In This Year - 2004


An overview of queer events that occurred in 2004.


180 Characters On Air


By Character Name

Name Show(s)
Adelaide JeffersonAgatha Christie’s Marple (guest character)
Al MackenzieBad Girls (regular character)
Alex KellyThe O.C. (recurring character)
Alex NuñezDegrassi: The Next Generation (regular character)
Ali SpencerEmmerdale (regular character)
Alice PieszeckiThe L Word (regular character)
Amanda ReedNCIS (guest character)
Andrea SüsskindMarienhof (regular character)
Angela PhillipsWild West (regular character)
Anna TaggaroOne Tree Hill (recurring character)
Annalena BergmannMarienhof (regular character)
Antje StenzelHinter Gittern (regular character)
Antoinette StellaCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest character)
Ava MooreNip/Tuck (recurring character)
Bea SuttonParadise Falls (regular character)
Bea VillarejoAquí No Hay Quien Viva (regular character)
BelindaUndressed (regular character)
BethWonderfalls (recurring character)
Bette PorterThe L Word (regular character)
Bianca MontgomeryAll My Children (regular character)
Brenda CastilloCharmed (guest character)
Brother Kenbro’Town (recurring character)
Buffy OnlyNeighbours (guest character)
Candace JewellThe L Word (guest character)
Carla von LahnsteinVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
CarlyCharmed (guest character)
Céline FrémontPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Charity DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Charlotte BeaumontAll Saints (regular character)
Cherie JaffeThe L Word (guest character)
Cherry PeckNip/Tuck (recurring character)
CherylThe Wire (recurring character)
Christina DichieraStingers (regular character)
Christine WalterHinter Gittern (regular character)
Constance HarmThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Cynthia CluxtonNCIS (guest character)
Dana DavinTrain 48 (regular character)
Dana FairbanksThe L Word (regular character)
DanielaCold Case (guest character)
DaxThe L Word (guest character)
Debbie DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Debbie McAllisterThe Bill (regular character)
Doris WolfeGuiding Light (recurring character)
DustyQueer as Folk (US) (guest character)
Edna KrabappelThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Eleonora Ferreira da SilvaSenhora de Destino (regular character)
Emma NightingaleEmmerdale (recurring character)
Erika SanderVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
Esther García RuizHospital Central (regular character)
Evelyn HarperTwo and a Half Men (recurring character)
Father TeresaJudging Amy (guest character)
Flora AndersonDeadwood (guest character)
Foxxy LoveDrawn Together (regular character)
Francesca WolffThe L Word (guest character)
Frankie BiancavillaStrong Medicine (guest character)
Frankie StoneAll My Children (recurring character)
Franzi BrennerLindenstraße (regular character)
Fujino ShizuruMy-HiME (recurring character)
Gabby DeveauxThe L Word (guest character)
Georgina HarrisNeighbours (guest character)
Gerda KellerHinter Gittern (recurring character)
Gina TribbianiJoey (regular character)
Grace FinneganThe Inspector Lynley Mysteries (guest character)
Hanna NovakVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
Hayley CropperCoronation Street (regular character)
Hazel BaileyFootballers’ Wives (regular character)
Helen LovejoyThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Heli SievinenSalatut elämät (regular character)
Himemiya ChikaneKannazuki no Miko (regular character)
Honshō ChizuruBleach (recurring character)
Ines FührbringerHinter Gittern (regular character)
Isabella KortenaerGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Ivan Beyonce AycockThe L Word (guest character)
Jane Canary (Calamity Jane)Deadwood (regular character)
Janet AdlerWill & Grace (recurring character)
Janice SantosNCIS (guest character)
Jennifer ImprottaSenhora de Destino (regular character)
Jenny SchecterThe L Word (regular character)
JezShameless (UK) (recurring character)
Joanie StubbsDeadwood (regular character)
Josie TurnerAgatha Christie’s Marple (guest character)
JuanitaCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest character)
Judy LupinoHouse M.D. (guest character)
Julia McNamaraNip/Tuck (regular character)
Julia SmithVeronica Mars (guest character)
Juliet FerriereFamille d’accueil (regular character)
Kanata HijiriGirls Bravo (recurring character)
Karen WalkerWill & Grace (regular character)
Katherine ChancellorThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
Kerry WeaverER (regular character)
Kerstin HerzogHinter Gittern (regular character)
Kim ChenHouse M.D. (guest character)
Kima GreggsThe Wire (regular character)
KimmyThe Wire (recurring character)
Kisaragi OtohaKannazuki no Miko (recurring character)
Kitagawa RioDoki Doki School Hours (regular character)
KosameGirls Bravo (recurring character)
Kris YatesBad Girls (regular character)
Kuga NatsukiMy-HiME (regular character)
Kurusugawa HimekoKannazuki no Miko (regular character)
Lacey HarawayThe L Word (guest character)
Lana CrawfordNeighbours (recurring character)
Lara PerkinsThe L Word (recurring character)
Lena KunderaAll My Children (regular character)
Lindsay PetersonQueer as Folk (US) (regular character)
Lisa SimpsonThe Simpsons (regular character)
Lisa WinslowLaw & Order (guest character)
Liz CruzNip/Tuck (regular character)
LunaGodannar (regular character)
Lynn SearcyGirlfriends (regular character)
Macarena “Maca” Fernández WilsonHospital Central (regular character)
Mandy RobertsPobol y Cwm (recurring character)
Marcia PrincessThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Marie FoleyNCIS (guest character)
Marina FerrerThe L Word (recurring character)
Marissa CooperThe O.C. (regular character)
Mary TrewednackWild West (regular character)
MegBurst Angel (regular character)
Melanie MarcusQueer as Folk (US) (regular character)
MercedesCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest character)
MichelleDante’s Cove (regular character)
MimosaCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest character)
Mona LavelleCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest character)
Monica GallagherShameless (UK) (regular character)
Mr. GarrisonSouth Park (regular character)
NadiaThe L Word (guest character)
Nakanotani MinaAir Master (regular character)
Natalie BuxtonBad Girls (regular character)
Nicole WallaceLaw & Order: Criminal Intent (recurring character)
Nina FarrCasualty (regular character)
Norma StarkeyShameless (UK) (regular character)
Olivia SpencerGuiding Light (regular character)
Paige MichalchukDegrassi: The Next Generation (regular character)
Patsy StoneAbsolutely Fabulous (regular character)
Patty BouvierThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Paula RapfGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Peggy PeabodyThe L Word (recurring character)
Rachel WhatmoreEmmerdale (recurring character)
RalphThe L Word (guest character)
Rebecca MatternUnter Uns (regular character)
RebeccaThe L Word (guest character)
Renee BishopLaw & Order (guest character)
Ria PrinceStrong Medicine (guest character)
RobinThe L Word (recurring character)
Rosa IzquierdoAquí No Hay Quien Viva (recurring character)
Samantha JonesSex and the City (regular character)
Sanae YashimaHanaukyo Maid Team (regular character)
Sandy LopezER (recurring character)
Sascha MehringHinter Gittern (regular character)
Selena GeesonBad Girls (regular character)
Serena SoutherlynLaw & Order (regular character)
Shadow DunawayGodannar (regular character)
Shane McCutcheonThe L Word (regular character)
Sharon TylerWonderfalls (recurring character)
Shell DockleyBad Girls (regular character)
Simone RussellPassions (regular character)
Sky MangelNeighbours (regular character)
SnoopThe Wire (regular character)
Sonia FowlerEastEnders (regular character)
Sophie WebsterCoronation Street (regular character)
Stephanie ScullyNeighbours (regular character)
Susanne BrandnerVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
Suzanne RichterLindenstraße (regular character)
Tanja SchildknechtLindenstraße (regular character)
Tanya TurnerFootballers’ Wives (regular character)
TayoThe L Word (guest character)
Tessa JellicoeThe Inspector Lynley Mysteries (guest character)
Thelma BatesHex (regular character)
Tina KennardThe L Word (regular character)
TonyaThe L Word (recurring character)
Tosha MitchellThe Wire (recurring character)
TrinaGirlfriends (guest character)
Trish SimpkinParadise Falls (recurring character)
Uta RefsonThe L Word (guest character)
Valerie GoinsThe L Word (guest character)
Wendy GarnerCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (guest character)
Xandra RosenmanThe L Word (guest character)
Yolanda WatkinsThe L Word (guest character)
Yoshimine MitsukaDearS (recurring character)
Zoë TateEmmerdale (regular character)

