In This Year - 2016


An overview of queer events that occurred in 2016.


733 Characters On Air


By Character Name

Name Show(s)
AachalThe ‘Other’ Love Story (regular character)
AadyaThe ‘Other’ Love Story (regular character)
Aaron BakerThe Fosters (recurring character)
Abbi AbramsBroad City (regular character)
Addy CarverZ Nation (regular character)
AdelaBuscando el norte (regular character)
AdrianaTransparent (guest character)
AgathaThe Deleted (regular character)
Agatha UpshurThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
Aileen WurnosAmerican Horror Story (guest character)
AlexThe Blair Goddess Project (regular character)
Alex CastilloIt’s Complicated (regular character)
Alex DanversSupergirl (regular character)
Alex DawsonHolby City (guest character)
Alex SillegAll For One (regular character)
Alex VauseOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Alex WhittleThe Leslie (regular character)
Alexandra HarrisonBlindspot (guest character)
AliPure Genius (guest character)
Ali PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Alisha GrandersonThe Last Ship (regular character)
Alison DilaurentisPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Alison Hawthorne-PriceAmerican Gothic (regular character)
Alistair FredericksThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
Allie NovakWentworth (regular character)
AllisonThe Real O’Neals (recurring character)
AllyDay 5 (regular character)
Allyson Del LagoNashville (recurring character)
AmandaShameless (US) (recurring character)
Amanita CaplanSense8 (recurring character)
Amy FlowersFlowers (regular character)
Amy GeorgesUnREAL: The Faith Diaries (regular character)
Amy RaudenfeldFaking It (regular character)
Amy WarsonCouple-ish (regular character)
AngelaAmerican Housewife (regular character)
Angela MontenegroBones (regular character)
Angelica TuringSense8 (recurring character)
Ani MartinVenice: The Series (regular character)
AniseStudville TV (regular character)
AnnaRED (recurring character)
AnnaCoffee House Chronicles (guest character)
Anna RamScott & Bailey (regular character)
AnnaLa théorie du Y (regular character)
AnnabelleThe X-Files (guest character)
Annalise KeatingHow to Get Away with Murder (regular character)
Anne BonnyBlack Sails (regular character)
Anne ShirleyProject Green Gables (regular character)
Annelise WilkinsonGrandfathered (regular character)
Anni BrehmeGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Annie JamesNothing Like the Sun (regular character)
Antónia VidalSanta Bárbara (Telenovela) (regular character)
Antonia/ToniThe Switch (regular character)
Arden LockhartDagger Kiss (regular character)
Arizona RobbinsGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Artesian McCulloughOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
Ash LarssonJanet King (regular character)
AshlyUnfortunatly Ashly (regular character)
AstridVikings (regular character)
AstridHUMANS (recurring character)
AubreyCasual (recurring character)
Audrey ClemmensLike, As It Is (recurring character)
Audrey JensenScream (regular character)
Aurora AlarcónSeis Hermanas (recurring character)
Ava DelanySex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (regular character)
Ava McMasterHigh’rd Help (regular character)
Ava WalcottThe Roedell Project (regular character)
AveryL.A. Web Series (regular character)
Avery SuhrThe Girlfriend Experience (recurring character)
AveryUnfortunatly Ashly (recurring character)
AvivaSame Same (regular character)
BarbaraMarseille (recurring character)
Barbara KeanGotham (regular character)
Bathsheba EverdeneAway From It All (regular character)
Bea SmithWentworth (regular character)
Beatrice Hamelin19-2 (recurring character)
Beatriz de SouzaNada Será Como Antes (regular character)
BecStarting From … Now! (recurring character)
BeccaMy Sister is So Gay (guest character)
Bernie WolfeHolby City (regular character)
BethCode Black (guest character)
BethPot Luck (regular character)
Bethany MayfairBlindspot (regular character)
BetsyThe Path (recurring character)
Betty DimelloMasters of Sex (regular character)
Bianca GrieveJanet King (regular character)
Bianca MinolaNothing Like the Sun (regular character)
Bill PottsDoctor Who (regular character)
Billy AngelopolousHigh’rd Help (regular character)
BlairThe Blair Goddess Project (regular character)
Blake JonasGreen Gables Fables (guest character)
Bonnie PlunkettMom (regular character)
BoqThe Grey Tarmac Road (recurring character)
Bridey CruzThe Family (regular character)
Bridget WestfallWentworth (regular character)
Briony ScottThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
Britnay ZhuRetail Rejects (recurring character)
Britney Christina-Adele GrandeRetail Rejects (recurring character)
Brittany WangRetail Rejects (recurring character)
Brona CroftPenny Dreadful (regular character)
Brook SosoOrange is the New Black (regular character)
BrookeOne Mississippi (recurring character)
Buck VuThe OA (regular character)
CaitlinSame Same (regular character)
CallieAdvocates (recurring character)
Callie SenateGoliath (regular character)
Callie TorresGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Cameron EspositoTake My Wife (regular character)
Camila BarriosEast Los High (regular character)
