August 2017 Roundup

August 2017 Roundup

Where to begin with August? Okay, let’s start with the usual!

  • 100 new characters
  • 29 new shows
  • 0 new deaths

Now, on to the weird, wild and wacky!

The Tweet Heard Round the World

On August 1st, as I was getting ready for an adventure, the official Wynonna Earp account tweeted:

Cue a 600% jump in traffic to the site and Tracy and I loosing our hats over the awesome response we got from everyone! And especially the people who immediately shot me corrections and updates and notes and questions.

I’ve called the traffic uptick the “Peacemaker Effect.”

On The Set – For Real

About two hours after that, my wife and I headed up to Studio City again for another two tapings of One Day at a Time. Yes, this is number two. But this one was special! This time we got to meet and chat with Isabella Gomez and see some of the set. We went again to the set again three weeks later and got to hang out a little with people after that. And yes, Isabella remembered us.

TV News

New Site Features

This is the boring part of the post, I know. We moved to a new server, and so far things are slightly faster. Which is what you want out of a new server. I took the time to clean up the deployment system for new code, which is now 100% open source, licensed, and documented. That’s a big deal to us because just as important as the data itself is the idea that someone else could take what we’ve done and reproduce it. Anyone wanna make ?

I also slipped in a new section on posts and show pages. If a show is tagged in a post, it’ll automatically add links at the end of the post. That way, you’ll be able to find what shows we’re talking about. The reverse is also true. If you visit a show page and we have posts about it, the last 5 will be listed for you to read.

What’s Next?

TV season in the US is about to start, and there will be more gay out there. I’m sure that also means there will be more death. Hopefully the only record we set next month is 2000 characters and not 300 dead.

Also the season finale of One Day at a Time tapes on September 12, and if all goes well, I’ll be able to watch it filmed. Wish me luck!

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