Queer Beats – January 25, 2019

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Stephanie Beatriz talked about Rosa and directing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, all our Choni questions were answered, and we finally got a sneak peek at Dreamer from Supergirl!

But first, I just wanted to make sure that everyone here has seen this sexy music video that was produced by Lena Waithe. If you haven’t, it’s a really good mood to set for this Friday morning…

Black Lightning

Nafessa continues to be cute as heck and proud as heck of Anissa.

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Grandmom, you see this?! 😇😇😇 #ForMyCity

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Unfortunately, there was no ThunderGrace in the latest episode of Black Lightning but, with the way we have been getting teased, there better be some good content coming up! Chantal Thuy talked more about playing Grace with The TV Junkies:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I love my weeks full of Stephanie Beatriz content! She was featured in the New York Times (Sunday edition, might I add) and talked about directing Brooklyn Nine-Nine and playing Rosa.

My favorite line from this article:

“In comedy you have the ‘straight man,’ who’s basically the deadpan, flat comedy partner,” Beatriz said. “And in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ the bi woman is a straight man, which is hilarious.”

And here’s a couple more pics of Stephanie being cute and stuff:


Janelle Monae is calling everyone out who doesn’t watch Grown-ish yet and, therefore, we are all required to catch up ASAP.

Killing Eve

This Killing Eve article includes the words “feral,” “intimate,” and “special relationship” so do with that what you will:

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends continues to be a bottle of queer joy in this world, even when it is not on air! Caity gave us this little Avalance gem (not to mention, for diehard White Canary suit fans, her hairstyle here is very telling…):

Also, I literally squealed out loud when I saw this painfully cute picture of Maisie Richardson-Sellers and her real-life girlfriend. And every single week I go to link to Maisie’s actor page here on LezWatch and every single week I get mad that she hasn’t played a canon queer yet! ZARLIE HERE WE COME!

Orange is the New Black

I admittedly stopped watching OiTNB a season ago but, I don’t know, this picture is sending me…


Coming in big with the plot twist of my week… we are getting fed with Choni content. Not only did Riverdale actually give them scenes alone together last week, but Vanessa and Madelaine created another Youtube video filled with 15-minutes of them basically role-playing as their characters. Honestly, I think this should be mandatory for every queer couple on TV but what do I know about wlw fans? (Answer: Make me a consultant.)


I have been waiting 84 years for this moment but we finally got to see a first look at Dreamer‘s costume!!!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love Nicole Maines? And how much I love the Supergirl cast? Here’s another reason why:

Finally, I just about fell off my chair because of this picture but I really want to send everyone into their weekend with the power of Chyler Leigh:

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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