CamillaNew Girl (guest character)
Camilla Marks-WhitemanEmpire (recurring character)
Camille EngelsonStitchers (regular character)
Camille PeetersLa trêve (regular character)
CandiePower (guest character)
Cara ThomasMarcella (recurring character)
Carla NivenCode Black (recurring character)
CarmenTransparent (guest character)
Carmilla KarnsteinCarmilla (regular character)
CarolBuscando el norte (regular character)
Carol RanceEpisodes (regular character)
Caroline McKenzie-DawsonLast Tango in Halifax (regular character)
Carolyn BlighA Place to Call Home (regular character)
CarriePortlandia (regular character)
Carrie “Big Boo” BlackOrange is the New Black (regular character)
CaseyAdvocates (regular character)
Casey StrattonHaunted or Hoax (regular character)
Cassandra CillianThe Librarians (regular character)
CassieRosewood (guest character)
Cassie ClarkThe Late Nell Avery (regular character)
Cat AdamsCriminal Minds (recurring character)
Catherine MeyerVeep (regular character)
Caz HammondCoronation Street (recurring character)
Cece ParekhNew Girl (regular character)
Cecelia CannonTeachers (US) (regular character)
CeeClub Friday The Series (regular character)
Celia SilvaSeis Hermanas (regular character)
Céline FrémontPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
ChanningStudville TV (regular character)
Chantal WilliamsQueen Sugar (recurring character)
Charity DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
CharlieHere We Wait (regular character)
Charlie BakersfieldHigh’rd Help (regular character)
Charlie WongRetail Rejects (regular character)
Charlotte DiLaurentisPretty Little Liars (regular character)
ChaseEasy (regular character)
CherieCouple-ish (recurring character)
Cherry / LeeClub Friday To Be Continued (regular character)
ChloeThe List (regular character)
ChrisThe Switch (regular character)
ChrisYoung & Hungry (guest character)
Christa PullmanElementary (guest character)
ChristinaThe Girls Guide (recurring character)
Christine ReadeThe Girlfriend Experience (regular character)
CindyGrandfathered (recurring character)
Claire DanielsOut with Dad (regular character)
ClaireLa théorie du Y (regular character)
Clara NotaroHigh’rd Help (regular character)
Clara OswaldDoctor Who (regular character)
Clarke GriffinThe 100 (regular character)
Clementine PennyfeatherWestworld (regular character)
Cocona CocomineFlip Flappers (regular character)
Colette Kimball-KinneyThe Mindy Project (regular character)
Connie BonacieuxAll For One (regular character)
Connie LloydWords from Wilde (regular character)
CoreySame Same (recurring character)
Corinne ThomasThe Late Nell Avery (regular character)
Cosima NiehausOrphan Black (regular character)
Cotton BrownStar (regular character)
Cristina SalgadoEl Señor de los Cielos (recurring character)
Cynthia TaylorMozart in the Jungle (regular character)
Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones (regular character)
DagnyLost Girl (guest character)
DaleTransparent (guest character)
Dani AlvodarHow to Get Away with Murder (guest character)
Danielle FerringtonThe Fall (regular character)
Danny LawrenceCarmilla (recurring character)
Darcy PetersStarting From … Now! (regular character)
DarlaSupergirl (guest character)
Darlene AldersonMr. Robot (regular character)
DavinaTransparent (recurring character)
Davvy O’DellSex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (recurring character)
Dayanara “Daya” DiazOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Daysi CantuEast Los High (regular character)
DebFresh Off the Boat (guest character)
DebbieSlasher (guest character)
Debbie DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Debbie GallagherShameless (US) (regular character)
DebsPot Luck (regular character)
Dee WarsonCouple-ish (regular character)
DeenaThe Adventures of Serena Berg (regular character)
Delia BusbyCall the Midwife (regular character)
Delle Seyah KendryKilljoys (recurring character)
Delphine CormierOrphan Black (recurring character)
Deme GeorgeBright Summer Night (regular character)
DemetBarracuda (recurring character)
Denise ChristopherTimeless (regular character)
Denise CloydThe Walking Dead (recurring character)
DenverI Ship It (recurring character)
Destiny RoseDestiny Rose (regular character)
DevonI Love Dick (regular character)
Diana OrtegaCentro Médico (regular character)
Diane DregloeAdvocates (regular character)
DisneySense8 (guest character)
Dominique DiPierroMr. Robot (regular character)
Dorothy CastlemoreAll For One (regular character)
Dorothy GaleOnce Upon a Time (recurring character)
Drew ReevesDead Of Summer (regular character)
Duke SeniorThe Better Strangers (recurring character)
DutchKilljoys (regular character)
Dutch VeldersThe Strain (regular character)
Dylan FinneganThe Roedell Project (regular character)
EJ RandellClarence (recurring character)
Eleanor GuthrieBlack Sails (regular character)
Eleanor HenstridgeThe Royals (regular character)
Eleanor MonkThe Cate Morland Chronicles (regular character)
Eleanor ShellstropThe Good Place (regular character)
EliseSwerve (regular character)
Elise BeaupréUnité 9 (regular character)
Elise WassermannThe Tunnel (regular character)
