In This Year - 2017


An overview of queer events that occurred in 2017.


823 Characters On Air


By Character Name

Name Show(s)
Aaron BakerThe Fosters (recurring character)
Abbey TuckMerry Maidens (regular character)
Abbi AbramsBroad City (regular character)
Abby ParkerThe Deuce (regular character)
AddyChapstick (regular character)
Addy CarverZ Nation (regular character)
Adele NaumannMiddlemarch: The Series (recurring character)
Adena El-AminThe Bold Type (regular character)
Adriana CliosRiviera (regular character)
Adriana HillTwincidents (regular character)
Agatha UpshurThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
Agnes NielsenDark (regular character)
Akechi MitsuyoA Centaur’s Life (regular character)
Alex CastilloIt’s Complicated (regular character)
Alex DanversSupergirl (regular character), The Flash (guest character), Legends of Tomorrow (guest character)
Alex Di NardoI Bastardi Di Pizzofalcone (regular character)
Alex EverettTwincidents (regular character)
AlexLiminal Summer (guest character)
Alex O’NessHamlet the Dame (regular character)
Alex SeymourTwincidents (regular character)
Alex VauseOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Alexis GlennFamous in Love (regular character)
Ali PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Alice O’HaraBarbelle (regular character)
AliceOnce Upon a Time (regular character)
Alisha GrandersonThe Last Ship (regular character)
Alison DilaurentisPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Alistair FredericksThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
Allie NovakWentworth (regular character)
Allie WilsonLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
AllisonThe Real O’Neals (recurring character)
AllyDay 5 (regular character)
Ally Mayfair-RichardsAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
Allyson Del LagoNashville (recurring character)
AmandaSisters (Australia) (recurring character)
Amanda WestonStitchers (recurring character)
Amanita CaplanSense8 (recurring character)
Amelia ScanwellHarlots (regular character)
AmiraTen Days in the Valley (recurring character)
AmyBlack Mirror (regular character)
Amy BreslinThe Good Fight (recurring character)
Amy WarsonCouple-ish (regular character)
Andréa MartelDix pour cent (regular character)
Aneela Kin RitKilljoys (recurring character)
Angel ForrestTwincidents (recurring character)
AngelaAmerican Housewife (regular character)
AngelaThe End of the F**king World (guest character)
Angela MontenegroBones (regular character)
Angelica TuringSense8 (recurring character)
AngieRome & Juliet (recurring character)
Ani MartinVenice: The Series (regular character)
AniseStudville TV (regular character)
AnnaRED (recurring character)
Anna GarnerThe Girlfriend Experience (regular character)
Annaliese StilmanMindhunter (guest character)
Annalise KeatingHow to Get Away with Murder (regular character)
Anne BonnyBlack Sails (regular character)
Anne GarciaSanta Clarita Diet (recurring character)
Anne ShirleyProject Green Gables (regular character)
Anni BrehmeGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Annie BalkansAll Or Nothing (regular character)
Annie JamesNothing Like the Sun (regular character)
Annie KaplanThe Blacklist (guest character)
AnnikaThe Arrangement (recurring character)
Antoine “Toine” WilkinsQueen Sugar (guest character)
April HawkinsThe Emma Agenda (recurring character)
Ar-PooClub Friday To Be Continued (regular character)
Arizona RobbinsGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Arlene BranchClaws (recurring character)
Artesian McCulloughOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
Arthie PremkumarGLOW (recurring character)
AshlyUnfortunatly Ashly (regular character)
Asia DanielsMy Beautiful Pain (recurring character)
AstridVikings (regular character)
Ava SharpeLegends of Tomorrow (regular character)
Ava WalcottThe Roedell Project (regular character)
AveryUnfortunatly Ashly (recurring character)
AvrilAll Or Nothing (guest character)
BaldwinCounterpart (regular character)
BarbShameless (US) (guest character)
Barbara KeanGotham (regular character)
Bárbara RománPerdona Nuestros Pecados (recurring character)
BartenderBarbelle (guest character)
Bathsheba EverdeneAway From It All (regular character)
Beatrice Hamelin19-2 (recurring character)
Bebe BabbittAmerican Horror Story (guest character)
BecOne Mississippi (guest character)
BeeGal Pals (regular character)
BekahPick up (recurring character)
BelleDifferent For Girls (recurring character)
Bennie MontagueRome & Juliet (recurring character)
Bernadette TaylorEastEnders (regular character)
Bernadette WöllerDark (recurring character)
Bernie WolfeHolby City (regular character)
BethClaws (guest character)
Beth HigginsMaggie Hale’s Corner (regular character)
Beth LeeDimension 404 (regular character)
BethPot Luck (regular character)
BetsyThe Path (recurring character)
BettyCurb Your Enthusiasm (guest character)
Bianca GrieveJanet King (regular character)
Bianca MinolaNothing Like the Sun (regular character)
Bill PottsDoctor Who (regular character)
Billie HaareHappy Playland (regular character)
Billie LadislawMiddlemarch: The Series (recurring character)
BilquisAmerican Gods (recurring character)
BlairAny Other Rosie (regular character)
Bobby (Ellen)Queers (regular character)
BodhiSense8 (guest character)
Bonnie PlunkettMom (regular character)
Briar DunlapAfter Oil (regular character)
Bridget WestfallWentworth (regular character)
Briony ScottThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
Brook SosoOrange is the New Black (regular character)
BrookeDifferent For Girls (regular character)
BrooklynBarbelle (guest character)
CagliostroSymphogear (recurring character)
CalCouple-ish (regular character)
Callie DunneGodless (recurring character)
CamStrangers (regular character)
CamDifferent For Girls (regular character)
Cameron EspositoTake My Wife (regular character)
