In This Year - 2019


An overview of queer events that occurred in 2019.


582 Characters On Air


By Character Name

Name Show(s)
Abbi AbramsBroad City (regular character)
AbbyAbby’s (regular character)
Abby ParkerThe Deuce (regular character)
Abby TenniThe Rookie (guest character)
Abigail ReeseFlack (recurring character)
Adena El-AminThe Bold Type (regular character)
Adriana CliosRiviera (regular character)
Agnes NielsenDark (regular character)
Ainhoa CortelCentro Médico (regular character)
AlexI Put the Bi in Bitter (regular character)
Alex CooperTrapped: The Alex Cooper Story (regular character)
Alex DanversSupergirl (regular character)
Alex DawsonHolby City (guest character)
Alex NeilsonHome and Away (recurring character)
Alex PortnoyLight as a Feather (regular character)
Alex VauseOrange is the New Black (regular character)
AlexandriaEasy (guest character)
Alexia MartineauSkam France (regular character)
AliBig Mouth (recurring character)
Ali FinerGod Friended Me (recurring character)
Ali PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Ali PraderPassage (regular character)
Alice KwanGood Trouble (regular character)
Alice O’HaraBarbelle (regular character)
Aline PenhallowShadowhunters (recurring character)
Alison DilaurentisPretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (regular character)
Allie GregsFlack (guest character)
Allie NovakWentworth (regular character)
AmandaVida (guest character)
Amanda DohertyAlmost Family (regular character)
Amanda MyersTravelers (guest character)
Amber CiottiSlasher (regular character)
Amber DohertyPure (regular character)
Amber SaundersLondon Kills (recurring character)
Amelia LedesmaAmar es para siempre (recurring character)
Amy ChaoSlasher (recurring character)
Angel EvangelistaPose (regular character)
AngelaAmerican Housewife (regular character)
Ángela López CastañoLa Otra Mirada (regular character)
Ani MartinVenice: The Series (regular character)
Anissa PierceBlack Lightning (regular character)
Ann WalkerGentleman Jack (regular character)
Anna MadrigalArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (regular character)
Annalise KeatingHow to Get Away with Murder (regular character)
AnneManaria Friends (regular character)
Anne GarciaSanta Clarita Diet (recurring character)
Anne ListerGentleman Jack (regular character)
AnnikaThe Dragon Prince (guest character)
Antoine “Toine” WilkinsQueen Sugar (guest character)
Aphrodite FerocityPose (guest character)
AriSweetbitter (regular character)
Ariel3% (recurring character)
Arlene BranchClaws (recurring character)
Artesian McCulloughOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
Arthie PremkumarGLOW (recurring character)
Atria NinePandora (regular character)
Aunt HolidayMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (guest character)
Auntie LoftyMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (guest character)
Ava SharpeLegends of Tomorrow (regular character)
AveryGood Trouble (guest character)
BabsA Series of Unfortunate Events (recurring character)
Baby B PendavisPose (guest character)
BaldwinCounterpart (regular character)
BarbaraThe Deuce (recurring character)
Barbara KeanGotham (regular character)
BeccaSupergirl (guest character)
BelindaFleabag (regular character)
Bernadette TaylorEastEnders (regular character)
Bernadette WöllerDark (recurring character)
Bess MarvinNancy Drew (regular character)
BethCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (recurring character)
Bethany CollinsManifest (recurring character)
Betti SteinerDead End (regular character)
Billie FitzgeraldLondon Kills (regular character)
BilquisAmerican Gods (recurring character)
BlairThe I-Land (regular character)
Blanca EvangelistaPose (regular character)
Bonnie PlunkettMom (regular character)
BrigitteThe Politician (recurring character)
Brook SosoOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Buck VuThe OA (regular character)
BungaClub Friday The Series (regular character)
Cammy HartmanThe Bold Type (guest character)
Candy FerocityPose (regular character)
CarenEastEnders (guest character)
Carina DeLucaGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
CarlinArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (guest character)
Carlota Rodríguez de SenillosaLas Chicas Del Cable (regular character)
Carly LancasterAmbitions (recurring character)
Caroline GibbsElementary (guest character)
Carrie “Big Boo” BlackOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Casey ParkerGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Catherine MeyerVeep (regular character)
Cece ColvinGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Cecelia CannonTeachers (US) (regular character)
Céline FrémontPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Cerys JonesKeeping Faith (recurring character)
Chantal WilliamsQueen Sugar (recurring character)
Charity DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
CharlotteThis Way Up (recurring character)
Charlotte WellsHarlots (regular character)
ChaseEasy (regular character)
Cheryl BlossomRiverdale (regular character)
Chloe BrennanNeighbours (recurring character)
Chris AlonsoS.W.A.T. (regular character)
Christine EliseBH90210 (recurring character)
Claire DuncanArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (regular character)
Claire TelescoHow to Get Away with Murder (recurring character)
Clara Baroja45 Revoluciones (recurring character)
Clare DevlinDerry Girls (regular character)
Clare QuayleCounterpart (regular character)
Clarke GriffinThe 100 (regular character)
Cordelia FriedPandora (recurring character)
CorinnaOrange is the New Black (guest character)
Cotton BrownStar (regular character)
Cris Soto PeñaSkam España (regular character)
CruzVida (recurring character)
CynthiaOne Day at a Time (recurring character)
CynthiaJann (recurring character)
Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones (regular character)
DaniAbby’s (guest character)
Danielle BoumanUndercover (regular character)
Darlene AldersonMr. Robot (regular character)
David SchreibnerDRUCK (regular character)
Dayanara “Daya” DiazOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Debbie DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Debbie GallagherShameless (US) (regular character)
DebraArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (guest character)
DeDe Halcyon DayArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (recurring character)
Dee MarshallInsatiable (recurring character)
Delle Seyah KendryKilljoys (recurring character)
Dewey LargoThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Dex PariosStumptown (regular character)
Diana AtwellPassage (regular character)
Diana LongElementary (guest character)
Dina ReznickBig Mouth (guest character)
Dominique DiPierroMr. Robot (regular character)
Donna ZimmerWill & Grace (guest character)
Doris TiedemannDark (recurring character)
DutchKilljoys (regular character)
EddyVida (regular character)
Edie PalmerAlmost Family (regular character)
Edith LyonsYears and Years (regular character)
EileenJane the Virgin (recurring character)
Eleanor ShellstropThe Good Place (regular character)
Elektra FerocityPose (regular character)
ElenaThe Boys (guest character)
Elena AlvarezOne Day at a Time (regular character)
EliseSwerve (regular character)
Eliza GestaltThe Rook (regular character)
Elizah EdwardsTransparent (guest character)
Ella JohnsonSaints & Sinners (regular character)
Elly ConwayNeighbours (regular character)
Elodie DavisTrinkets (regular character)
Emily FosterChicago Fire (regular character)
EmmaVida (regular character)
Emma KugelDead End (regular character)
Emma ReidDoctors (regular character)
Emma TravarskyYou Me Her (regular character)
EnidOK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (regular character)
ErinGrace and Frankie (recurring character)
Estefanía “Rizos” KabilaVis a Vis (regular character)
Eva TamminenSalatut elämät (regular character)
EveLucifer (recurring character)
Eve RothloHow to Get Away with Murder (recurring character)
FaithOne Red Nose Day and a Wedding (regular character)
Faith DelgadoBad Mothers (recurring character)
Fanny45 Revoluciones (regular character)
Farrah MaalikHollyoaks (regular character)
FemmeVida (recurring character)
FleabagFleabag (regular character)
FlorLes de l’hoquei (regular character)
Florida FerocityPose (guest character)