Eliza MinnickGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Eliza SeldenThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (recurring character)
Elizah EdwardsTransparent (guest character)
Ella BlakeRetail Rejects (regular character)
Ella JohnsonSaints & Sinners (regular character)
Ellaria SandGame of Thrones (recurring character)
Ellen CrabbeNeighbours (recurring character)
Ellia HendersonHaunted or Hoax (regular character)
Elly ConwayNeighbours (regular character)
Eloise WyeThirteen (regular character)
Elsie HughesWestworld (regular character)
Em EspositoThe Roedell Project (regular character)
Emily FieldsPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Emily GraceMurdoch Mysteries (regular character)
Emily RochfordStarting From … Now! (regular character)
EmilySame Same (regular character)
EmmaThe Grey Tarmac Road (guest character)
EmmaDisengaged (recurring character)
Emma TravarskyYou Me Her (regular character)
EretriaThe Shannara Chronicles (regular character)
Erica DundeeThe Last Man on Earth (regular character)
Erica SlenderThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
Eryka KleinThe Tunnel (recurring character)
Esme SongDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Esperanza SalvatierraEl Señor de los Cielos (regular character)
Estefanía “Rizos” KabilaVis a Vis (regular character)
Esther BloomHollyoaks (regular character)
Eva AzarovaNCIS: New Orleans (guest character)
Eva Kviig MohnSkam (regular character)
Eva TamminenSalatut elämät (regular character)
Eve RothloHow to Get Away with Murder (recurring character)
EzorVoltron: Legendary Defender (recurring character)
Faith DuluthUnREAL: The Faith Diaries (regular character)
FelicityThe Catch (recurring character)
FionaBillions (guest character)
FleabagFleabag (regular character)
Foster PageTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (recurring character)
Fran HarrisWords from Wilde (regular character)
Frances O’FlahertyRebellion (regular character)
Frankie FoxBetter Things (regular character)
Frankie HollingsworthDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Franky DoyleWentworth (regular character)
Freda GatzEmpire (recurring character)
Freya MikaelsonThe Originals (regular character)
GailRed Oaks (recurring character)
Gail KlostermanThe Last Man on Earth (regular character)
GarnetSteven Universe (regular character)
Gemma AlexanderThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
Gigi RockSex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (regular character)
GinaShut Eye (regular character)
Gina BrognoVenice: The Series (regular character)
Gina CortesElementary (guest character)
Gina McLaneScream (guest character)
GiseleBlunt Talk (recurring character)
GiselleGate (recurring character)
GloriaPure Genius (guest character)
Grace BlackHollyoaks (regular character)
Gretchen CutlerYou’re The Worst (regular character)
Griselda QuevedoLa Riera (recurring character)
Guru MaaShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
GwenHigh Maintenance (recurring character)
Haley ClarkHalt and Catch Fire (recurring character)
HannahPlease Like Me (regular character)
HannahThat’s my DJ (recurring character)
Hannah LeeNCIS: New Orleans (guest character)
Hannah WylandQuantico (recurring character)
Harper WhitleyShortland Street (regular character)
Hayes MorrisonConviction (regular character)
Helen BaschEpisodes (recurring character)
Helen LovejoyThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Helen SchiffMasters of Sex (recurring character)
HelenaNotas Aparte (regular character)
Henriette BoulierUnité 9 (regular character)
Henry AbascaleAll For One (regular character)
HollyGirls (guest character)
Hot CarlaMr. Robot (recurring character)
Ida DavisFamily Guy (recurring character)
Ilana WexlerBroad City (regular character)
Irene AdlerThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (recurring character)
Irene Larra GirónEl Ministerio del Tiempo (regular character)
IrisAdvocates (regular character)
Izzy MoralesStartUp (regular character)
Izzy SilvaYou Me Her (regular character)
JThe List (regular character)
Jac MurphyHaunted or Hoax (regular character)
Jackie Lynn ThomasStar vs. the Forces of Evil (recurring character)
Jacqueline StewartBenidorm (recurring character)
Jamie HaleCouple-ish (recurring character)
Jamie WatsonThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (regular character)
Jane AndrewsProject Green Gables (recurring character)
Jane Bean PendletonThe Glad Game (regular character)
JanetThe Good Place (regular character)
Janet KingJanet King (regular character)
JanetteSupermax (regular character)
Janine “Smurf” CodyAnimal Kingdom (regular character)
JanineSurvivor’s Remorse (guest character)
Jasmin FlemmingGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
JeanineMom (guest character)
Jeanne BironUnité 9 (regular character)
Jeanne TrevilleAll For One (regular character)
JeannieRay Donovan (guest character)
Jenna MarshallPretty Little Liars (recurring character)
Jeri HogarthDaredevil (guest character)
JessDisengaged (recurring character)
JessGrandfathered (guest character)
Jess WallacePure Genius (guest character)
JessicaThe Girls Guide (recurring character)
Jéssica BorgesSepto (regular character)
Jessie JohnsonOne Mississippi (guest character)