Cameron WirthDoubt (regular character)
Camila BarriosEast Los High (regular character)
Camilla TorresOrphan Black (guest character)
Camille EngelsonStitchers (regular character)
Carina DeLucaGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
CarlieAnimal Warmth (guest character)
Carlota Rodríguez de SenillosaLas Chicas Del Cable (regular character)
Carmilla KarnsteinThe Carmilla Movie (regular character)
Carol CumberlandSense8 (guest character)
Carol RanceEpisodes (regular character)
Carolyn BlighA Place to Call Home (regular character)
CarriePortlandia (regular character)
Carrie “Big Boo” BlackOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Casey GardnerAtypical (regular character)
Casey ParkerGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Cassandra CillianThe Librarians (regular character)
Cassandra KnightOne Mississippi (guest character)
Cassandra ReyesLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
Cat AdamsCriminal Minds (recurring character)
CatalinaTwenty (recurring character)
Catherine MeyerVeep (regular character)
Cece ParekhNew Girl (regular character)
Cecelia CannonTeachers (US) (regular character)
Celia ArroyoMiddlemarch: The Series (regular character)
Celia SilvaSeis Hermanas (regular character)
Céline FrémontPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Cerys JonesKeeping Faith (recurring character)
ChanningStudville TV (regular character)
Chantal WilliamsQueen Sugar (recurring character)
Charity DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Charley CondomineSchool Spirit: An Unlikely Webseries (regular character)
CharlieAll Or Nothing (recurring character)
Charlotte BronteThe Carmilla Movie (recurring character)
Charlotte DiLaurentisPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Charlotte WellsHarlots (regular character)
ChaseEasy (regular character)
Cherice HopskinsMy Beautiful Pain (recurring character)
Cheryl BlossomRiverdale (regular character)
Chris AlonsoS.W.A.T. (regular character)
Chris JonesMy Beautiful Pain (regular character)
Citlali LópezIngobernable (guest character)
ClaireLoudermilk (regular character)
ClaireRelationship Status (regular character)
Clara MorrisLiminal Summer (regular character)
Clara OswaldDoctor Who (regular character)
Clare QuayleCounterpart (regular character)
Clarke GriffinThe 100 (regular character)
Clifford DeVoe/Becky SharpeThe Flash (guest character)
CocoThe Bold Type (guest character)
CocoLopez (recurring character)
ColeThe Fosters (recurring character)
Colette BrancilloDix pour cent (recurring character)
Colette Kimball-KinneyThe Mindy Project (regular character)
Cosima NiehausOrphan Black (regular character)
Cotton BrownStar (regular character)
Courtney ChaseTwincidents (recurring character)
Courtney Crimsen13 Reasons Why (regular character)
Cristina SalgadoEl Señor de los Cielos (recurring character)
Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones (regular character)
Dakota NicholsFamous in Love (guest character)
Dani RobertsonLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
Daniela HurtadoIngobernable (recurring character)
DaniellePick up (recurring character)
Danny LawrenceThe Carmilla Movie (guest character)
Darlene AldersonMr. Robot (regular character)
Darya EsfordThe Girlfriend Experience (regular character)
DashaDifferent For Girls (recurring character)
Dater #1Pick up (guest character)
Dater #2Pick up (guest character)
Dater #3Pick up (guest character)
DavinaTransparent (recurring character)
Dayanara “Daya” DiazOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Dayna KnoxGrey’s Anatomy (guest character)
DeAnn AndersonThe Arrangement (regular character)
DebFresh Off the Boat (guest character)
Debbie DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Debbie GallagherShameless (US) (regular character)
DebsPot Luck (regular character)
Dee WarsonCouple-ish (regular character)
Delia BusbyCall the Midwife (regular character)
Delilah JohnsonDoubt (guest character)
Delle Seyah KendryKilljoys (recurring character)
Delphine CormierOrphan Black (recurring character)
DeniseMaster of None (regular character)
Denise ChristopherTimeless (regular character)
DevonI Love Dick (regular character)
Diana OrtegaCentro Médico (regular character)
Dina ReznickBig Mouth (guest character)
Dominique DiPierroMr. Robot (regular character)
DoriTempa Kill (regular character)
Doris TiedemannDark (recurring character)
Dot BrookeMiddlemarch: The Series (regular character)
Drew SeymourTwincidents (regular character)
Duke SeniorThe Better Strangers (recurring character)
DutchKilljoys (regular character)
Dutch VeldersThe Strain (regular character)
DylanGal Pals (recurring character)
Dylan FinneganThe Roedell Project (regular character)
Ebato SanaeKuzu no Honkai (recurring character)
Ebato SanaeScum’s Wish (recurring character)
Edie DollsDoc McStuffins (guest character)
Edie FlanaganSisters (Australia) (regular character)
EdisonGal Pals (recurring character)
EileenJane the Virgin (recurring character)
EJ RandellClarence (recurring character)
Eleanor GuthrieBlack Sails (regular character)
Eleanor HenstridgeThe Royals (regular character)
Eleanor ShellstropThe Good Place (regular character)
Elena AlvarezOne Day at a Time (regular character)
EliseSwerve (regular character)
Elise WassermannThe Tunnel (regular character)
Eliza MinnickGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Ella Flynn-KelloggDaytime Divas (recurring character)
Ella JohnsonSaints & Sinners (regular character)
Ellaria SandGame of Thrones (recurring character)
Elle SheridanThe Carmilla Movie (recurring character)
Ellen CrabbeNeighbours (recurring character)
Ellen HammondSchool Spirit: An Unlikely Webseries (regular character)
Elly ConwayNeighbours (regular character)
Em EspositoThe Roedell Project (regular character)
EmilySupergirl (guest character)
Emily ApplegateAll Or Nothing (regular character)
Emily BlakePrison Break (recurring character)