Florida FerocityPose (guest character)
FranShrill (regular character)
Fran BaxterYears and Years (recurring character)
FrankieTrapped: The Alex Cooper Story (guest character)
Frankie CoyneWorkin’ Moms (regular character)
Frankie FoxBetter Things (regular character)
Franky DoyleWentworth (regular character)
FrannyArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (guest character)
Gabrielle CarterisBH90210 (regular character)
GarnetSteven Universe (regular character)
GeniferDear White People (recurring character)
Georgia CollinsManifest (guest character)
Georgina HobartThe Politician (regular character)
GerardBarbelle (recurring character)
GillianJessica Jones (recurring character)
GinaLes de l’hoquei (regular character)
Gina BrognoVenice: The Series (regular character)
Gina MuglerPose (guest character)
Giselle BoisWorkin’ Moms (recurring character)
Gloria del RíoThe House of Flowers (recurring character)
Grace BlackHollyoaks (regular character)
Grace ChoiBlack Lightning (recurring character)
GreaManaria Friends (regular character)
GretaCharmed (2018) (guest character)
Gretchen CutlerYou’re The Worst (regular character)
Gunnhild KvanLovleg (regular character)
Guru MaaShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
Hana NovakWhiskey Cavalier (guest character)
Harley FraterHollyoaks (recurring character)
Harper WhitleyShortland Street (regular character)
Helen Henry DemarcusA.P. Bio (recurring character)
Helen LovejoyThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Helô AlbuquerqueCoisa Mais Linda (recurring character)
Henrietta “Hen” Wilson9-1-1 (regular character)
Henriette BoulierUnité 9 (regular character)
Ian AlexanderThe OA (guest character)
Ida DavisFamily Guy (recurring character)
Ikishima MidariKakegurui (recurring character)
Ilana WexlerBroad City (regular character)
IngridFlunk (regular character)
Inka GisladottiorArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (recurring character)
Iqra AhmedEastEnders (regular character)
IreneThe Deuce (recurring character)
Isobel Evans-BrackenRoswell, New Mexico (regular character)
Izzy SilvaYou Me Her (regular character)
Jackie Lynn ThomasStar vs. the Forces of Evil (recurring character)
Jada ShieldsCharmed (2018) (recurring character)
JadeWhy Women Kill (regular character)
Jake RodriguezArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (regular character)
JamesFlack (guest character)
JamesThe Politician (regular character)
Jamillah OlsenBlack Lightning (guest character)
Jana Melhoopen-JonksLunatics (regular character)
Jane Canary (Calamity Jane)Deadwood (regular character)
Jane RamosJane the Virgin (recurring character)
JanetThe Good Place (regular character)
Janet AdlerWill & Grace (recurring character)
Janine “Smurf” CodyAnimal Kingdom (regular character)
Jann ArdenJann (regular character)
JathrynWeird City (guest character)
Jacqueline “Jax” ZhouPandora (regular character)
Jazmin MartinezGood Trouble (recurring character)
Jazmine WintourPose (guest character)
Jean SimmsGranchester (guest character)
Jeanne BironUnité 9 (regular character)
Jenna HopeImpulse (regular character)
JenniferLove, Death & Robots (regular character)
Jeri HogarthJessica Jones (regular character)
Jess DamonIn the Dark (regular character)
Jesse “Jess” McKinnnonBad Mothers (recurring character)
Jett RenoStar Trek: Discovery (recurring character)
JoEasy (regular character)
Joana Bianchi AcostaSkam España (regular character)
Joana Coelho3% (regular character)
Joanie StubbsDeadwood (regular character)
Joanne AspinallDeep Water (regular character)
Joanne PerkinsCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (guest character)
Joanne YatesTravelers (regular character)
Jocelyn PriceBrooklyn Nine-Nine (guest character)
JoeyGood Trouble (recurring character)
JoleneRunning With Violet (regular character)
JordanTo Be Me (regular character)
JordanaRussian Doll (recurring character)
Josie SaltzmanLegacies (regular character)
Judy KubrakPose (regular character)
JulesHigh Maintenance (recurring character)
Jules VaughnEuphoria (regular character)
Juliana ValdésAmar a muerte (regular character)
JustineRay Donovan (recurring character)