JoEasy (regular character)
Joan FergusonWentworth (regular character)
Joana Coelho3% (regular character)
Jocelyn ReyesEast Los High (recurring character)
JordanMary + Jane (regular character)
Joss CarverMistresses (US) (regular character)
JudyBoy Meets Girl (regular character)
Judy MeyersRed Oaks (recurring character)
JulesDisengaged (regular character)
JuliaThe Exorcist (recurring character)
Julie MaoThe Expanse (recurring character)
Juliet FerriereFamille d’accueil (regular character)
JustinePenny Dreadful (recurring character)
Kajiki YumiSaki (recurring character)
Kala DandekarSense8 (regular character)
KaleyGuilt (recurring character)
KareemaNo Tomorrow (regular character)
KareenaShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
KarenSchitt’s Creek (guest character)
Karen KimMistresses (US) (regular character)
KarenRed Oaks (recurring character)
Karen TaylorEastEnders (regular character)
Kat RanceThe Exorcist (regular character)
KateOne Mississippi (regular character)
KateClub Friday The Series (regular character)
Kate ConnorCoronation Street (regular character)
Mr. KaplanThe Blacklist (recurring character)
Kathleen DixonCasualty (regular character)
Kathleen UpshurThe Uncanny Upshurs (guest character)
KatiaDagger Kiss (regular character)
KatunClub Friday To Be Continued (regular character)
KatyLetterkenny (regular character)
KellyBlack Mirror (regular character)
Kelly PaulThe Fosters (guest character)
Kelsey JanningsBoJack Horseman (recurring character)
Kim AkerholtOffspring (recurring character)
Kim ButterfieldHollyoaks (regular character)
Kim ChangWentworth (regular character)
Kim DanThe Good Wife (Korean) (regular character)
Kim GordonSecret City (recurring character)
KiraThe Magicians (guest character)
Krishna DhawanJane the Virgin (recurring character)
Kristen SheridenStarting From … Now! (regular character)
KristinePortlandia (guest character)
Kusakai MioKeijo!!!!!! (regular character)
KyahPlease Like Me (guest character)
Kyle SlaterEastEnders (regular character)
KylieHere We Wait (regular character)
La PucelleMagical Girl Raising Project (regular character)
LagerthaVikings (regular character)
Lana WintersAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
LandonL.A. Web Series (regular character)
Lara MillerVenice: The Series (regular character)
Laura HagenDeath in Paradise (guest character)
Laura HalpinFair City (regular character)
Laura HollisCarmilla (regular character)
Laura MeyersCasual (regular character)
Lauren CooperFaking It (regular character)
Lauren HellerYounger (regular character)
LaVerne “Jukebox” ThomasPower (recurring character)
LaylaAdvocates (recurring character)
Leah HurtzThe Roedell Project (recurring character)
Leah LewisohnMother, May I Sleep With Danger? (regular character)
Leah MurphyGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
LenaRay Donovan (regular character)
Lena Adams FosterThe Fosters (regular character)
Lena BalavuBright Summer Night (regular character)
Lennon HallThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
LeoCoffee House Chronicles (guest character)
Leone JinjurThe Grey Tarmac Road (regular character)
Leslie ClarkThe Leslie (regular character)
Leslie MackinawTransparent (recurring character)
LexDay 5 (recurring character)
LexaThe 100 (recurring character)
Liddy SmallburyAway From It All (regular character)
Lila ColeAnimal Kingdom (guest character)
Lin ThropuplandThe Grey Tarmac Road (regular character)
LindaSlasher (guest character)
Linda HaverfordShut Eye (regular character)
Lindsay CarlisleLegends of Tomorrow (guest character)
Lisa SimpsonThe Simpsons (regular character)
LissaThe Adventures of Serena Berg (recurring character)
Liv BelcikTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (regular character)
Liv FlahertyEmmerdale (regular character)
Liz MalmoRED (regular character)
Liz TaylorAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
Logan RawlingsYoung & Hungry (recurring character)
LolaSense8 (guest character)
LolaDifficult People (regular character)
Lola PerryCarmilla (regular character)
LorenaTransparent (guest character)
Lorna MorelloOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Louise EllisonHell on Wheels (regular character)
LuaSepto (regular character)
LucreneSense8 (guest character)
Lucy GambaroWentworth (recurring character)
LucyThe Girls Guide (recurring character)
Lucy WestMina Murray’s Journal (regular character)
Luisa AlverJane the Virgin (regular character)
Luna LoudThe Loud House (regular character)
M-Chuck CallowaySurvivor’s Remorse (regular character)
Macarena FerreiroVis a Vis (regular character)
Madison AnneThis is Taylor (recurring character)
Maggie AmatoYounger (regular character)
Maggie LinSaving Hope (regular character)
Maggie SawyerSupergirl (regular character)
Maki HonokaKiznaiver (regular character)
Malaya PinedaCode Black (regular character)
MalkieYounger (guest character)
Manola JimenezFrom Dusk till Dawn: The Series (guest character)
Marceline AbadeerAdventure Time (regular character)
Marcia PrincessThe Simpsons (recurring character)
MareiGame of Thrones (recurring character)
MargaretCoffee House Chronicles (guest character)
Margo HansonThe Magicians (regular character)