Emily FieldsPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Emily GraceMurdoch Mysteries (regular character)
Emily HabibProject Inferno (regular character)
Emily LewisSchool Spirit: An Unlikely Webseries (regular character)
Emma ReidDoctors (regular character)
Emma TravarskyYou Me Her (regular character)
Emma WoodhouseThe Emma Agenda (regular character)
EmmyCasual (recurring character)
EnidOK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (regular character)
EretriaThe Shannara Chronicles (regular character)
Erica DundeeThe Last Man on Earth (regular character)
Erica MylesThe Girlfriend Experience (regular character)
Erica SlenderThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
ErikaAmerican Horror Story (guest character)
ErinPick up (regular character)
Erin RushDoubt (guest character)
Erin Rush’s WifeDoubt (guest character)
Esme SongDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Esperanza SalvatierraEl Señor de los Cielos (regular character)
EstefaníaIndetectables (recurring character)
Esther BloomHollyoaks (regular character)
EstrellaThe Librarians (guest character)
Eunice NoonThe End of the F**king World (regular character)
Eurus HolmesSherlock (recurring character)
Eva AzarovaNCIS: New Orleans (guest character)
Eva Kviig MohnSkam (regular character)
Eva TamminenSalatut elämät (regular character)
Evelyn CunninghamLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
EzorVoltron: Legendary Defender (recurring character)
Farrah MaalikHollyoaks (regular character)
FelicityThe Catch (recurring character)
Fifi CaviaraFather Brown (guest character)
Florencia EstrellaLas Estrellas (regular character)
FranDifferent For Girls (regular character)
Francie HaleMaggie Hale’s Corner (recurring character)
Frankie CiscoHamlet the Dame (recurring character)
Frankie CoyneWorkin’ Moms (regular character)
Frankie FoxBetter Things (regular character)
Frankie HollingsworthDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Franky DoyleWentworth (regular character)
Freda GatzEmpire (recurring character)
Freya MikaelsonThe Originals (regular character)
GailRed Oaks (recurring character)
Gail KlostermanThe Last Man on Earth (regular character)
GarnetSteven Universe (regular character)
Gemma AlexanderThe Uncanny Upshurs (regular character)
GemmaDifferent For Girls (regular character)
Gillian HuntRiley Parra (regular character)
GillianScandal (guest character)
GinaShut Eye (regular character)
Gina BrognoVenice: The Series (regular character)
Giselle BoisWorkin’ Moms (recurring character)
Grace BlackHollyoaks (regular character)
GretaThe Frozen Dead (recurring character)
Gretchen CutlerYou’re The Worst (regular character)
Griselda QuevedoLa Riera (recurring character)
GuinevereLegends of Tomorrow (guest character)
Guru MaaShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
HaileyStrangers (recurring character)
HamletHamlet the Dame (regular character)
Hannah Baker13 Reasons Why (regular character)
HannahPick up (guest character)
Hannah WylandQuantico (recurring character)
Harper WhitleyShortland Street (regular character)
Harriet SmithThe Emma Agenda (regular character)
Hayes MorrisonConviction (regular character)
HazelTwenty (regular character)
HeatherDoctor Who (guest character)
Heather LoobyHouse Husbands (regular character)
Hedy BatesThe Emma Agenda (recurring character)
Helen BaschEpisodes (recurring character)
Helen LovejoyThe Simpsons (recurring character)
HelenaNotas Aparte (regular character)
Henriette BoulierUnité 9 (regular character)
Historia ReissAttack on Titan (regular character)
Ida DavisFamily Guy (recurring character)
Ikishima MidariKakegurui: Compulsive Gambler (recurring character)
Ilana WexlerBroad City (regular character)
Ilia AmitolaRWBY (recurring character)
Imogen PascoeCoronation Street (recurring character)
Irena ShawDark Matter (guest character)
Irene Larra GirónEl Ministerio del Tiempo (regular character)
Irene MillsEastEnders (guest character)
Irène ZieglerThe Frozen Dead (regular character)
Isabella of VeronaStill Star-Crossed (regular character)
Isobel SongStrangers (regular character)
Ivan GarciaA Força do Querer (regular character)
Ivy Mayfair-RichardsAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
Izzy MoralesStartUp (regular character)
Izzy SilvaYou Me Her (regular character)
JackieFresh Off the Boat (guest character)
Jackie Lynn ThomasStar vs. the Forces of Evil (recurring character)
Jacqueline StewartBenidorm (recurring character)
JadeThank You Come Again (regular character)
Jade ThorntonMaggie Hale’s Corner (regular character)
JamieHow to Not (regular character)
Jamie ChettamMiddlemarch: The Series (regular character)
Jamie HaleCouple-ish (recurring character)
Jamie McKenzieLove, Lies and Records (regular character)
Jane AndrewsProject Green Gables (recurring character)
Jane Bean PendletonThe Glad Game (regular character)
Jane LeeDimension 404 (regular character)
JanetThe Good Place (regular character)
Janet KingJanet King (regular character)
Janice PottsJanice and Jeffrey (regular character)
Janine “Smurf” CodyAnimal Kingdom (regular character)
Jasmin FlemmingGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Jazmín del RíoLas Estrellas (recurring character)
Jean HollowayGypsy (regular character)
Jeanne BironUnité 9 (regular character)
JennaAnimal Warmth (regular character)
Jenna HenselThe Good Doctor (guest character)
Jenna MarshallPretty Little Liars (recurring character)
Jenna’s RoommateAnimal Warmth (recurring character)
JenniferLiar (guest character)
Jeri HogarthIron Fist (recurring character), The Defenders (guest character)
JessDifferent For Girls (recurring character)
Jess HarrisMary Kills People (recurring character)
Jess MatthewsDear Natalie (recurring character)
JesseBAES Welcome (guest character)
Jesse SweetlandBellevue (recurring character)
JoEasy (regular character)
Joan FergusonWentworth (regular character)
