Does It Feel Quiet To You?

Does It Feel Quiet To You?

I know most shows are on hiatus because of the Olympics (and the Super Bowl last Sunday) but looking at everything that’s coming out, I feel like there’s a weird calm before some storm going on.

This is not to say that there aren’t one good shows out there. Like, I’m really loving Single Drunk Female for so many reasons (queers as queers and bonus Ally Sheedy), and while our lesbian over on Snowpiercer is getting a lot of screen time, the plot has veered away from romance (for good reasons). The Legend of Vox Machina delights my nerdy heart, but if you didn’t know going in that various people were queer, it may not be obvious. Also those aren’t the primary plots at the moment.


It feels really quiet. We have a small handful of super queer shows, and then things like Transplant are coming back to NBC soon which have queers of the week (Canada, I know it’s already back for you). Coroner was around, but our fabulously queer assistant isn’t around anymore. The queer plot line for Miranda over on And Just Like That… felt a little odd to many people. Incomplete. Not that I really lean towards SaTC for top of the tier queer content.

And yes, Batwoman is the gay treasure we desperately needed all our lives and everyone is super excited about it every week. I love how reckless and wacky Legends of Tomorrow are, with a flagrant disregard for anything and everything. And how gay they are. Did you miss the character who came out as ace?

Instead of a queer renaissance, most of what’s ‘coming back’ first is not really queer at all. Law & Order returns, and while the first episode is powerful and well done, it still only lightly bumps into the various social problems, instead leaning towards the sensational.

Actually now that I said that, I think that most of what’s coming back isn’t all that original to begin with. CSI: Vegas is getting a season two but without Billy and Jorja. Marg is coming back, and yes she will also be on All Rise, but Amy Acker’s over on 9-1-1: Lone Star right now. Amy has chemistry with everyone, I swear. Downton Abbey is back with another movie, but again, not really all that queer except Thomas.

It all leaves me wondering… where’s originality? Where’s the spark of something powerful like Vida or Pose? Where are the risks? Instead, we have three shows about girl bands with a queer member (Girls5Eva, We Are Lady Parts, and Queens). Of course, those are three very different shows, and I like them all for different reasons (Lady Parts is my favourite).

I want something that challenges my preconceived notions, that takes an old story from a new perspective and keeps true to that. I want something loud and uncomfortable, but I also want something soft and welcome.

I’m not sure when we’re going to get that.

And right now I feel like it’s all just way too quiet on US TV.

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