MargotRed Oaks (recurring character)
Margot BishopThe Catch (regular character)
Mari SeixasDona Moça (regular character)
Maria Ana RodriguesSanta Bárbara (Telenovela) (recurring character)
Maria WaitesTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (guest character)
Mariah CopelandThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
Marina AndrieskiThe Magicians (recurring character)
Marissa KaganElementary (guest character)
Marjorie PalmiottiVeep (regular character)
Marlene DonaldsonJane the Virgin (recurring character)
MarshmallowBob’s Burgers (recurring character)
MartiWestworld (guest character)
Martina MooreCrowded (regular character)
Mary CoxThe Path (regular character)
Mary LouiseThe Vampire Diaries (recurring character)
MauraSurvivor’s Remorse (guest character)
Maura PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Maureen KukudioOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
MaxBlack Sails (regular character)
Maxine ConwayWentworth (recurring character)
May-Li WangThe Dumping Ground (regular character)
MayaCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (regular character)
Maya AvantThe Bold and The Beautiful (regular character)
MazikeenLucifer (regular character)
MeaghanThat’s my DJ (regular character)
Megan AddamsThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
Mehr24 (Indian) (recurring character)
MelPot Luck (regular character)
Mel BéartRED (regular character)
Mel CallisCarmilla (recurring character)
Melanie HansenNotruf Hafenkante (regular character)
Melina MarquezTake My Wife (recurring character)
MiaDagger Kiss (recurring character)
Mia RochlandRogue (regular character)
Mia SeleneBright Summer Night (regular character)
Michael HesterMistresses (US) (recurring character)
Michelle ChristopherTimeless (guest character)
Michelle KesslerInhuman Condition (regular character)
Michelle McBrideGoliath (regular character)
Michelle Taylor BlacksmithRetail Rejects (recurring character)
MickeyUnREAL: The Faith Diaries (recurring character)
MikaylaThe Adventures of Serena Berg (recurring character)
Miller HarrisBetween Women (regular character)
Mina MurryMina Murray’s Journal (regular character)
Miriam PeschVerbotene Liebe (recurring character)
Miss BruceStar (regular character)
Missy (The Master)Doctor Who (recurring character)
Molly RyanGuilt (recurring character)
MollyThe Late Nell Avery (recurring character)
Monica GallagherShameless (US) (recurring character)
Monica MustavaaraSalatut elämät (regular character)
Monica TalbotHouse of Lies (regular character)
Monte PorterThe Fosters (recurring character)
Mr. GarrisonSouth Park (regular character)
Mrs. McMurrayLetterkenny (recurring character)
Ms. AlvarezEast Los High (recurring character)
MulanOnce Upon a Time (recurring character)
Myra McQueenHollyoaks (regular character)
Mystery GirlSteven Universe (guest character)
NancePortlandia (regular character)
Nancy FurmanThe Glad Game (regular character)
Naomi FlynnAmerican Gothic (regular character)
Naomi GoldenConviction (guest character)
Natalie Hintmore-HarrisBetween Women (regular character)
Nell AveryThe Late Nell Avery (regular character)
NiamhSame Same (guest character)
Nicky HoskinsDeath in Paradise (guest character)
Nicky NicholsOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Nicole DörmerThe Man in the High Castle (regular character)
Nicole EllisFresh Off the Boat (recurring character)
Nicole HaughtWynonna Earp (regular character)
Nicole MillerShortland Street (regular character)
Nimmie TreeThe Grey Tarmac Road (recurring character)
Nishina ShimaKiss Him, Not Me (regular character)
NiskaHUMANS (regular character)
NiylahThe 100 (recurring character)
Noa KeanCode Black (regular character)
NoahFaking It (recurring character)
Nomi MarksSense8 (regular character)
NoorKhuda Mera Bhi Hai (regular character)
Nora HildegardThe Vampire Diaries (recurring character)
Nova BordelonQueen Sugar (regular character)
Nyssa al GhulArrow (recurring character), Legends of Tomorrow (guest character)
OlgaLast Tango in Halifax (regular character)
Omar TreeThe Grey Tarmac Road (regular character)
Ōsawa YūRamen Daisuki Koizumi San (regular character)
Ozma GaleThe Grey Tarmac Road (regular character)
Paige McCullersPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Paige MichalchukDegrassi: Next Class (guest character)
PamTake My Wife (guest character)
PamTake My Wife (guest character)
Pamela ClayborneSaints & Sinners (regular character)
PapikaFlip Flappers (regular character)
Parker ForsythGeneral Hospital (recurring character)
Patsy MountCall the Midwife (regular character)
PearlSteven Universe (regular character)
PearlMother, May I Sleep With Danger? (regular character)
Penny BlakeGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Peri LomaxHollyoaks (regular character)
Petra SolanoJane the Virgin (regular character)
Philippa GordonGreen Gables Fables (recurring character)
Phoebe AndersonThe Better Strangers (guest character)
Phoebe ShephardLike, As It Is (regular character)
Piper ChapmanOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Pippy RosewoodRosewood (regular character)
Pollyanna WhittierThe Glad Game (regular character)
Poppy HóuBright Summer Night (recurring character)