Joanna LittleMerry Maidens (regular character)
Joanna PetersProject Inferno (recurring character)
Jocelyn ReyesEast Los High (recurring character)
JoleneRunning With Violet (regular character)
JoleneVan Helsing (recurring character)
Jordan KnightleyThe Emma Agenda (regular character)
Josephine BarryAnne with an E (recurring character)
JudeDifferent For Girls (regular character)
Judy MeyersRed Oaks (recurring character)
Jules LangmoreImposters (regular character)
Julia EdwardsTop of the Lake (regular character)
JuliaTempa Kill (regular character)
Julie MaoThe Expanse (recurring character)
JulieS.W.A.T. (guest character)
Juliet CapuletRome & Juliet (regular character)
Kacey EdwardsMy Beautiful Pain (regular character)
KaitlynRelationship Status (recurring character)
Kala DandekarSense8 (regular character)
KareemaNo Tomorrow (regular character)
KareenaShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (recurring character)
KarenThe Mindy Project (recurring character)
KarenRed Oaks (recurring character)
Karen TaylorEastEnders (regular character)
Karen WalkerWill & Grace (regular character)
Karen WilliamsStar (recurring character)
Karolina DeanRunaways (regular character)
Kat EdisonThe Bold Type (regular character)
Kat SandovalMadam Secretary (regular character)
KateOne Mississippi (regular character)
KateProject Inferno (regular character)
Kate ConnorCoronation Street (regular character)
Mr. KaplanThe Blacklist (recurring character)
KathleenPick up (guest character)
KatieElectric Dreams (recurring character)
Katie ThompsonDear Natalie (recurring character)
KatyLetterkenny (regular character)
KaylaLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
KeelinThe Originals (recurring character)
KellyCarcereiros (recurring character)
Kelsey PhilipsDear White People (regular character)
Kibby AinsleyDaytime Divas (regular character)
Kim AkerholtOffspring (recurring character)
Kim ButterfieldHollyoaks (regular character)
Kim ChangWentworth (regular character)
KlydenThe Orville (recurring character)
Krishna DhawanJane the Virgin (recurring character)
Kristy Kilbourne-ThomasStoneybrook Revisited (regular character)
LagerthaVikings (regular character)
Lara MillerVenice: The Series (regular character)
Laura13 Reasons Why (guest character)
Laura HalpinFair City (regular character)
Laura HollisThe Carmilla Movie (regular character)
Laura MeyersCasual (regular character)
Lauren HellerYounger (regular character)
LaVerne “Jukebox” ThomasPower (recurring character)
Léa LerouxPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Leah HurtzThe Roedell Project (recurring character)
Leah MurphyGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Leigh Carter30 30 (recurring character)
LeilaBrown Girls (regular character)
LenaRay Donovan (regular character)
Lena Adams FosterThe Fosters (regular character)
Lennon HallThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
Lenny BuskerLegion (regular character)
Leslie Mulligan-Rosssecs & EXECS (regular character)
LeviathanSeven Mortal Sins (regular character)
LexDay 5 (recurring character)
Lex MitchellLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
Lica GutierrezMalhação (regular character)
Liddy SmallburyAway From It All (regular character)
LilaTransparent (recurring character)
Lila FacchiniSense8 (recurring character)
Lila ShariffAckley Bridge (recurring character)
LinaIndetectables (regular character)
Lincoln ChurchillThe Emma Agenda (recurring character)
Linda HaverfordShut Eye (regular character)
Lindsey VaughnCriminal Minds (recurring character)
LisaDog People (regular character)
Lisa PalmerSanta Clarita Diet (recurring character)
Lisa SimpsonThe Simpsons (regular character)
Lisa WilliamsHouse of Cards (guest character)
Liv BelcikTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (regular character)
Liv FlahertyEmmerdale (regular character)
Liz MalmoRED (regular character)
LizTwenty (recurring character)
LolaCentro Médico (recurring character)
LolaDifficult People (regular character)
Lola PerryThe Carmilla Movie (regular character)
LornaWisdom of the Crowd (guest character)
Lorna MorelloOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Lou LinklatterMr. Mercedes (regular character)
Louise TaggartClique (regular character)
Lucia MorellFather Brown (guest character)
Lucy GambaroWentworth (recurring character)
Luisa AlverJane the Virgin (regular character)
Lulu St. ClaireBarbelle (regular character)
Luna LoudThe Loud House (regular character)
Lynn WalkerLiminal Summer (recurring character)
LyriaThe Shannara Chronicles (recurring character)
M-Chuck CallowaySurvivor’s Remorse (regular character)
MackenzieTen Days in the Valley (recurring character)
MaddieImposters (regular character)
Maggie AmatoYounger (regular character)
Maggie HaleMaggie Hale’s Corner (regular character)
Maggie LinSaving Hope (regular character)
Maggie RadcliffeBroadchurch (regular character)
Maggie SawyerSupergirl (regular character)
Maia RindellThe Good Fight (regular character)
Malaya PinedaCode Black (regular character)
MarCentro Médico (guest character)
MaraBAES Welcome (regular character)
MarblesBob’s Burgers (guest character)
Marceline AbadeerAdventure Time (regular character)
Marci BernardoHamlet the Dame (recurring character)
Marcia PrincessThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Margo HansonThe Magicians (regular character)
Margo MillerMerry Maidens (regular character)
Margot BishopThe Catch (regular character)
María Nava UrquizaIngobernable (regular character)
Maria RoachSex & Violence (regular character)
Mariah CopelandThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
Marian DuBoisMerry Maidens (regular character)
Marilyn McGrath-DufresneGhost Wars (recurring character)
MarinaPaixão (recurring character)
Marina AndrieskiThe Magicians (recurring character)
Marjorie PalmiottiVeep (regular character)
Marlene DonaldsonJane the Virgin (recurring character)
