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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Netflix decided to ruin everything by cancelling ODAAT and now we have to #SaveODAAT.

Amar a Muerte

I haven’t jumped on the Juliantina bandwagon yet (although I am a lot closer after Tracy’s QTIWLW post) but it’s hard to deny how this couple has taken the queer fandom by storm. They recently won tons of awards at the TVyNovelas Awards which is not only amazing for the show but amazing for the visibility of a queer couple on a telenovela!


The Batwoman cast is still hanging out and having fun filming the pilot. This week, the cast seemed to get all the Batwoman comics as a gift, had fun finding their own characters in the pages, and hung out together on and off set.

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It’s like the Parent Trap but weirder

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We also got a few more updates about the storyline this week, including the fact that it will take place before Elseworlds and some updated character bios.


Nothing better than this cute cast posting cute pictures together!


Deputy, an upcoming drama on Fox, recently recast one of their two lead roles and announced that the new actor involved in the project will be Bex Taylor-Klaus. This is particularly exciting because Bex identifies as non-binary. We do not know yet whether their character will also identify this way but here’s to hoping they do! We could definitely use more non-binary characters on our television screens.

Legends of Tomorrow

We are getting so close to the return of LoT! Phew, it has felt like a long wait. Here’s a new trailer for your enjoyment:

One Day At A Time

This week has been a roller coaster but the lowest point has definitely been Netflix’s announcement that ODAAT has been cancelled. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they tweeted this odd apology that insisted we do not “take this as an indication your story is not important” although that is exactly the signal they are sending…

Obviously, the cancellation and this tweet sent the fandom world into a tailspin. All of the cast members tweeted about their disappointment. Isabella Gomez posted a heartfelt instagram post and this tearful video:

Lots of celebrities tweeted in support of the show, in hopes that it will be picked up by another network:

This was a devastating blow to me. I have said many times that I have never felt as represented as I did by Elena Alvarez. She felt so real and like such a complete reflection of myself. And this was a result of having a diverse writers room, something that we have often asked for but are rarely given on television. The cast, writers, and showrunners cared so much about all the important causes covered on the show. It is such a loss for it to be cancelled by Netflix. But the fight isn’t over and we need to keep expressing our thoughts in the hope that another network is sensible enough to pick it up for another season!

Orphan Black

Wow, didn’t think I would be writing about this show for a while! But we received some pretty big news this week:

Honestly, I’m still in shock and have not fully comprehended this. It’s pretty obvious that this would be a show without Tatiana Maslany, which definitely throws most of us off, but I have such a deep and undying love for this show that I am willing to give this potential spin-off the benefit of the doubt.

Person of Interest

Amy Acker is on a roll with these convention announcements! She will now be attending Northern Fancon in May!


A small (but important) update on Supergirl. I would give a spoiler warning here but this information is entirely based on conjecture so take it with a grain of salt. Somewhat recently, Azie Tesfai started filming with the Supergirl crew and it was announced that she would be on the show in a recurring role as James’ sister, Kelly. She became fast friends with Nicole Maines and Katie Mcgrath (which is really just a cute side note):

She also loves Katie as much as the rest of us (another cute side note):

Anyway, this all comes around to the fact that some photos were released from the upcoming Supergirl episode and there’s one important photo of her sitting with Alex.

Now, I’m not saying something is going on there. But I am simply presenting the facts as they stand and letting you assume whether or not they are having potential eye sex in that first picture. (I would also like to submit this instagram post as another unrelated piece of evidence that I already love Azie a lot).

Wynonna Earp

The fight for Wynonna Earp season 4 is still ongoing. Which has become especially daunting in the face of the ODAAT cancellation. But the cast, crew, and fans are not giving up! Billboards are still being placed in Times Square and the cast is regularly tweeting about the process:

On a happier note, Melanie announced her attendance at the Empire Convention in Paris with this cute video!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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