The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – Nov 13, 2017

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – Nov 13, 2017

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, we say goodbye to Sanvers, Grey’s has its 300th episode, and Fiona gets a new hot queer tenant.

  1. Supergirl – Season 3 Episode 5 “Damage” [Live]
  2. Well, the moment Sanvers fans have been dreading for months arrived last week.

    But first, some breakup sex.

    I have a lot of feelings about the breakup. I’m pretty bummed. I’ve been sad about it ever since Floriana announced she was quitting the show back in the summer. I felt like we finally had this decent lesbian relationship on TV so of course we couldn’t keep it. Then I went through the 10 steps of queer TV mourning starting with deadening your emotions to the loss of ANOTHER queer ship so you don’t get too depressed.

    Now that it finally happened, I feel the writers did the best they could with the time Flo was willing to give the show. TV couples break up in all kinds of ways: fade away, move away, lying, cheating, death, etc. The kids/no kids conundrum is at least a thing that really happens in real life. I’ve had friends who were otherwise in love break up over the desire to have kids. My wife and I have had conversations similar to the ones Alex and Maggie had (although we wound up having a pretty cool kid). I guess if they needed to break up, but still be in a place where they loved each other this was the way to do it.

    It’s still sad though, especially after seeing what the writers had planned for Sanvers before Flo quit. I blame Casey Affleck, because why not.

    What I want to see next

    I want to see Alex go on a big gay bender. The girl is pushing 30 and she has some catching up to do. We know she’s capable of having a wild side — I say, let’s see it! If Sara Lance is part of that all the better.

    I’ll leave you with this post-Sanvers breakup interview with Chyler Leigh. I think she should get the Ally of the year award.

  3. American Horror Story: Cult Season 7 Episode 10 “Charles (Manson) in Charge” [Live]
  4. On this episode of Sarah Paulson Screaming, two queer female characters get killed off: Bebe Babbitt and Winter.

    Bebe’s plan to unleash female rage via Kai’s cult backfires; she confronts Kai, and Ally winds up shooting her.

    Kai tells Winter that Ivy left to go to a cooking school in Paris, but she doesn’t believe him. She thinks Kai killed Ivy and asks Ally about it.

    Bad idea, Winter. Ally gets revenge by convincing Kai that Winter is a mole, and he kills her.

    Tomorrow is the finale, and y’all. I don’t know how this is all going to end. My hope is Ally is poisoning Kai with those Sloppy Joes and making him go insane, like Ivy and Winter did to her. Then she’ll take him and his cult down and move away with Oz.

  5. Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2 “Shogun” [Binge-watch]
  6. There may have not been anything explicitly queer in this episode, but this scene definitely made me gayer.


  7. The Deuce – Season 1 Episode 8 “My Name is Ruby” [Catch up]
  8. I finished up season 1 of The Deuce. The bright side is none of the queer women died like I thought they were going to, but it ended on a real depressing note. In the second to last episode, Barbara and Melissa get caught robbing Johns. In this episode Barbara gets arrested by the Feds for drug running and ends the season in Jail. Melissa is generally lost after her pimp Reggie gets shot.

    Season 2 is going to jump seven years after where season 1 left off. We’ll see if Barbara and Melissa are still around.

  9. Shameless – Season 8 Episode 1 “We Become What We… Frank!” [Catch up]
  10. I’m going to be perpetually a week behind on Shameless. Fiona’s new building has a lesbian tenant named Nessa Chabon, and she’s hot! They’re playing not gay/not interested, but I still see the foreshadowing of something going on between these two.

    Also, I’m a Gallavich shipper forever, but Ian is really cute trying to win Trevor back. I hope he eventually warms up to the idea.

  11. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 Episode 7 “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” [Live]
  12. It’s the 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m sorry to say it was not as fun as I wanted it to be. I love Grey’s special episodes: the musical, the alternative reality one, flashback episodes (except the military one a few episodes back, that was boring). But this was like a regular episode with some shoutouts to old characters thrown in. They did a quick nod to Calzona and Mark after Sofia arrived at Arizona’s house.

    And did anyone else notice they are not even trying to make Arizona’s leg look prosthetic anymore? Check out the scene at the beginning when she’s painting.

  13. Steven Universe – Season 5 Episode 10 “Kevin Party” [Live]
  14. New Steven Universe episodes dropped online last Friday, and the kid, wife and I watched them all back-to-back.

    Did anyone else catch Kevin using the pronoun “they” when referring to Stevonnie?

    This is one of the reasons I think Steven Universe is one of the best shows on TV right now.

  15. Jane the Virgin Heteronormative – Season 4 Episode 5 “Chapter Sixty-Nine” [Live]
  16. This episode was really cool because it dealt with Jane finding out her boyfriend Adam is bisexual, and she grapples with her own biphobia. I thought they did a good job of taking on this issue and dispelling some biphobic myths.

    Also, it turns out Carl IS real! Anezka and her mother messed with Luisa to make her commit herself and turn her shares of the Marbella to Anezka.

    Poor Luisa! Maybe Rose will break herself out of jail and Luisa out of the psychiatric hospital.

That’s it for last week. Tune in next week to see what Alex is like in a post-Maggie world and find out what happens in the big AHS finale with Ally & crew.

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