Justine RijkersSlasher (recurring character)
KareenaShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
Karen PappasWhiskey Cavalier (guest character)
Karen TaylorEastEnders (regular character)
Karen WalkerWill & Grace (regular character)
Karen WilliamsThe Chi (recurring character)
Karen Wilson9-1-1 (recurring character)
Karla ReadGranchester (guest character)
KatEasy (guest character)
Kat EdisonThe Bold Type (regular character)
Kat SandovalMadam Secretary (regular character)
Kate ConnorCoronation Street (regular character)
Kate KaneBatwoman (regular character)
Kate LittlejohnFor The People (regular character)
Kate PraderPassage (recurring character)
KatyLetterkenny (regular character)
Kay ManzMindhunter (recurring character)
Kelly OlsenSupergirl (regular character)
Kelsey PhilipsDear White People (regular character)
Kiki PendavisPose (guest character)
KiraS.W.A.T. (recurring character)
Kith LyonneJessica Jones (recurring character)
KlydenThe Orville (recurring character)
KouriTo Be Me (recurring character)
Krishna DhawanJane the Virgin (recurring character)
LagerthaVikings (regular character)
Láis3% (recurring character)
LaisRED (guest character)
Laura HalpinFair City (regular character)
Lauren FosterCoroner (guest character)
Lauren HellerYounger (regular character)
Lauren TurnerBillions (recurring character)
Layla’s AuntCharmed (2018) (guest character)
Léa LerouxPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
LenaRay Donovan (regular character)
Lena Adams FosterGood Trouble (recurring character)
Lenny BuskerLegion (regular character)
LeonaJane the Virgin (guest character)
Lesley MarnelBroad City (recurring character)
LilyArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (guest character)
Lindsay BradyGood Trouble (guest character)
LiquiaWeird City (guest character)
LisaVida (recurring character)
Lisa PalmerSanta Clarita Diet (recurring character)
Lisa SimpsonThe Simpsons (regular character)
Liv FlahertyEmmerdale (regular character)
LizGrace and Frankie (guest character)
Liz MalmoRED (regular character)
Liz TremayneSwamp Thing (regular character)
LizzieRussian Doll (recurring character)
LommieNightflyers (regular character)
LorenaLes de l’hoquei (regular character)
Lori PurifoyAmbitions (recurring character)
Lorna MorelloOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Lou LinklatterMr. Mercedes (regular character)
Luisa AlverJane the Virgin (regular character)
Luisita GómezAmar es para siempre (regular character)
Lulu FerocityPose (regular character)
Lulu St. ClaireBarbelle (regular character)
Luna LoudThe Loud House (regular character)
Luna OksnesLovleg (recurring character)
Luna SpenceBurden of Truth (regular character)
Macarena FerreiroVis a Vis (regular character)
Mackenzie HargreavesNeighbours (regular character)
Maddie BishopSiren (regular character)
Maddie HicksBad Mothers (regular character)
Madeline ScottProven Innocent (regular character)
Maggie AmatoYounger (regular character)
MagnaThe Walking Dead (regular character)
MaharaniShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
Maia RindellThe Good Fight (regular character)
Marcia PrincessThe Simpsons (recurring character)
MareiGame of Thrones (recurring character)
MargauxSwamp Thing (recurring character)
Margo HansonThe Magicians (regular character)
Margot ParkArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (regular character)
María/DulceLas Chicas Del Cable (guest character)
María José RiquelmeThe House of Flowers (regular character)
Mariah CopelandThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
Marianna LawtonGentleman Jack (recurring character)
MarieCarole & Tuesday (guest character)
Marilyn TenniThe Rookie (guest character)
Marina AndrieskiThe Magicians (recurring character)
MarisaGrand Hotel (recurring character)
Marjorie PalmiottiVeep (regular character)
Marlene DonaldsonJane the Virgin (recurring character)
MarloweArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (guest character)
MaryCharmed (2018) (guest character)
Matty BartonEmmerdale (regular character)
May-Li WangThe Dumping Ground (regular character)
MayaCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (regular character)