Portia VallonAll For One (regular character)
Poussey WashingtonOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Princess BubblegumAdventure Time (regular character)
Princess JubileeGalavant (guest character)
Priscilla GrantGreen Gables Fables (recurring character)
Puck GoodallBright Summer Night (regular character)
Queen AnneLegends of Tomorrow (guest character)
QuimaMerlí (recurring character)
RachelHere We Wait (regular character)
Rachel CallowayFamily Time (recurring character)
Rachel KesslerInhuman Condition (recurring character)
RachelMom and Me (regular character)
Rachel ManntCouple-ish (regular character)
RachelPretty Little Liars (guest character)
RachelStarting From … Now! (recurring character)
Rachel ThompsonCuckoo (regular character)
Rae TysonBetween Women (regular character)
RagsThe Adventures of Serena Berg (recurring character)
Ramona RoyaleAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
Rana HabeebCoronation Street (regular character)
Random 1The Girls Guide (guest character)
ReaganNew Girl (recurring character)
Rhea ButcherTake My Wife (regular character)
Rhonda JohnsonBlack-ish (recurring character)
Rhonda LyonEmpire (regular character)
Riley BlueSense8 (regular character)
RileyStudville TV (regular character)
RitaInconceivable (regular character)
RockyOne Mississippi (guest character)
Ronnie LeeSchitt’s Creek (recurring character)
RootPerson of Interest (regular character)
Rosa DiazBrooklyn Nine-Nine (regular character)
Rosa LehmannGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Rosamond MacCraeThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
Rose CrantzA Document of Madness (regular character), The Better Strangers (regular character)
Rose MillerOut with Dad (regular character)
Rose QuartzSteven Universe (recurring character)
Rose SolanoJane the Virgin (regular character)
Ross GrantLike, As It Is (regular character)
Rowan GainesHigh’rd Help (regular character)
Roxanne RobertsThe Adventures of Serena Berg (regular character)
Roz WaltersGuilt (regular character)
RubySteven Universe (recurring character)
Ruby FloresShortland Street (guest character)
Ruby (Red) LucasOnce Upon a Time (regular character)
RuruKiznaiver (recurring character)
RuthUnREAL: The Faith Diaries (recurring character)
S. LaFontaineCarmilla (regular character)
SabrinaFaking It (recurring character)
SabrinaPretty Little Liars (recurring character)
Sadie MernierDeath in Paradise (guest character)
Sadie SwensonScream Queens (regular character)
Sally BentonThe Fosters (recurring character)
Sally McKennaAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
Sally St. ClaireHollyoaks (regular character)
Sam JayTake My Wife (guest character)
SamSame Same (regular character)
SamScream Queens (recurring character)
SamThe Good Wife (guest character)
Sameen ShawPerson of Interest (regular character)
Santánico PandemoniumFrom Dusk till Dawn: The Series (regular character)
SapphireSteven Universe (recurring character)
Sara HarveyPretty Little Liars (recurring character)
Sara LanceLegends of Tomorrow (regular character), Arrow (recurring character), The Flash (guest character)
Sara MartínAmar es para siempre (guest character)
SaraNotas Aparte (regular character)
Sarah ManningOrphan Black (regular character)
Sarah PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
SarahThe Girls Guide (recurring character)
Saray Vargas de JesúsVis a Vis (regular character)
Sash BishopFair City (regular character)
SashaI Ship It (regular character)
Sasha RoseSecret City (recurring character)
Sebastian MessingTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (recurring character)
Serena BergThe Adventures of Serena Berg (regular character)
Serena CampbellHolby City (regular character)
ShaneenStudville TV (regular character)
Sharon DuckworthBlack-ish (guest character)
Shauna ChalmersThe Simpsons (recurring character)
SheaTransparent (recurring character)
Sherlock HolmesThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (regular character)
Sherry MillerAway From It All (recurring character)
Shimura TaeGintama (recurring character)
Sian LambertDoctor Foster (recurring character)
SidneyDisengaged (regular character)
Silvia CorinLike, As It Is (recurring character)
Silvia SheppardThe Better Strangers (guest character)
Simone DavisStar (regular character)
Sister NanaMagical Girl Raising Project (recurring character)
Skye MadisonIt’s Complicated (regular character)
SofiaNo Tomorrow (recurring character)
Sonia FowlerEastEnders (regular character)
Sophia BursettOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Sophia VarmaBlindspot (guest character)
SophieThe Deleted (recurring character)
Sophie BrickerBrains (regular character)
Sophie DoddEastEnders (regular character)
Sophie WebsterCoronation Street (regular character)
Soumya SinghShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (regular character)
Stanley HopkinsThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (recurring character)
Stef Adams FosterThe Fosters (regular character)
Stella CarlinOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
Stella GibsonThe Fall (regular character)
Stella MooreCrowded (regular character)
Steph FraserStarting From … Now! (regular character)