Marlize DeVoeThe Flash (recurring character)
MarloChapstick (regular character)
Marshall NobelAny Other Rosie (regular character)
MarshmallowBob’s Burgers (recurring character)
MarthaAmerican Horror Story (guest character)
Martha 6715-301The Handmaid’s Tale (guest character)
MaryBAES Welcome (regular character)
Mary Agnes McNueGodless (regular character)
Mary CoxThe Path (regular character)
Mary PerezJanny’s Diary (regular character)
Maura PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Maureen KukudioOrange is the New Black (recurring character)
MaxBlack Sails (regular character)
Maxine ConwayWentworth (recurring character)
May-Li WangThe Dumping Ground (regular character)
MayaCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (regular character)
Maya AvantThe Bold and The Beautiful (regular character)
MayaTwenty (regular character)
MazikeenLucifer (regular character)
MckaylaDoubt (guest character)
MeaghanThat’s my DJ (regular character)
Mechita MöllerPerdona Nuestros Pecados (regular character)
MeenClub Friday To Be Continued (regular character)
Meg RobertsLiminal Summer (regular character)
Megan AddamsThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
MelPot Luck (regular character)
MelShameless (US) (recurring character)
Mel BéartRED (regular character)
Mel CallisThe Carmilla Movie (regular character)
Melanie HansenNotruf Hafenkante (regular character)
Melina MarquezTake My Wife (recurring character)
MerRome & Juliet (recurring character)
Mia RochlandRogue (regular character)
Michi InukaiA Centaur’s Life (regular character)
Miller HarrisBetween Women (regular character)
MiloDanger & Eggs (guest character)
Miraceli AlmeidaA Força do Querer (regular character)
MirandaBrown Girls (regular character)
Miriam PeschVerbotene Liebe (recurring character)
Miriam SchneiderIn aller Freundschaft (regular character)
Miss ArcatiSchool Spirit: An Unlikely Webseries (recurring character)
Miss BruceStar (regular character)
Missy (The Master)Doctor Who (recurring character)
Mizushina HotaruNTR: Netsuzou Trap (regular character)
MoStrangers (guest character)
Moe SingletonMy Beautiful Pain (regular character)
Moira StrandThe Handmaid’s Tale (regular character)
Monica MustavaaraSalatut elämät (regular character)
MoniqueDear White People (guest character)
Monte PorterThe Fosters (recurring character)
Mr. GarrisonSouth Park (regular character)
Mrs. McMurrayLetterkenny (recurring character)
Mrs. TuthillCreeped Out (recurring character)
Mrs. TuthillCreeped Out (recurring character)
Myra McQueenHollyoaks (regular character)
Mystery GirlMerry Maidens (guest character)
Nakajima YuaHinako Note (regular character)
NancePortlandia (regular character)
Nancy FurmanThe Glad Game (regular character)
NaomiMary Kills People (recurring character)
Nasreen ParachaAckley Bridge (regular character)
Natalie PierceSwitched at Birth (recurring character)
Neika HobbsDear White People (recurring character)
NessaShameless (US) (recurring character)
Nickole BilsonTen Days in the Valley (recurring character)
Nicky NicholsOrange is the New Black (regular character)
NicoLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
Nico MinoruRunaways (regular character)
NicolaDifferent For Girls (regular character)
Nicole EllisFresh Off the Boat (recurring character)
Nicole HaughtWynonna Earp (regular character)
Nicole HigginsMaggie Hale’s Corner (regular character)
Nicole MillerShortland Street (regular character)
Nina SingletonMy Beautiful Pain (recurring character)
NiylahThe 100 (recurring character)
Noa KeanCode Black (regular character)
Nola DarlingShe’s Gotta Have It (regular character)
Nomi MarksSense8 (regular character)
Noomi HenselThe Good Doctor (guest character)
NoorKhuda Mera Bhi Hai (regular character)
NoreenYounger (guest character)
Nova BordelonQueen Sugar (regular character)
NumaCurb Your Enthusiasm (guest character)
Nyssa al GhulArrow (recurring character)
OdessaInto the Badlands (recurring character)
Emily / OfglenThe Handmaid’s Tale (regular character)
Okazaki YumaNTR: Netsuzou Trap (regular character)
OliveTeenagers (regular character)
OliviaGal Pals (regular character)
Ollie WilsonShadowhunters (recurring character)
OmarTransparent (guest character)
Opal GilstrapShe’s Gotta Have It (recurring character)
Pad GirlBAES Welcome (guest character)
Paige McCullersPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Pam PooveyArcher (regular character)
Pamela ClayborneSaints & Sinners (regular character)
ParisSwerve (regular character)
Parker ForsythGeneral Hospital (recurring character)
Patsy MountCall the Midwife (regular character)
Patty BouvierThe Simpsons (recurring character)
PearlSteven Universe (regular character)
Peggy KnoxGrey’s Anatomy (guest character)
PennyDoctor Who (guest character)
Peri LomaxHollyoaks (regular character)
Petra SolanoJane the Virgin (regular character)
Peyton LaneDesignated Survivor (guest character)
PhoebeOne Mississippi (guest character)
Phoebe AndersonThe Better Strangers (guest character)
Phoebe Parker-FoxClique (recurring character)
Piper ChapmanOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Pippy RosewoodRosewood (regular character)
PlumBravest Warriors (recurring character)
Pollyanna WhittierThe Glad Game (regular character)
PomOne Mississippi (guest character)
PoppyStrangers (guest character)
Poussey WashingtonOrange is the New Black (regular character)
PrelatiSymphogear (recurring character)
Princess BubblegumAdventure Time (regular character)
Quiet AnnClaws (regular character)
QuimaMerlí (recurring character)
Rachel CallowayFamily Time (recurring character)
Rachel DavisFamous in Love (guest character)
Rachel MaddoxClique (regular character)
Rachel ManntCouple-ish (regular character)
Rachel WallaceStar (recurring character)
Rachel YorickHamlet the Dame (regular character)
Rae TysonBetween Women (regular character)
RafaelaRED (recurring character)
RamonaOne Day at a Time (recurring character)
