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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, The Bold Type dropped a new trailer, Megan Rapinoe is going to be on TLWGQ, and we were given lots of Runaways bts content.

Hallmark drama

*insert eye roll here*

We are going to start off this week with all the Hallmark drama because it (rightfully so) encompassed many overlapping fandoms. If you didn’t watch all the drama unfold this week, Hallmark pulled a Zola ad because it featured a queer wedding where two women kissed (and, you guessed it, they did not pull the straight ads) because some Conservative Moms were mad about it (and, you guessed it, I am not even going to give them the respect of linking to them). A lot of people were rightfully mad, including a lot of our fave queer and allied actors.

Elise Bauman
Kat Barrell
Hilarie Burton
Ali Liebert
Bridget Regan

Eventually, Hallmark reversed the decision. In my opinion, it took them way too long but I hope they learned a lesson and will give us more rep in the future. I know this whole situation was awful and triggering for a lot of us but, on the bright side, I was reminded this week of how many awesome queer people and allies we have leading our fandoms!

Almost Family

As if the Amandie-less winter break wasn’t enough, Almost Family finished up filming their first season this week. Luckily, we have Victoria Cartagena to post cute pictures to cheer us up:

Victoria also seems to be a fan of The L Word: Generation Q:


Blooper time! I loved these… although, not going to lie, my first though was “I demand to see the full-length Cazzie bloopers, please.”

The Bold Type

Our first Bold Type trailer of Season 4! I love this show and am highly invested in every storyline but y’all also know I’m not above screaming about the one Adena appearance.

Craig of the Creek

Craig of the Creek introduced a new non-binary character this week named Angel, voiced by Angela Lorenzana. This show was already on my list to watch but it just got bumped up a little higher!


Euphoria has officially been picked up for a second season!

The L Word: Generation Q

We are only two episodes into The L Word reboot and Mia Kirshner is already starting some Jenny drama:

Meanwhile, nostalgia kicked in this week when Laurel Holloman wished Jennifer Beals a happy birthday!

Hannah Hart released a fun video where she played a chemistry game with Katherine and Leisha, Arienne and Jacqueline, and then Rosanny and Leo:

And it was also announced that Megan Rapinoe (*insert screams here*) will be Alice‘s next guest on her talk show. There is nothing I love more than when my extreme love of women’s soccer and my extreme love of queer TV collide!

Legends of Tomorrow

This is the (now weekly) part of Queer Beats where I take full advantage of this platform to just post pictures of cute people that I like.

This section also serves as your weekly reminder that Maisie Richardson-Sellers isn’t on this site yet despite being an out-and-proud queer person IRL (with a cute girlfriend) and playing a character that should essentially already be queer. On that note, here is a cute picture of her and her girlfriend:

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All I want for Christmas..💅🏾💋💕

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Have you been watching the third season of Marvel’s Runaways? It has shaped up to be my favorite season yet, which is unfortunate considering it’s their final season. Hulu seems to feel the same way as me:

Annie Wersching is the resident queen of behind-the-scenes photos for this show and she certainly didn’t fail with these Deanoru wedding shots:

Also, I’m totally here for this Mom!Deanoru ship as well:


Dansen fans, rejoice! Azie posted this cute video of her and Chyler on set and it instantly made me want an entire holiday themed episode of Supergirl where Dansen deal with absolutely zero drama and just spend the entire hour acting cute and in love. Supergirl writers, do you hear me?

Work in Progress

This show has continuously provided me with a weekly belly laugh so I love to hear Abby McEnany talk about the work she and Lilly Wachowski are putting into accurately representing our queer community:

Wynonna Earp

Amongst all the Hallmark drama shined a beacon of hope: one of our fave showrunners, Emily Andras, pitched ideas for lesbian-centered holiday movies. It got even better when Stephanie Beatriz joined in on the fun:

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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