Maya AvantThe Bold and The Beautiful (regular character)
Maya BishopStation 19 (regular character)
MazikeenLucifer (regular character)
McAfee WestbrookThe Politician (regular character)
Meera MatteiGood Trouble (recurring character)
Mel BéartRED (regular character)
Mel LohanNeighbours (recurring character)
Mel VeraCharmed (2018) (regular character)
Melanie HansenNotruf Hafenkante (regular character)
Melantha JhirlNightflyers (regular character)
MelissaThe Deuce (recurring character)
Mer KodisBetter Things (recurring character)
MercyInto the Badlands (guest character)
MiaOne Day at a Time (guest character)
Mia Amalie WinterDRUCK (regular character)
Mina LeeStreet Legal (regular character)
MirandaOne Red Nose Day and a Wedding (regular character)
Miriam SchneiderIn aller Freundschaft (regular character)
Miss BruceStar (regular character)
Moira StrandThe Handmaid’s Tale (regular character)
MollyIn the Dark (guest character)
Molly RossBurden of Truth (regular character)
Montana DukeAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
MoonCobra Kai (recurring character)
Mr. GarrisonSouth Park (regular character)
Myfanwy ThomasThe Rook (regular character)
Myra McQueenHollyoaks (regular character)
Nancy VidaliaPure (recurring character)
NaomiI Put the Bi in Bitter (regular character)
Nasreen ParachaAckley Bridge (regular character)
Natália3% (recurring character)
NehaThe Dragon Prince (guest character)
NetossaShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power (recurring character)
Nia NalSupergirl (regular character)
Nicky NicholsOrange is the New Black (regular character)
NicoVida (recurring character)
Nicole MillerShortland Street (regular character)
NikkiWill & Grace (guest character)
Nikki HollerQueens of Mystery (guest character)
Niko HamadaCharmed (2018) (regular character)
Nina WilliamsThe Chi (recurring character)
NiylahThe 100 (recurring character)
Nola DarlingShe’s Gotta Have It (regular character)
Nomi SegalGrown-ish (regular character)
Nonnie ThompsonInsatiable (regular character)
Nora West-AllenThe Flash (regular character)
Nova BordelonQueen Sugar (regular character)
Nyssa al GhulArrow (recurring character)
Nyssa-VexKrypton (regular character)
Octavia LaurentQueen Sugar (recurring character)
OdessaInto the Badlands (recurring character)
Emily / OfglenThe Handmaid’s Tale (regular character)
Opal GilstrapShe’s Gotta Have It (recurring character)
Paige HewsonGrown-ish (recurring character)
Pam PooveyArcher (regular character)
PatienceAll American (recurring character)
PattyWhy Women Kill (guest character)
Patty BouvierThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Paula AlénLa Otra Mirada (recurring character)
Paula MartinCoronation Street (recurring character)
Paulina de la MoraThe House of Flowers (regular character)
PearlSteven Universe (regular character)
PegGrace and Frankie (guest character)
Penelope ParkLegacies (recurring character)
Peri BoudreauxLight as a Feather (regular character)
Peri LomaxHollyoaks (regular character)
Perrine H. ClostermannStrike Witches (regular character)
Petra SolanoJane the Virgin (regular character)
Philippa Georgiou (Mirror)Star Trek: Discovery (recurring character)
PhoebeBad Mothers (guest character)
PilarThe Deuce (recurring character)
PilarOne Day at a Time (guest character)
PiperCobra Kai (guest character)
Piper ChapmanOrange is the New Black (regular character)
PollutionGood Omens (recurring character)
Poussey WashingtonOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Princess RonaEndro! (regular character)
Queen MaeveThe Boys (regular character)
Quiet AnnClaws (regular character)
Rachel CallowayFamily Time (recurring character)
Rachel ThompsonCuckoo (regular character)
RamonaOne Day at a Time (recurring character)
Rana HabeebCoronation Street (regular character)
ReaganBatwoman (recurring character)
Red ActionOK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (recurring character)
RhondaArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (guest character)
Rhonda JohnsonBlack-ish (recurring character)
RiekeIn aller Freundschaft (guest character)
Riley HooperThe Red Line (recurring character)
RobinStranger Things (regular character)