Rana HabeebCoronation Street (regular character)
Rasha ZuabiDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
ReaganNew Girl (recurring character)
Red ActionOK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (recurring character)
Redhead Coffee DateAnimal Warmth (guest character)
Redhead Movie DateAnimal Warmth (guest character)
RenéeSlasher (regular character)
Renee StevensonMy Beautiful Pain (regular character)
Rhea ButcherTake My Wife (regular character)
Rhonda JohnsonBlack-ish (recurring character)
Riley BlueSense8 (regular character)
Riley ParraRiley Parra (regular character)
RileyStudville TV (regular character)
RileyThank You Come Again (regular character)
Robin Locksley-HoodMerry Maidens (regular character)
RobinOnce Upon a Time (regular character)
Rocky Holloway30 30 (recurring character)
Rome MontagueRome & Juliet (regular character)
Ronnie LeeSchitt’s Creek (recurring character)
RosaRunning With Violet (recurring character)
Rosa DiazBrooklyn Nine-Nine (regular character)
Rosa LehmannGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Rosamond MacCraeThe Uncanny Upshurs (recurring character)
Rosamond VincyMiddlemarch: The Series (regular character)
Rosaria MartoneI Bastardi Di Pizzofalcone (recurring character)
Rose CapuletRome & Juliet (recurring character)
Rose CrantzThe Better Strangers (regular character)
Rose QuartzSteven Universe (recurring character)
Rose SolanoJane the Virgin (regular character)
RosieDog People (regular character)
Rosie CapuletAny Other Rosie (regular character)
Roxy OrtizLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
RubySteven Universe (recurring character)
Ruth CanterSchool Spirit: An Unlikely Webseries (regular character)
S. LaFontaineThe Carmilla Movie (regular character)
Sabrina PembertonThe Mick (regular character)
SadieNew Girl (recurring character)
Sadie NewsomRogue (recurring character)
Saikawa RikoMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (recurring character)
Sally St. ClaireHollyoaks (regular character)
SamSam and Pat Are Depressed (regular character)
SamanthaShadowhunters (guest character)
Samantha CageMacGyver (regular character)
Samantha NogueiraMalhação (regular character)
SamiraDegrassi: Next Class (guest character)
SapphireSteven Universe (recurring character)
Sara LanceLegends of Tomorrow (regular character), Arrow (recurring character), The Flash (guest character), Supergirl (guest character)
Óscar Ruiz/Sara MillánLas Chicas Del Cable (regular character)
SaraNotas Aparte (regular character)
Sara PatrellSense8 (guest character)
SaraTeenagers (regular character)
Sarah “Doc” CarolVan Helsing (regular character)
SarahElectric Dreams (regular character)
Sarah HammondAfter Oil (regular character)
Sarah ManningOrphan Black (regular character)
Sarah PaulsonBAES Welcome (guest character)
Sarah PfeffermanTransparent (regular character)
Sash BishopFair City (regular character)
Scarlet FinchFather Brown (guest character)
Schwester ThereseCharité (regular character)
Serena CampbellHolby City (regular character)
ShaeWynonna Earp (guest character)
ShakiraBAES Welcome (guest character)
ShaneenStudville TV (regular character)
Shannon GlaserBig Mouth (recurring character)
Shannon Kilbourne-ThomasStoneybrook Revisited (recurring character)
Shauna ChalmersThe Simpsons (recurring character)
SheaTransparent (recurring character)
SheenaThe Mindy Project (guest character)
Sherry MillerAway From It All (recurring character)
Shimura TaeGintama (recurring character)
Sian LambertDoctor Foster (recurring character)
Sidney PierceGypsy (regular character)
SiennaOne Mississippi (guest character)
Silvia SheppardThe Better Strangers (guest character)
Simone DavisStar (regular character)
Skye MadisonIt’s Complicated (regular character)
SloaneThank You Come Again (regular character)
Sloane FoxLast Life (regular character)
SofiaNo Tomorrow (recurring character)
Solara ShockleyDark Matter (recurring character)
SoniaTen Days in the Valley (guest character)
Sonia FowlerEastEnders (regular character)
Sophia BursettOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Sophie LombardiRiviera (recurring character)
SophieTwenty (recurring character)
Sophie WebsterCoronation Street (regular character)
Soumya SinghShakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (regular character)
Stef Adams FosterThe Fosters (regular character)
Stella BlómkvistStella Blómkvist (regular character)
Stella NamuraStartUp (recurring character)
Stephanie ScullyNeighbours (regular character)
Stephanie TannerFuller House (regular character)
StevieSwerve (regular character)
Sue RandellClarence (recurring character)
Summer HendersonTrial & Error (regular character)
Sun BakSense8 (regular character)
Sunny ZölligLindenstraße (regular character)
Susan JacksonVan Helsing (guest character)
Susie MeyersonThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (regular character)
SutraSense8 (guest character)
Suzanne WarrenOrange is the New Black (regular character)
Svetlana FisherShameless (US) (regular character)
SweetLexy17Animal Warmth (guest character)
Sydney KatzSaving Hope (regular character)
Tabitha GalavanGotham (recurring character)
Tammy GregorioNCIS: New Orleans (regular character)
TanisLetterkenny (recurring character)
Tanja SchildknechtLindenstraße (regular character)
Tara ChamblerThe Walking Dead (regular character)
Tara JewkesCasualty (guest character)
Tara Milly IzikoffRosewood (regular character)
Taryn HelmGrey’s Anatomy (recurring character)
Tasha GossAPB (regular character)
TatianaIndetectables (recurring character)
Taylor MasonBillions (regular character)
Taylor WeltonLast Life (regular character)
Tegan PriceHow to Get Away with Murder (regular character)
Teresa GalvãoPaixão (regular character)
Teri DaregoThe End of the F**king World (regular character)
TerraAnimal Warmth (regular character)
Tess BayfieldThe Fosters (recurring character)
