to see what we have in store for you this season (it’s going to be WILD DOT COM), and I cannot wait for us all to see what comes next. There will be more. Trust me, I saw it in a Dream.

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And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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