The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – October 15, 2018

Queerest Things - Charmed Reboot

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Supergirl is back with Director Alex Danvers in charge; Shameless is confusing as ever; and the Charmed Reboot debuts its first episode.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Shameless – Season 9 Episode 6 “Face It, You’re Gorgeous” [Live]

There wasn’t a lot of Debbie this episode, but she did get kissed by Jen Wagner, an actress who Lip is hired to be her sober companion played by Courtney Cox. It was weird and made no sense.

Shameless - I played a lesbian once in a movie

What the heck was that about, Shameless?

I don’t report on cis men in my weekly post, but this was Cameron Monaghan, the actor who plays Ian Gallagher’s, last episode. I am a big #Gallavich fan. Ian was going off to prison, and the entire episode I was like, “How are they going to make Ian and Mickey endgame?”

First I thought Ian was going to run away to avoid going to prison and join Mickey in Mexico. But the show kept going on, and Ian didn’t run away. At the end of the episode, the family (minus Fiona because she was off being a fuckup) dropped Ian off at prison with a teary goodbye. It was one of these scenes where you can tell the actors were sad saying goodbye to their friend in real life.

Ian entered the prison, was brought to his cell, and I thought, “I guess this is it.” But then, this happened.

Y’all, I nearly NEVER cry at scripted TV, but I will admit I shed a few tears. #Gallavich is ENDGAME! Shameless may suck with the queer female stories, but they did a good job with these two.

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 1 “American Alien” [Live]

Director Alex Danvers is back, y’all!

Supergirl - Alex is back

I love ass-kicking, queer haircut, boss Alex. This episode mostly deals with her rocky working relationship with Brainy. Her and Brainy remind me of my relationship with my brother.

During some Danvers sisters time, Alex talks about dating.

Supergirl - It's good to get out there

Alex talked about dating and didn’t mention babies once! Did the Supergirl writers hear my tweets?

Also in this episode was Nicole Maine’s first scene as Nia Nal.

Supergirl - Nia Nal

Nicole was so perfect! Her character was like a breath of fresh air after such a lost and disappointing third season. I love the direction the show is going in with this new character.

Okay, Supergirl, so far so good, please keep it up.

Charmed – Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” [Live]

Even though it plays non-stop on the TVs at the gym, I never saw the original Charmed. I am going into the 
Charmed Reboot brand new.

In the beginning of the show we are introduced to Melanie aka “Mel,” her younger sister Maggie, and their mom Marisol.

Soon after that, Mel gets an urgent text from her mom in the middle of the night telling her to come home.

Charmed Reboot - Something is wrong I have to go

Oh, hello! Mel is in bed with a woman with glasses. I love when a show gets the queer intro over with in the first episode. It sets the bar high right away saying, “We’re not going to timidly tip toe up to queer intimacy over several episodes, we’re going to start here now.”

When the sisters make it to their mom’s house, they discover her dead.

The show then fast-forwards three months later and it looks like glasses has broken up with Mel during that time.

Charmed Reboot - An interesting choice

Glasses’ name is actually Niko Hamada, a detective with the Hilltowne police department. Oh, I LOVE a lesbian cop with glasses! I also love an interracial couple where both members are PoC. Too bad they are broken up…for now.

Both sisters discover they have super powers and Mel’s is the ability to stop time, which she does during a surprise visit from Niko.

Charmed Reboot - Niko?

Mel apologizes to Niko for what she said earlier and confesses to pushing her away after her mom died.

In true lesbian fashion this happens next.

Charmed Reboot - I missed you

Maggie does come home later talking loudly about demon dog, and Mel is trying to get her to stfu so her detective girlfriend doesn’t hear her.

Charmed Reboot - Sorority initiation thing

Close call.

Later Maggie asks Mel, “Ex-sex or are you two back together?” Mel doesn’t answer, but I guess we’ll find out in future episodes.

Also, Ellen Tamaki, the actor who plays Niko, posted this super cute Tweet.

I am totally digging this Charmed Reboot, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!

Tonight I am going to see The Good Fight panel at PaleyFest NY, and I am so excited! I love both The Good Wife and The Good Fight so much. If I get any inside scoop on season 3, I will definitely report back!

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