Queer Beats – July 25, 2019

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, all of us ComicCants were showered with new content from our favorite casts!

Black Lightning

To start off our Black Lightning content, we have a cast interview that gets interrupted by some Supergirl cast members and one with Nafessa where she talks about ThunderGrace!

Although she wasn’t at ComicCon, we were still blessed by a new interview with Chantal as well.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls will hit Netflix next week! For all of us U.S. fans, this season has been out for a while but we have not had access to it. I personally can’t wait to binge it!

Harley Quinn

In one of the most interesting TV news to come out of ComicCon, DC is releasing a new Harley Quinn animated show… “for mature audiences.” The trailer features Poison Ivy which makes me hope for some potential queer action.


I love Janelle Monáe so much and am beyond excited that she is coming back to our TV screens! She will be taking over the lead in Homecoming in season 2 and, although there has not been any mention of whether her character will be queer, a girl can dream, right?

Jane the Virgin

The season finale of JtV is happening next week (cue: my tears) and we aren’t the only ones who are sad:

The L Word: Generation Q

The L Word reboot has released another group of casting announcements and, thankfully, it’s a diverse bunch:

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends cast hit ComicCon to discuss the big changes that next season will bring:

I also just thought this was cute:

Orange is the New Black

To gear us up before the new season, OitNB released some behind-the-scenes footage of their last season:

Orphan Black

Will I ever get tired of including Orphan Black in Queer Beats? NEVER! Serial Box released a little teaser for their upcoming OB audio series. The fact that Cophine seems to be at the center of their marketing campaign is a very good sign.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe fans were treated to an all new movie trailer at Comic Con this weekend:

Cartoon Network also released a bit of the behind-the-scenes documentary that will be included on the movie DVD.

Mika, our trusty LWTV co-founder who attended ComicCon, caught a pic of this amazing SU cosplayer and I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it:


This new Supergirl trailer really had everyone talking (especially those who love SuperCorp):

I was excited for any new Chyler/Azie content and was glad to see this interview of them alone together:

But we were also blessed with many, many amazing interviews with the full cast. Watch them all below!


The Advocate interviewed Ser Anzoategui about playing Eddy on Vida. Eddy represents a group of people who are rarely seen on TV, so I am always glad to see them get more attention!


The new trailer for Westworld included one very interesting shot of Dolores and Charlotte cuddling in bed…

Why Women Kill

We finally got our first look at Why Women Kill, a new show from CBS that features Alexandra Daddario as a queer character!

Wynonna Earp

The Wynonna Earp cast and crew hit ComicCon again, following the recent announcement about Season 4. As always, Kat and Mel together resulted in many fun moments:

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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