Tess PearsonThis Is Us (recurring character)
Tessa PorterThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
TheaValor (regular character)
Thea DollsDoc McStuffins (guest character)
Thirteenth DoctorDoctor Who (regular character)
Tiana BrownEmpire (regular character)
Tig BavaroOne Mississippi (regular character)
TildaInto the Badlands (regular character)
Tilda VilanovaLa Riera (regular character)
Tina CarterEastEnders (regular character)
Tina TevetinoDirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (recurring character)
TitubaSalem (regular character)
TobyI Love Dick (regular character)
ToniPortlandia (regular character)
TooruMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (regular character)
TopaThe Orville (recurring character)
Tori NelsonMy Beautiful Pain (regular character)
Tori RamirezLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
TressaBetter Things (recurring character)
TriciaPrison Break (guest character)
TrishOne Mississippi (guest character)
TwoDark Matter (regular character)
Tyler CapuletAny Other Rosie (regular character)
Tyler Smith30 30 (regular character)
Ursula LansfordFather Brown (guest character)
Valsecs & EXECS (regular character)
Val McGrath-DufresneGhost Wars (recurring character)
Valencia PerezCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (regular character)
ValentinaDoubt (guest character)
Valerie SolanasAmerican Horror Story (guest character)
Vanessa HarmonLiar (regular character)
Vanessa HelsingVan Helsing (regular character)
Vanessa RichardsLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
Vanessa WoodfieldEmmerdale (regular character)
VerityThe Exorcist (regular character)
Veronica FisherShameless (US) (regular character)
Veronica PresslyLovers and Friends L.A. (regular character)
Veronica ValeBarbelle (regular character)
VictoriaRED (recurring character)
Victoria LambNeighbours (recurring character)
Viola MessingTwelfth Grade (or Whatever) (regular character)
Violet CrossHarlots (regular character)
Waverly EarpWynonna Earp (regular character)
WendaGrace and Frankie (guest character)
Wendy CarrMindhunter (regular character)
WestEmerald City (regular character)
WhiteroseMr. Robot (recurring character)
Will SandersNothing Like the Sun (recurring character)
Willow HarrisHome and Away (regular character)
WilmaRiley Parra (recurring character)
Winney RiseBetween Women (regular character)
Winter AndersonAmerican Horror Story (regular character)
Ximena SinfuegoThe Fosters (recurring character)
Yael BaronDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
Yagyū KyūbeiGintama (recurring character)
Yara GreyjoyGame of Thrones (recurring character)
YasmeenScandal (guest character)
Yasuraoka HanabiKuzu no Honkai (regular character)
Yasuraoka HanabiScum’s Wish (regular character)
YmirAttack on Titan (regular character)
YouHow to Not (regular character)
ZadieDanger & Eggs (guest character)
Zakia AsalacheSense8 (recurring character)
Zara KovachevaHappy Playland (regular character)
ZethridVoltron: Legendary Defender (recurring character)
Zoe CarpenterHollyoaks (regular character)
Zoe ChoValor (recurring character)
ZoeEl Señor de los Cielos (recurring character)
Zoë RivasDegrassi: Next Class (regular character)
ZoeStrangers (guest character)
Zola Carter30 30 (regular character)

By Show

Show Character(s)
13 Reasons Why (3)
19-2 (1)
30 30 (4)
A Centaur’s Life (2)
A Força do Querer (2)
A Place to Call Home (1)
Ackley Bridge (2)
Adventure Time (2)
After Oil (2)
All Or Nothing (4)
American Gods (1)
American Horror Story (7)
American Housewife (1)
Animal Kingdom (1)
Animal Warmth (7)
Anne with an E (1)
Any Other Rosie (4)
APB (1)
Archer (1)
Arrow (2)
Attack on Titan (2)
Atypical (1)
Away From It All (3)
BAES Welcome (6)
Barbelle (5)
Bellevue (1)
Benidorm (1)
Better Things (2)
Between Women (3)
Big Mouth (2)
Billions (1)
Black-ish (1)
Black Mirror (1)
  • Amy (regular character)
Black Sails (3)
Bob’s Burgers (2)
Bones (1)
Bravest Warriors (1)
  • Plum (recurring character)
Broad City (2)
Broadchurch (1)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1)
Brown Girls (2)
Call the Midwife (2)
Carcereiros (1)
  • Kelly (recurring character)
Casual (2)
Casualty (1)
Centro Médico (3)
Chapstick (2)
  • Addy (regular character)
  • Marlo (regular character)
Charité (1)
Clarence (2)
Claws (3)
Clique (3)
Club Friday To Be Continued (2)
  • Ar-Poo (regular character)
  • Meen (regular character)
Code Black (2)
Conviction (1)
Coronation Street (4)
Counterpart (2)
Couple-ish (5)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2)
Creeped Out (2)
Criminal Minds (2)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (2)
  • Betty (guest character)
  • Numa (guest character)
Danger & Eggs (2)
  • Milo (guest character)
  • Zadie (guest character)
Dark (3)
Dark Matter (3)
Day 5 (2)
  • Ally (regular character)
  • Lex (recurring character)
Daytime Divas (2)
Dear Natalie (2)
Dear White People (3)
Degrassi: Next Class (6)
Designated Survivor (1)
Different For Girls (9)
  • Belle (recurring character)
  • Brooke (regular character)
  • Cam (regular character)
  • Dasha (recurring character)
  • Fran (regular character)
  • Gemma (regular character)
  • Jess (recurring character)
  • Jude (regular character)
  • Nicola (regular character)
Difficult People (1)
  • Lola (regular character)
Dimension 404 (2)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (1)
Dix pour cent (2)
Doc McStuffins (2)
Doctor Foster (1)
Doctor Who (6)
Doctors (1)
Dog People (2)
  • Lisa (regular character)
  • Rosie (regular character)
Doubt (6)
East Los High (2)
EastEnders (5)
Easy (2)
  • Chase (regular character)
  • Jo (regular character)
El Ministerio del Tiempo (1)
El Señor de los Cielos (3)
Electric Dreams (2)
  • Katie (recurring character)
  • Sarah (regular character)
Emerald City (1)
  • West (regular character)
Emmerdale (4)
Empire (2)
Episodes (2)
Fair City (2)
Family Guy (1)
