Queer Beats – October 11, 2019

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, our favorite CW shows premiered, New York Comic Con and CarmillaCon provided lots of goodies, and the first three episodes of Passage dropped on Tello!


Here’s your weekly reminder that Casey and Izzie are coming back to us soon:

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November 1st. Netflix. @atypicalnetflix

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^Look at that! Finally, the ability to link out to Batwoman on LWTV! The show premiered this week and was pretty much everything we had hoped for. Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy hit the press to discuss all things Batwoman.

Here’s an extra photo series of Rachel and Meagan being cute:

ATTN and Batwoman teamed up to create this video about women who have accomplished their goals even when people told them they couldn’t. This is the kind of good feels video I like to see on my social media feeds.

Black Lightning

Gotta admit, I was not expecting Black Lightning to give us so much Anissa in the premiere. I personally loved it but Chantal was as not thrilled by her (Grace‘s) competition:

Black Mirror

I have an unofficial goal to own all queer Pops (and by unofficial I mean I can’t stop myself from buying them every time I see one) and now I have these Kelly and Yorkie ones to add to my list.

The Bold Type

I can see into the future… and it includes a Bold Type guest appearance by Raven-Symoné!

Butch Pal For The Straight Gal

This week, we got our first Butch Pal Series trailer!


CarmillaCon happened and gave me major FOMO. Thankfully, the CarmillaCon instagram was there to fill in the gaps.

Good Trouble

Happy Halloween from Good Trouble!

The L Word: Generation Q

New L Word content never gets old.

Also, seeing the original cast never gets old (and neither do they?).

Legends of Tomorrow

It’s no secret that I love Maisie and think she should be on every magazine cover ever and, this week, DIVA fulfilled my dreams and featured her on the cover of their Black History Month issue:

Orange is the New Black

This is old news that I have unfairly neglected but TomboyX blessed us last month by featuring Vicci Martinez as one of their models (again). Shout out to Tracy for bringing this to my attention!

Passage The Series

The wait is finally over! The first three episodes of Passage are finally up on Tello which means I will finally stop complaining about how Mandahla Rose isn’t on LWTV yet! Definitely check it out and read Mika’s review after.


Riverdale was amongst the many shows that returned this week but first we got a new teaser trailer that featured Cheryl and Toni dressed as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Not gonna lie, that really got my attention!

Vanessa posted this cute Choni pic to celebrate the premiere:

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Riverdale season 4 starts tonight 📺✨

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Also, New York Comic Con brought us a bit more information about Mishel Prada‘s new character on the show:


A new Runaways trailer! The season is still 2 months away but I am hype!

The Runaways cast was also at New York Comic Con this weekend and I personally enjoyed this moment where Lyrica said nice things about Ginny:

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

We are already being blessed with new She-Ra episodes soon…

… including a Scorpia specific episode!

Steven Universe

Steven Universe will be returning post-movie with a “new epilogue limited series” called “Steven Universe Future.” TBD on what epilogue limited series means for the future of the series (see what I did there).


I don’t know if this image broke the internet this week but it most certainly broke my mind. I think it took me a full 24 hours to heal. Bless Chyler and Ruby for providing my bliss moment of the week.


Can my caption for this tweet just be !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LENA WAITHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wynonna Earp

The Wynonna Earp women made it to NYCC as well! Soon we will be in the year (2020) where we will finally get new Wynonna Earp content again!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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