RobynFlack (regular character)
RockyBoomerang (recurring character)
RockyVida (recurring character)
Ronnie LeeSchitt’s Creek (recurring character)
RosaRunning With Violet (recurring character)
Rosa DiazBrooklyn Nine-Nine (regular character)
Rosa LehmannGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
RoseFlack (guest character)
Rose SolanoJane the Virgin (regular character)
Roz MarchettiSex Education (guest character)
RubySteven Universe (recurring character)
Rue BennettEuphoria (regular character)
RuthieSex Education (guest character)
RynSiren (regular character)
SabineTrinkets (recurring character)
Sadie MarksGood Girls (recurring character)
Sally St. ClaireHollyoaks (regular character)
SamStreet Legal (regular character)
SamI Put the Bi in Bitter (regular character)
Sam Black CrowAmerican Gods (regular character)
SamSam and Pat Are Depressed (regular character)
Sam MurgatroydAckley Bridge (regular character)
Sam SharpThe Loud House (recurring character)
Samantha BurnsTravelers (guest character)
Samara KapoorFour More Shots Please! (recurring character)
SandrineBarbelle (regular character)
Saphron Cotta-ArcRWBY (guest character)
SapphireSteven Universe (recurring character)
Sara LanceLegends of Tomorrow (regular character), Arrow (recurring character)
Óscar Ruiz/Sara MillánLas Chicas Del Cable (regular character)
SarahShrill (guest character)
Sarah NguyenYellowstone (recurring character)
Sarah PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Saray Vargas de JesúsVis a Vis (regular character)
Saskia de MerindolSecret Bridesmaids’ Business (regular character)
Senator Park-LewisPretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (guest character)
Serena CampbellHolby City (regular character)
Shani AbboudOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
Shannon GlaserBig Mouth (recurring character)
Shawna HawkinsArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (regular character)
ShayThe Deuce (recurring character)
Shay DixonSKAM Austin (regular character)
ShonaThis Way Up (regular character)
SilBetter Things (guest character)
Silhouette WintourPose (guest character)
SimonaEsta historia me suena (regular character)
Simone DavisStar (regular character)
Sky GaribaldiGrand Hotel (recurring character)
Skye LeightonThe Politician (recurring character)
Sofia MarchettiSex Education (recurring character)
Sonia FowlerEastEnders (regular character)
SonnieLove, Death & Robots (regular character)
Sophia BursettOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Sophie MooreBatwoman (regular character)
Sophie WebsterCoronation Street (regular character)
Soumya SinghShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (regular character)
SpinnerellaShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power (recurring character)
Stef Adams FosterGood Trouble (recurring character)
Stephanie TannerFuller House (regular character)
StevieSwerve (regular character)
StevonnieSteven Universe (recurring character)
SumiGood Trouble (recurring character)
Sunny ZölligLindenstraße (regular character)
SunstoneSteven Universe (guest character)
SusanOne Day at a Time (guest character)
Susie MeyersonThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (regular character)
Suzanne WarrenOrange is the New Black (regular character)
SydOne Day at a Time (recurring character)
SydneyGood Trouble (guest character)
SylviaThe Handmaid’s Tale (recurring character)
Tabitha GalavanGotham (recurring character)
Tammy GregorioNCIS: New Orleans (regular character)
Tanja SchildknechtLindenstraße (regular character)
TanyaSex Education (guest character)
Tara ChamblerThe Walking Dead (regular character)
Taryn HelmGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
TashCuckoo (recurring character)
TashaVida (guest character)
Taylor HardingWhy Women Kill (regular character)
Taylor MasonBillions (regular character)
Tegan PriceHow to Get Away with Murder (regular character)
Terra Cotta-ArcRWBY (guest character)
Tess PearsonThis Is Us (recurring character)
Tess WintourPose (guest character)
Tessa PorterThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
TharnClub Friday The Series (regular character)