Stephanie ScullyNeighbours (regular character)
Stephanie TannerFuller House (regular character)
StevieSwerve (regular character)
StevonnieSteven Universe (recurring character)
The Switch (regular character)
Sue RandellClarence (recurring character)
Sun BakSense8 (regular character)
Sunny ZölligLindenstraße (regular character)
Susan JacksonVan Helsing (guest character)
Susana TorresEl Ministerio del Tiempo (recurring character)
Susanna BarnettJane the Virgin (recurring character)
Suzanne WarrenOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Svetlana FisherShameless (US) (regular character)
Sydney KatzSaving Hope (regular character)
Tabitha GalavanGotham (recurring character)
Tabitha GregsonThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (guest character)
TaísSepto (recurring character)
Tammi BelcikTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (guest character)
Tammy GregorioNCIS: New Orleans (regular character)
TaneishaBoJack Horseman (guest character)
TanisLetterkenny (recurring character)
Tanja SchildknechtLindenstraße (regular character)
Tara ChamblerThe Walking Dead (regular character)
Tara Milly IzikoffRosewood (regular character)
Tara MohrBillions (guest character)
Tatiana LocastaThe Grey Tarmac Road (recurring character)
TaylorThis is Taylor (regular character)
Teri PullmanElementary (guest character)
Tess PearsonThis Is Us (recurring character)
ThaliaHere We Wait (regular character)
The CountessAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
The LadyGotham (guest character)
Thea QuinceBright Summer Night (recurring character)
Tiana BrownEmpire (regular character)
Tig BavaroOne Mississippi (regular character)
Tilda VilanovaLa Riera (regular character)
Tina CarterEastEnders (regular character)
Tina MaxThe List (guest character)
TitubaSalem (regular character)
TobyI Love Dick (regular character)
ToniPortlandia (regular character)
Tōyoko MomokoSaki (recurring character)
TressaBetter Things (recurring character)
Trudy WhyattThe Grey Tarmac Road (regular character)
Tuka Luna MarceauGate (recurring character)
TwoDark Matter (regular character)
Valencia PerezCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (regular character)
VampireMother, May I Sleep With Danger? (guest character)
Vanessa HelsingVan Helsing (regular character)
Vanessa LeMayOut with Dad (recurring character)
Vanessa WoodfieldEmmerdale (regular character)
Veronica FisherShameless (US) (regular character)
VictoriaThe Girls Guide (regular character)
Victoria LambNeighbours (recurring character)
Viola MessingTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (regular character)
Violet HunterThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (guest character)
Waverly EarpWynonna Earp (regular character)
Weiss WinterprisonMagical Girl Raising Project (recurring character)
Wendy HooperThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (regular character)
WhiteroseMr. Robot (recurring character)
WigginsThe Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (recurring character)
Will SandersNothing Like the Sun (recurring character)
Willa WarrenThe Family (recurring character)
Winney RiseBetween Women (regular character)
Yael BaronDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Yara GreyjoyGame of Thrones (recurring character)
YasminaSame Same (regular character)
YorkieBlack Mirror (regular character)
ZethridVoltron: Legendary Defender (recurring character)
Zoé FischerLa trêve (regular character)
Zoe LasnammerThe Blair Goddess Project (regular character)
Zoë RivasDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Zoë VaughnScream (regular character)
ZoeyThe Switch (regular character)
ZoraThe Shannara Chronicles (guest character)

By Show

Show Character(s)
19-2 (1)
24 (Indian) (1)
  • Mehr (recurring character)
A Document of Madness (1)
A Place to Call Home (1)
Adventure Time (2)
Advocates (5)
All For One (6)
Amar es para siempre (1)
American Gothic (2)
American Horror Story (6)
American Housewife (1)
Animal Kingdom (2)
Arrow (2)
Away From It All (3)
Barracuda (1)
  • Demet (recurring character)
Benidorm (1)
Better Things (2)
Between Women (4)
Billions (2)
Black-ish (2)
Black Mirror (2)
Black Sails (3)
Blindspot (3)
Blunt Talk (1)
Bob’s Burgers (1)
BoJack Horseman (2)
Bones (1)
Boy Meets Girl (1)
  • Judy (regular character)
Brains (1)
Bright Summer Night (6)
Broad City (2)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1)
Buscando el norte (2)
  • Adela (regular character)
  • Carol (regular character)
Call the Midwife (2)
Carmilla (6)
Casual (2)
Casualty (1)
Centro Médico (1)
Clarence (2)
Club Friday The Series (2)
  • Cee (regular character)
  • Kate (regular character)
Club Friday To Be Continued (2)
Code Black (4)
Coffee House Chronicles (3)
Conviction (2)
Coronation Street (4)
Couple-ish (5)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2)
Criminal Minds (1)
Crowded (2)
Cuckoo (1)
Dagger Kiss (3)
Daredevil (1)
Dark Matter (1)
  • Two (regular character)
Day 5 (2)
  • Ally (regular character)
  • Lex (recurring character)
Dead Of Summer (1)
Death in Paradise (3)
Degrassi: Next Class (5)
Destiny Rose (1)
Difficult People (1)
  • Lola (regular character)
Disengaged (4)
  • Emma (recurring character)