By Show

Show Character(s)
Absolutely Fabulous (1)
Agatha Christie’s Marple (2)
Air Master (1)
All My Children (3)
All Saints (1)
Aquí No Hay Quien Viva (2)
Bad Girls (5)
Bleach (1)
bro’Town (1)
Burst Angel (1)
  • Meg (regular character)
Casualty (1)
Charmed (2)
Cold Case (1)
Coronation Street (2)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (6)
Dante’s Cove (1)
Deadwood (3)
DearS (1)
Degrassi: The Next Generation (2)
Doki Doki School Hours (1)
Drawn Together (1)
EastEnders (1)
Emmerdale (6)
ER (2)
Famille d’accueil (1)
Footballers’ Wives (2)
Girlfriends (2)
Girls Bravo (2)
Godannar (2)
Guiding Light (2)
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (2)
Hanaukyo Maid Team (1)
Hex (1)
Hinter Gittern (6)
Hospital Central (2)
House M.D. (2)
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2)
Joey (1)
Judging Amy (1)
Kannazuki no Miko (3)
Law & Order (3)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (1)
Lindenstraße (3)
Marienhof (2)
My-HiME (2)
NCIS (4)
Neighbours (5)
Nip/Tuck (4)
One Tree Hill (1)
Paradise Falls (2)
Passions (1)
Plus Belle La Vie (1)
Pobol y Cwm (1)
Queer as Folk (US) (3)
Salatut elämät (1)
Senhora de Destino (2)
Sex and the City (1)
Shameless (UK) (3)
South Park (1)
Stingers (1)
Strong Medicine (2)
The Bill (1)
The L Word (26)
The O.C. (2)
The Simpsons (6)
The Wire (5)
The Young and the Restless (1)
Train 48 (1)
Two and a Half Men (1)
Undressed (1)
Unter Uns (1)
Verbotene Liebe (4)
Veronica Mars (1)
Wild West (2)
Will & Grace (2)
Wonderfalls (2)