Theo PutnamChilling Adventures of Sabrina (regular character)
TheresaBH90210 (guest character)
Thereza SoaresCoisa Mais Linda (regular character)
Thirteenth DoctorDoctor Who (regular character)
Tia ClaytonThe Bold Type (recurring character)
Tia ReidBoomerang (regular character)
Tiana BrownEmpire (regular character)
Tiana ‘Coop’ CooperAll American (regular character)
TildaInto the Badlands (regular character)
Tina CarterEastEnders (regular character)
Toby DonnellyGrey’s Anatomy (guest character)
Tommy WallaceBarbelle (recurring character)
Toni TopazRiverdale (regular character)
TopaThe Orville (recurring character)
Tourmaline LarouCarnival Row (regular character)
TressaBetter Things (recurring character)
Umang SinghFour More Shots Please! (regular character)
Val/entinagen:LOCK (regular character)
Valencia PerezCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (regular character)
ValentinaLes de l’hoquei (guest character)
Valentina CarvajalAmar a muerte (regular character)
VanessaIn the Dark (recurring character)
Vanessa WoodfieldEmmerdale (regular character)
Venus Hermosa-BravanteAsawa Ko, Karibal Ko (regular character)
Vere CameronGentleman Jack (recurring character)
Veronica FerocityPose (recurring character)
Veronica FisherShameless (US) (regular character)
Veronica ValeBarbelle (regular character)
VicShrill (recurring character)
Vicky OsbornQueen Sugar (recurring character)
Vignette StonemossCarnival Row (regular character)
VillanelleKilling Eve (regular character)
Violet HarperYoung Justice (regular character)
WandaPose (guest character)
Wendy CarrMindhunter (regular character)
WhiteroseMr. Robot (recurring character)
WillowWhy Women Kill (guest character)
Willow HarrisHome and Away (regular character)
WrenProven Innocent (recurring character)
Yara GreyjoyGame of Thrones (recurring character)
YmirAttack on Titan (regular character)
Yolanda RivasGLOW (recurring character)
Yolanda “Yoli” RennaGrand Hotel (regular character)
YselaArmistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (recurring character)
YumikoThe Walking Dead (regular character)
YvetteSupergirl (guest character)
Zara MandalShortland Street (regular character)
Zayn PetrossianAnother Life (regular character)
ZeldaOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
ZoeVida (guest character)
Zoe B.Black Lightning (guest character)
Cat StoneQueens of Mystery (regular character)

By Show

Show Character(s)
45 Revoluciones (2)
9-1-1 (2)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (1)
  • Babs (recurring character)
Abby’s (2)
  • Abby (regular character)
  • Dani (guest character)
Ackley Bridge (2)
All American (2)
Almost Family (2)
Amar a muerte (2)
Amar es para siempre (2)
Ambitions (2)
American Gods (2)
American Horror Story (1)
American Housewife (1)
Animal Kingdom (1)
Another Life (1)
A.P. Bio (1)
Archer (1)
Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (14)
Arrow (2)
Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko (1)
Attack on Titan (1)
  • Ymir (regular character)
Bad Mothers (4)
Barbelle (6)
Batwoman (3)
Better Things (4)
BH90210 (3)
Big Mouth (3)
Billions (2)
Black-ish (1)
Black Lightning (4)
Boomerang (2)
Broad City (3)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2)
Burden of Truth (2)
Carnival Row (2)
Carole & Tuesday (1)
Centro Médico (1)
Charmed (2018) (6)
Chicago Fire (1)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (1)
Claws (2)
Club Friday The Series (2)
  • Bunga (regular character)
  • Tharn (regular character)
Cobra Kai (2)
  • Moon (recurring character)
  • Piper (guest character)
Coisa Mais Linda (2)
Coronation Street (4)
Coroner (1)
Counterpart (2)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (4)
Cuckoo (2)
Dark (3)
Dead End (2)
Deadwood (2)
Dear White People (2)
Deep Water (1)
Derry Girls (1)
Doctor Who (1)
Doctors (1)
EastEnders (6)
Easy (4)
Elementary (2)
Emmerdale (5)
Empire (1)
Endro! (1)
Esta historia me suena (1)
Euphoria (2)
Fair City (1)
Family Guy (1)
Family Time (1)
Flack (5)
Fleabag (2)
Flunk (1)
For The People (1)
Four More Shots Please! (2)
Fuller House (1)
Game of Thrones (3)
gen:LOCK (1)
Gentleman Jack (4)
GLOW (2)