  • Jess (recurring character)
  • Jules (regular character)
  • Sidney (regular character)
Doctor Foster (1)
Doctor Who (3)
Dona Moça (1)
From Dusk till Dawn: The Series (2)
East Los High (4)
EastEnders (5)
Easy (2)
  • Chase (regular character)
  • Jo (regular character)
El Ministerio del Tiempo (2)
El Señor de los Cielos (2)
Elementary (4)
Emmerdale (4)
Empire (4)
Episodes (2)
Fair City (2)
Faking It (4)
Famille d’accueil (1)
Family Guy (1)
Family Time (1)
Fleabag (1)
Flip Flappers (2)
Flowers (1)
Fresh Off the Boat (2)
Fuller House (1)
Galavant (1)
Game of Thrones (4)
Gate (2)
General Hospital (1)
Gintama (1)
Girls (1)
Goliath (2)
Gotham (3)
Grandfathered (3)
Green Gables Fables (3)
Grey’s Anatomy (5)
Guilt (3)
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (3)
Halt and Catch Fire (1)
Haunted or Hoax (3)
Hell on Wheels (1)
Here We Wait (4)
High Maintenance (1)
  • Gwen (recurring character)
High’rd Help (5)
Holby City (3)
Hollyoaks (6)
House of Lies (1)
How to Get Away with Murder (3)
I Love Dick (2)
  • Devon (regular character)
  • Toby (regular character)
I Ship It (2)
Inconceivable (1)
  • Rita (regular character)
Inhuman Condition (2)
It’s Complicated (2)
Jane the Virgin (6)
Janet King (3)
Keijo!!!!!! (1)
Khuda Mera Bhi Hai (1)
  • Noor (regular character)
Killjoys (2)
Kiss Him, Not Me (1)
Kiznaiver (2)
L.A. Web Series (2)
La Riera (2)
La théorie du Y (2)
  • Anna (regular character)
  • Claire (regular character)
La trêve (2)
Last Tango in Halifax (2)
Legends of Tomorrow (4)
Letterkenny (3)
Like, As It Is (4)
Lindenstraße (2)
Lost Girl (1)
Lucifer (1)
Magical Girl Raising Project (3)
Marcella (1)
Marseille (1)
Mary + Jane (1)
Masters of Sex (2)
Merlí (1)
  • Quima (recurring character)
Mina Murray’s Journal (2)
Mistresses (US) (3)
Mom (2)
Mom and Me (1)
Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? (3)
Mozart in the Jungle (1)
Mr. Robot (4)
Murdoch Mysteries (1)
My Sister is So Gay (1)
Nada Será Como Antes (1)
Nashville (1)
NCIS: New Orleans (3)
Neighbours (4)
New Girl (3)
No Tomorrow (2)
Notas Aparte (2)
  • Helena (regular character)
  • Sara (regular character)
Nothing Like the Sun (3)
Notruf Hafenkante (1)
Offspring (1)
Once Upon a Time (3)
One Mississippi (5)
Orange is the New Black (13)
Orphan Black (3)
Out with Dad (3)
Penny Dreadful (2)
Person of Interest (2)
Please Like Me (2)
Plus Belle La Vie (1)
Portlandia (4)
Pot Luck (3)
  • Beth (regular character)
  • Debs (regular character)
  • Mel (regular character)
Power (2)
Pretty Little Liars (8)
Project Green Gables (2)
Pure Genius (3)
Quantico (1)
Queen Sugar (2)
Ramen Daisuki Koizumi San (1)
Ray Donovan (2)
Rebellion (1)
RED (3)
Red Oaks (4)
Retail Rejects (6)
Rogue (1)
Rosewood (3)
Saints & Sinners (2)
Saki (2)
Salatut elämät (2)
Salem (1)
Same Same (7)
Santa Bárbara (Telenovela) (2)
Saving Hope (2)
Schitt’s Creek (2)
Scott & Bailey (1)
Scream (3)
Scream Queens (2)
Secret City (2)
Seis Hermanas (2)
Sense8 (9)
Septo (3)
Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (3)
Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (3)
Shameless (US) (5)
Shortland Street (3)
Shut Eye (2)
Skam (1)
Slasher (2)
South Park (1)
Star (3)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil (1)
Starting From … Now! (6)
StartUp (1)
Steven Universe (7)
Stitchers (1)
Studville TV (4)
Supergirl (3)
Supermax (1)
Survivor’s Remorse (3)
Swerve (2)
Take My Wife (6)
Teachers (US) (1)
That’s my DJ (2)
The 100 (3)
The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) (9)
The Adventures of Serena Berg (6)
The Better Strangers (4)
The Blacklist (1)
The Blair Goddess Project (3)
The Bold and The Beautiful (1)
The Catch (2)
The Cate Morland Chronicles (1)
The Deleted (2)
The Dumping Ground (1)
The Exorcist (2)
The Expanse (1)
The Fall (2)
The Family (2)
The Flash (1)
The Fosters (6)
The Girlfriend Experience (2)
The Girls Guide (6)
The Glad Game (3)
The Good Place (2)
The Good Wife (1)
  • Sam (guest character)
The Good Wife (Korean) (1)
The Grey Tarmac Road (9)
The Last Man on Earth (2)
The Last Ship (1)
The Late Nell Avery (4)
The Leslie (2)
The Librarians (1)
The List (3)
  • Chloe (regular character)
  • J (regular character)
  • Tina Max (guest character)
The Loud House (1)
The Magicians (3)
The Man in the High Castle (1)
The Mindy Project (1)
The OA (1)
The Originals (1)
The ‘Other’ Love Story (2)
The Path (2)
The Real O’Neals (1)
The Roedell Project (4)
The Royals (1)
The Shannara Chronicles (2)
The Simpsons (4)
The Strain (1)
The Switch (4)
The Tunnel (2)
The Uncanny Upshurs (9)
The Vampire Diaries (2)
The Walking Dead (2)
The X-Files (1)
The Young and the Restless (1)
Thirteen (1)
This is Taylor (2)
This Is Us (1)
Timeless (2)
Transparent (11)
Twelfth Grade (or Whatever) (6)
Unfortunatly Ashly (2)
  • Ashly (regular character)
  • Avery (recurring character)
Unité 9 (3)
UnREAL: The Faith Diaries (4)
Van Helsing (2)
Veep (2)
Venice: The Series (3)
Verbotene Liebe (1)
Vikings (2)
Vis a Vis (3)
Voltron: Legendary Defender (2)
  • Ezor (recurring character)
  • Zethrid (recurring character)
Wentworth (8)
Westworld (3)
Words from Wilde (2)
Wynonna Earp (2)
You Me Her (2)
Young & Hungry (2)
Younger (3)
You’re The Worst (1)
Z Nation (1)
3% (1)