Queer Beats – August 28, 2020

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Netflix cancelled multiple shows with queer rep but at least some of our other shows may (safely) film again soon!

Altered Carbon

Our queer characters did not fare well in the recent string of Netflix cancellations…


In case you weren’t already excited enough about the next season of Batwoman…

Also, look at Javicia‘s necklace here. Please wait while I wipe my tears.

Black Lightning

A new Nafessa Williams interview!

Grey’s Anatomy

Sara Ramirez came out as nonbinary this week!

Harley Quinn

Harley played FMK with friends but we all know who truly has her heart…

I Am Not Okay With This

I am definitely not okay with this cancellation news…

For the record, The Society also had (male) queer rep so that’s, count ’em, three Netflix cancellations of shows with beloved queer characters.

Legends of Tomorrow

I can’t say this is necessarily “news” but Caity Lotz and Ruby Rose have been hanging out a lot and providing us with cute content during this pandemic so it felt worthy to share:

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Channeling our inner TLC @rubyrose @katiecassidy

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The last episode of Luimelia’s run on Amar Es Para Siempre aired this week and the actors who play Luisita’s parents posted goodbyes.

Time to officially focus on the spin-off! They keep creating new online content for the series and have now added a Lurelia stan account, run by Luisita herself. In case this very meta joke is going over your head, be sure to watch the spin-off series to get in on it!

Motherland: Fort Salem

According to Amalia Holm‘s post, MFS will begin filming again soon! This is not only good news for us MFS fans but also for all Vancouver-based shows (assuming their film set follows proper precautions successfully).

One Day At A Time

Good news is so rare these days that I literally screamed when I saw this news:

Wynonna Earp

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp is the mid-season finale… and, by mid-season, I mean that we have to wait until 2021 for new episodes.

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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