God Friended Me (1)
Good Girls (1)
Good Omens (1)
Good Trouble (10)
Gotham (2)
Grace and Frankie (3)
  • Erin (recurring character)
  • Liz (guest character)
  • Peg (guest character)
Granchester (2)
Grand Hotel (3)
Grey’s Anatomy (5)
Grown-ish (2)
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (1)
Harlots (1)
High Maintenance (1)
  • Jules (recurring character)
Holby City (2)
Hollyoaks (6)
Home and Away (2)
How to Get Away with Murder (4)
I Put the Bi in Bitter (3)
  • Alex (regular character)
  • Naomi (regular character)
  • Sam (regular character)
Impulse (1)
In aller Freundschaft (2)
In the Dark (3)
Insatiable (2)
Into the Badlands (3)
Jane the Virgin (8)
Jann (2)
Jessica Jones (3)
Kakegurui (1)
Keeping Faith (1)
Killing Eve (1)
Killjoys (2)
Krypton (1)
La Otra Mirada (2)
Las Chicas Del Cable (3)
Legacies (2)
Legends of Tomorrow (2)
Legion (1)
Les de l’hoquei (4)
Letterkenny (1)
  • Katy (regular character)
Light as a Feather (2)
Lindenstraße (2)
London Kills (2)
Love, Death & Robots (2)
Lovleg (2)
Lucifer (2)
Lunatics (1)
Madam Secretary (1)
Manaria Friends (2)
  • Anne (regular character)
  • Grea (regular character)
Manifest (2)
Mindhunter (2)
Mom (1)
Mr. Mercedes (1)
Mr. Robot (3)
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2)
Nancy Drew (1)
NCIS: New Orleans (1)
Neighbours (4)
Nightflyers (2)
Notruf Hafenkante (1)
OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (2)
One Day at a Time (7)
One Red Nose Day and a Wedding (2)
Orange is the New Black (14)
Pandora (3)
Passage (3)
Plus Belle La Vie (2)
Pose (17)
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (2)
Proven Innocent (2)
Pure (2)
Queen Sugar (5)
Queens of Mystery (2)
Ray Donovan (2)
RED (3)
Riverdale (2)
Riviera (1)
Roswell, New Mexico (1)
Running With Violet (2)
  • Jolene (regular character)
  • Rosa (recurring character)
Russian Doll (2)
RWBY (2)
Saints & Sinners (1)
Salatut elämät (1)
Sam and Pat Are Depressed (1)
  • Sam (regular character)
Santa Clarita Diet (2)
Schitt’s Creek (1)
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (1)
Sex Education (4)
Shadowhunters (1)
Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (4)
Shameless (US) (2)
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2)
She’s Gotta Have It (2)
Shortland Street (3)
Shrill (3)
  • Fran (regular character)
  • Sarah (guest character)
  • Vic (recurring character)
Siren (2)
SKAM Austin (1)
Skam España (2)
Skam France (1)
Slasher (3)
South Park (1)
Star (3)
Star Trek: Discovery (2)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil (1)
Station 19 (1)
Steven Universe (6)
Stranger Things (1)
  • Robin (regular character)
Street Legal (2)
Strike Witches (1)
Stumptown (1)
Supergirl (5)
Swamp Thing (2)
S.W.A.T. (2)
Sweetbitter (1)
  • Ari (regular character)
Swerve (2)
Teachers (US) (1)
The 100 (2)
The Bold and The Beautiful (1)
The Bold Type (4)
The Boys (2)
The Chi (2)
The Deuce (6)
The Dragon Prince (2)
The Dumping Ground (1)
The Flash (1)
The Good Fight (1)
The Good Place (2)
The Handmaid’s Tale (3)
The House of Flowers (3)
The I-Land (1)
  • Blair (regular character)
The Loud House (2)
The Magicians (2)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (1)
The OA (2)
The Orville (2)
  • Klyden (recurring character)
  • Topa (recurring character)
The Politician (5)
The Red Line (1)
The Rook (2)
The Rookie (2)
The Simpsons (5)
The Walking Dead (3)
The Young and the Restless (2)
This Is Us (1)
This Way Up (2)
To Be Me (2)
Transparent (3)
Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story (2)
Travelers (3)
Trinkets (2)
Undercover (1)
Unité 9 (2)
Veep (2)
Venice: The Series (2)
Vida (10)
  • Amanda (guest character)
  • Cruz (recurring character)
  • Eddy (regular character)
  • Emma (regular character)
  • Femme (recurring character)
  • Lisa (recurring character)
  • Nico (recurring character)
  • Rocky (recurring character)
  • Tasha (guest character)
  • Zoe (guest character)
Vikings (1)
Vis a Vis (3)
Weird City (2)
Wentworth (2)
Whiskey Cavalier (2)
Why Women Kill (4)
Will & Grace (4)
Workin’ Moms (2)
Years and Years (2)
Yellowstone (1)
You Me Her (2)
Young Justice (1)
Younger (2)
You’re The Worst (1)
3% (4)