Family Time (1)
Famous in Love (3)
Father Brown (4)
Fresh Off the Boat (3)
Fuller House (1)
Gal Pals (4)
  • Bee (regular character)
  • Dylan (recurring character)
  • Edison (recurring character)
  • Olivia (regular character)
Game of Thrones (3)
General Hospital (1)
Ghost Wars (2)
Gintama (2)
GLOW (1)
Godless (2)
Gotham (2)
Grace and Frankie (1)
Grey’s Anatomy (8)
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (3)
Gypsy (2)
Hamlet the Dame (5)
Happy Playland (2)
Harlots (3)
Hinako Note (1)
Holby City (2)
Hollyoaks (8)
Home and Away (1)
House Husbands (1)
House of Cards (1)
How to Get Away with Murder (2)
How to Not (2)
  • Jamie (regular character)
  • You (regular character)
I Bastardi Di Pizzofalcone (2)
I Love Dick (2)
  • Devon (regular character)
  • Toby (regular character)
Imposters (2)
In aller Freundschaft (1)
Indetectables (3)
Ingobernable (3)
Into the Badlands (2)
Iron Fist (1)
It’s Complicated (2)
Jane the Virgin (6)
Janet King (2)
Janice and Jeffrey (1)
Janny’s Diary (1)
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler (1)
Keeping Faith (1)
Khuda Mera Bhi Hai (1)
  • Noor (regular character)
Killjoys (3)
Kuzu no Honkai (2)
La Riera (2)
Las Chicas Del Cable (2)
Las Estrellas (2)
Last Life (2)
Legends of Tomorrow (4)
Legion (1)
Letterkenny (3)
Liar (2)
Liminal Summer (4)
Lindenstraße (2)
Lopez (1)
  • Coco (recurring character)
Loudermilk (1)
Love, Lies and Records (1)
Lovers and Friends L.A. (11)
Lucifer (1)
MacGyver (1)
Madam Secretary (1)
Maggie Hale’s Corner (5)
Malhação (2)
Mary Kills People (2)
Master of None (1)
Merlí (1)
  • Quima (recurring character)
Merry Maidens (6)
Middlemarch: The Series (6)
Mindhunter (2)
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (2)
Mom (1)
Mr. Mercedes (1)
Mr. Robot (3)
Murdoch Mysteries (1)
My Beautiful Pain (8)
Nashville (1)
NCIS: New Orleans (2)
Neighbours (4)
New Girl (3)
No Tomorrow (2)
Notas Aparte (2)
  • Helena (regular character)
  • Sara (regular character)
Nothing Like the Sun (3)
Notruf Hafenkante (1)
NTR: Netsuzou Trap (2)
Offspring (1)
OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (2)
Once Upon a Time (2)
  • Alice (regular character)
  • Robin (regular character)
One Day at a Time (2)
One Mississippi (8)
Orange is the New Black (12)
Orphan Black (4)
Paixão (2)
Perdona Nuestros Pecados (2)
Pick up (8)
Plus Belle La Vie (2)
Portlandia (3)
  • Carrie (regular character)
  • Nance (regular character)
  • Toni (regular character)
Pot Luck (3)
  • Beth (regular character)
  • Debs (regular character)
  • Mel (regular character)
Power (1)
Pretty Little Liars (5)
Prison Break (2)
Project Green Gables (2)
Project Inferno (3)
Quantico (1)
Queen Sugar (3)
Queers (1)
Ray Donovan (1)
  • Lena (regular character)
RED (5)
Red Oaks (3)
Relationship Status (2)
Riley Parra (3)
Riverdale (1)
Riviera (2)
Rogue (2)
Rome & Juliet (6)
Rosewood (2)
Runaways (2)
Running With Violet (2)
  • Jolene (regular character)
  • Rosa (recurring character)
RWBY (1)
Saints & Sinners (2)
Salatut elämät (2)
Salem (1)
Sam and Pat Are Depressed (1)
  • Sam (regular character)
Santa Clarita Diet (2)
Saving Hope (2)
Scandal (2)
Schitt’s Creek (1)
School Spirit: An Unlikely Webseries (5)
Scum’s Wish (2)
secs & EXECS (2)
Seis Hermanas (1)
Sense8 (12)
Seven Mortal Sins (1)
Sex & Violence (1)
Shadowhunters (2)
Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (3)
Shameless (US) (6)
Sherlock (1)
She’s Gotta Have It (2)
Shortland Street (2)
Shut Eye (2)
Sisters (Australia) (2)
Skam (1)
Slasher (1)
South Park (1)
Star (5)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil (1)
StartUp (2)
Stella Blómkvist (1)
Steven Universe (5)
Still Star-Crossed (1)
Stitchers (2)
Stoneybrook Revisited (2)
Strangers (6)
Studville TV (4)
Supergirl (4)
Survivor’s Remorse (1)
S.W.A.T. (2)
Swerve (3)
Switched at Birth (1)
Symphogear (2)
Take My Wife (3)
Teachers (US) (1)
Teenagers (2)
  • Olive (regular character)
  • Sara (regular character)
Tempa Kill (2)
  • Dori (regular character)
  • Julia (regular character)
Ten Days in the Valley (4)
Thank You Come Again (3)
  • Jade (regular character)
  • Riley (regular character)
  • Sloane (regular character)
That’s my DJ (1)
The 100 (2)
The Arrangement (2)
The Better Strangers (4)
The Blacklist (2)
The Bold and The Beautiful (1)
The Bold Type (3)
The Carmilla Movie (8)
The Catch (2)
The Defenders (1)
The Deuce (1)
The Dumping Ground (1)
The Emma Agenda (6)
The End of the F**king World (3)
The Exorcist (1)
The Expanse (1)
The Flash (4)
The Fosters (7)
The Frozen Dead (2)
The Girlfriend Experience (3)
The Glad Game (3)
The Good Doctor (2)
The Good Fight (2)
The Good Place (2)
The Handmaid’s Tale (3)
The Last Man on Earth (2)
The Last Ship (1)
The Librarians (2)
The Loud House (1)
The Magicians (2)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (1)
The Mick (1)
The Mindy Project (3)
The Originals (2)
The Orville (2)
  • Klyden (recurring character)
  • Topa (recurring character)
The Path (2)
The Real O’Neals (1)
The Roedell Project (4)
The Royals (1)
The Shannara Chronicles (2)
The Simpsons (5)
The Strain (1)
The Tunnel (1)
The Uncanny Upshurs (8)
The Walking Dead (1)
The Young and the Restless (2)
This Is Us (1)
Timeless (1)
Top of the Lake (1)
Transparent (7)
Trial & Error (1)
Twelfth Grade (or Whatever) (2)
Twenty (5)
  • Catalina (recurring character)
  • Hazel (regular character)
  • Liz (recurring character)
  • Maya (regular character)
  • Sophie (recurring character)
Twincidents (6)
Unfortunatly Ashly (2)
  • Ashly (regular character)
  • Avery (recurring character)
Unité 9 (2)
Valor (2)
Van Helsing (4)
Veep (2)
Venice: The Series (3)
Verbotene Liebe (1)
Vikings (2)
Voltron: Legendary Defender (2)
  • Ezor (recurring character)
  • Zethrid (recurring character)
Wentworth (7)
Will & Grace (1)
Wisdom of the Crowd (1)
Workin’ Moms (2)
Wynonna Earp (3)
You Me Her (2)
Younger (3)
You’re The Worst (1)
Z Nation (1)