Things We Love: The Meet Cute

Things We Love: The Meet Cute

Be they grumpy/happy, enemies to friends, or ‘just roommates,’ there are few things we love more than the greatest meet cutes. You know the scene, that moment when two characters meet for the first time and everyone sees sparks fly. It’s a romcom staple, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only genre where that happens.

Here are some of our favourite meet cutes.

Shoot – Person of Interest

Root and Shaw are our tall and smoll classic enemies to friends. They met on opposite sides of the game with an iron involved. Okay maybe that part is a little less classic than anything else. Two messed up individuals with serious issues meet on opposite sides of an AI war. Sparks were bound to fly, and we don’t just meet literally.

Who knew they’d be our favourite ship on that show?

Sanvers – Supergirl

I know, I know. I’m sorry to bring this up. It ended horribly, I know, but when they met and we still ‘didn’t know’ Alex was a lesbian yet, and we saw her have so much more chemistry with Maggie in once scene than she had all season with Maxwell Lord (remember him?), we knew. We all knew.

We all hate how it ended, but Alex, our darling baby gay, we love you so.

Kadena – The Bold Type

The artist who boldly labels herself a proud muslim lesbian meets the bi-racial girl who hates labels. They both refuse to be anything other than who they are, and we love them for it. And unexpectedly, for straight Kat at least, they fall for each other.

Here’s hoping Adena comes back and those two work things out.

Naomily – Skins

You don’t often start with the kiss, but that’s how it began for these two. Both girls think they’re straight, and obviously not so much or this would be a shorter post. There’s homophobia and a little love/hate thrown in for good measure.

We all just pretend cancer and all of Fire never happened. You should too. It’s better that way.

Edit: Since their ‘meet cute’ happened of screen, it’s possible this doesn’t count, but frankly I find an off-screen meet cute to be hilariously lovely.

Who doesn’t want “Muff-Munching Bitch” as a T-Shirt?
WayHaught – Wynonna Earp

The cop with swagger meets the girl who’s never left her hometown. When the tap at Shorty’s breaks, Waverly gives Nicole an accidental wet t-shirt show. Of course, Waverly is totally straight and Nicole is an unknown, but we all took one look and knew it was Haught.

The unkillable gay squad needs some rescuing, and hopefully no more Wynonna-Interuptus with that proposal!

ThunderGrace – Black Lightning

A bartender comic-nerd meets a scientist in the library and sparks fly. Of course, Anissa has a lot to work through before she can get where she needs to be for Grace, and Grace has her own secrets. Can these crazy girls make it work? I hope so!

Now that Grace is back in season two, and she’s started to demonstrate her own mysterious powers, it’s game on for the power couple.

Avalance – Legends of Tomorrow

A jurisdiction turf war between a cloned head of the Time Bureau and the former assassin turned space and time captain of the Waverider. It’s the kind of story legends are made from.

Our girls are making the oddest distance relationship work, through the help of time travel and a lovable AI named Gideon who totally ships her captain.

What about you? What’s your favourite meet cute?

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