2016 – A Year in Review

2016 – A Year in Review

As the year ends, we can look back on 2016 with a pretty big review of thumbs down.

While more queer WLW characters were introduced than ever before, it was also the most deaths.

Monthly Stats

  • 33 new shows
  • 66 new characters

Yearly Numbers

  • 4.8% of all series regulars on broadcast scripted primetime programming are LGBTQ
  • 13.9% of all dead queer females in the history of TV died in 2016 – 32 characters
  • 35.9% of all shows in the history of TV have killed a queer female
  • 19.6% of all queer females in the history of TV have died

Now some of those numbers don’t look too bad. 35.9% of all shows sounds not terrible. The problem is we don’t really have a good number of how many TV shows (or characters) there have ever been in the history of ever. If we only look at 2015, there were 409 scripted TV shows, but that number isn’t additive. That is we can’t add it to how many in 2013 and 2014, because shows like NCIS: New Orleans are on for a long time.

The Dead

While the biggest death would have to be Root from Person of Interest, the one with the most lasting effect was a guest character: Lexa from The 100. Quite universally it’s been seen as some of the worst TV in 2016, the way it killed her off and the way the show handled the fallout. Ironically the character became the most popular, getting a Funko Pop toy and starting a movement.

Time to fire up Sarah McLachlan

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