Summer Series Are For Sapphics

Summer Series Are For Sapphics

This summer, lighter-fare shows entertained me a lot more than normal. It’s been a tough couple years, and watching something a little more low-stakes was what I needed. No massive ‘every week is a movie level disaster’ (though that too can be fun, 9-1-1: Lone Star, I’m looking at you), but also no drama that’s all about being queer and how hard it is and all that.

Yeah, I wanted, this summer, to have some entertainment that really was just queers being people, having goofy adventures, and basically being ‘normal’ summer shows. Sure, we could watch Legends of Tomorrow (and yes, of course you did), which is always great summer fare, sometimes we need something new.

In case (like me…) you spent a lot of summer watching sports and still have some room in your schedule, have a look at these!

The Owl House (Disney)

Cartoons aimed at pre-teens isn’t everyone’s fun-fare, I know, but The Owl House is a deep story with a simple premise. Luz Noceda is a big dreaming weirdo who falls through a magical portal to the Burning Isles, where she meets the Owl Lady (house, lady, house lady, you get it), joins the magical high school, has adventures, and meets the girl of her dreams.

There’s only going to be three seasons (kind of… 2 seasons and then 3 wrap up movies), but we’re only half-way through season 2. Now’s the perfect time to catch up.

Watch it if you like: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Steven Universe

Nurses (CBC)

We lovingly call this “Canada does Shondaland!” Instead of being about baby doctors, we follow five baby nurses in a hospital in Toronto. One of them is a lesbian, and she has a romance in both seasons. A more complicated romance than just girl-meets-girl, too. The characters have a causal depth that makes the series fun to watch.

Season two just finished in Canada, and NBC aired season one, but did not confirm for season two. Cross those fingers.

Watch it if you like: Grey’s Anatomy, Rookie Blue

Fantasy Island (Fox)

Wishes don’t always come true the way you want, and going to Fantasy Island doesn’t mean you’ll have the adventure you intended. On Fantasy Island, though, things are pretty darn good for queers. Like a full on happy-ending for one, and a second chance for another. The update has a nod back to the original, delves deeper into the mythology of the island, and yes, involves a tattoo.

Season one just wrapped (and signs are generally positive for season two). You can watch it all on Fox.

Watch it if you like: Melrose Place, or Reality TV shows

Valeria (Netflix)

A woman wants to be a writer, and getting there involves blowing up her marriage but getting closer to her friends. This is a very easy watch (with a lot of sex scenes just FYI) about young women having adventures in Spain. While it’s mostly about the straight girls (3:1), there’s also a queer coming of age (delayed a bit) and her growth as well.

The second season is on Netflix, captioned and dubbed (depending on your preferences).

Watch it if you like: Sex and the City

The Republic of Sarah (CW)

A small town in Vermont faces an unexpected dilemma: a mining company wants to destroy them. Through the actions of a quick witted social studies/history teacher, the town keeps their independence by going all in. Instead of falling down, they secede from the United States and establish their own country. Of course, it never goes all that easily, especially when her brother and father show back up. One of the main characters is a lesbian in law enforcement, and gets her own plots.

Sadly this show was canceled after one season, and ends in a bit of a rough place, but it’s still worth a watch.

Watch if if you like: Legends of Tomorrow

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